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April 5, 2022

Ukraine may be the only place on Earth that people are fleeing in greater numbers than New York City or California. That means their tourism officials really have their work cut out for them, when their biggest selling point is, “At least the people running this place are better than Vladimir Putin.”

To try to convince tourists to return to cities that have become infamous for their own residents fleeing from the criminals, filth and dangerous homeless people, L.A. Mayor Eric Garcetti signed an order creating a tourism cabinet. Sadly, just minutes after the cabinet was created, someone stole it.

Meanwhile, New York City Mayor Eric Adams has an even wackier scheme to try to bring people back to the big rotten apple. Playing off the totally incorrect idea that Florida has banned people from saying the word “gay,” he’s launched a tourism campaign urging Florida LGBTQ residents to leave their beautiful, low-tax Miami homes for New York. They might be terrorized by criminals, shoved in front of subway trains by deranged homeless people and taxed into bankruptcy, but they can say “Gay! Gay! Gay!” all day if they want. Which they can also do in Florida, if anyone actually wants to.

I have a feeling this will create one of those “strange bedfellows” moments where gay Floridians respond by quoting country star Buck Owens, who sang, “I wouldn’t live in New York City if they gave me the whole dang town.”

Incidentally, here’s how reading helps: Public Opinion Strategies conducted a unique poll in which they asked respondents to read the text of the Florida bill and then give their opinion on it. After seeing what it actually says (it merely bars inappropriate sexual or gender lessons for children under eight without parental consent), two-thirds of respondents supported it.

That lopsided support held across all demographics, including Democrats (55-29%), Biden voters (53-30%), and people who “know someone who’s LGBTQ” (61-28%.)

Instead of wasting his time trying to persuade people in Florida to come back to New York, Mayor Adams should read the bill and take a voyage back to reality.

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  • Susan Parker

    04/11/2022 11:01 AM

    Hi Mike! On the subject of California, do you know if The amended California bill - AB 2223 I believe - has already been voted on? The amendment added language that seems to allow for killing babies. That is according to the California Globe. I am wondering what you know and how on earth we could live in a country where a state could legalize murder of a live birth baby. Abortion is already murder however I would have thought even pro-choice people would recognize that once a baby is born that killing them, at 7 days or a month old or…..would be murder. I would appreciate knowing what you and your team know about the truth of this. Thanks!

  • James Goughenour

    04/10/2022 06:28 PM

    Hooray, Gov Abbott - send the migrants to the Capitol and deposit them there. Let's see how our esteemed government will handle the flood they created.