May 4, 2018

New numbers out this morning from the Labor Department show that in April, payrolls rose by 164,000 jobs, while the unemployment rate dropped to 3.9%. That’s the first time it’s fallen below 4% since 2000.

That puts another question mark behind the “blue wave” narrative, since a new Morning Consult poll found that Americans ranked the economy as the #1 issue affecting their vote in the upcoming Congressional election. It was followed by security issues, health care, senior’s issues and education. “Impeaching Trump” didn’t even make the list.

Here’s another clue that conservatives might want to fire up their DVRs in case November brings more tears from shocked talking heads covering the election, like the 2016 coverage that they like to savor again and again on YouTube. In key races where Democrats currently hold Senate seats (including Florida, Indiana, Missouri, Montana, North Dakota, and West Virginia), the Republicans are now ahead on the generic preference ballot. Voters say they feel it’s “time for a change.” Now, it’s up to the Republicans to pick candidates voters will be comfortable changing to.

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Below are the full results of the poll, if you like handicapping horse races before the horses have even been chosen.


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