February 20, 2018

To those who recoil at the idea of teachers with concealed carry permits or armed guards in schools, and who think future mass shootings can be stopped if we just add a few more laws to the books, I’d say this:

If you have a new law that will actually help, then I’m more than happy to listen -- but who’s going to enforce those new laws when we can’t even enforce the laws we have now? Who will verify the millions of new background check forms? Who’s going to stop the next mass shooter when we’re already spending billions of dollars on tens of thousands of law enforcement agents who can’t even manage to do a Google search or pick up the phone or question a potential threat when his name and address have been handed to them on a silver platter?

Some people’s go-to response to any crisis is to demand more government. But has there ever been a more stark and tragic example of the failure of government to protect us? Here’s the sad, hard truth, and if we ever want to stop these heartbreaking massacres, then we’d better accept it: the only people who can stop future school shootings are us. We have to watch out for troubled, alienated young people and try to engage them and help them. If they can’t be helped, we need to watch and report them, and demand that the authorities do their jobs and follow up. God forbid, if all else fails, then we’d better be prepared to protect our children ourselves.

Leftists say they’re sick and tired of hearing conservatives say we’re praying for the victims. Well, news flash: we’re sick and tired of having to pray for the poor, helpless victims, too. So let’s start taking some concrete actions to insure there are no more shooting victims. Trying to make ourselves feel better by passing more useless laws that can’t or won’t even be enforced isn’t going to cut it.

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  • Ronald Barton

    02/24/2018 01:08 PM

    If you cant trust school teachers, who can you trust?

    Teachers have GUTS & GUNS!

    Mont sell them short! They've TAUGHT almost e everyone!

  • Swanhild T

    02/22/2018 03:35 PM

    Stop with the bandaids and address the minds of individuals whose minds have been "infiltrated with violent video games and movies". Guns don't shoot without a shooter and that shooter in these tragedies have been brainwashed with some of the most violent and sadistic mind altering visuals!! Let's put the control where it will do some good! Let's start with Hollywood!

  • James M. Davis Jr (Col., Inf, Ret)

    02/22/2018 07:53 AM

    Why couldn't the Patriot Act be used to declare domestic terrorists' citizenship be immediately revoked, try them in a military tribunal, where they would be (I believe) subject to the death penalty. Seems to me that there would be great reservation if faced with loss of citizenship and possible firing squad penalty if determined guilty without mitigating reasons. I contact you for review of this, and the potential to pass to Sarah and the Trump Administration if you deem worthy of consideration.

  • Glen Mitchell

    02/22/2018 07:18 AM

    A very short comment and question? What is American Civilization coming to if the answer to mass school shootings is arm the Teachers?

  • Terry Jesmore

    02/21/2018 11:39 PM

    I am American Live in Israel. We don't have mass school shootings. School teachers here can and many do have gun permits,carry weapons to school. Schools have armed guards at entrances etc. To get a gun permit in Israel: prove need,Medical,Psych,Police,Nat Security check and then required gun classes plus practical firing range. They go over rules of engagement when and why you shoot. Require you lock up weapons when not in use. We also don't have many bank robberies?? Many people carry weapons, I do even when I go to the grocery store
    We are not ghetto Jews even our liberals carry weapons
    Terry "Joseph" Jesmore
    Tene,Judea Israel

  • Dr Timothy Robin Detamore

    02/21/2018 12:32 PM

    As usual, your insights are correct, however, I respectfully request that you read and consider the comments of a Florida teacher in the wake of recent school shooting tragedy:
    I am a retired Neurological Surgeon ( like my colleague Ben Carson), and my wife Tina is a practicing school nurse. We experience this grievous deterioration in our nation's families that has Everything to do with the etiology and propagation of the phenomena of school shootings that No one is talking about or even appears to be aware! The usual focus is on gun laws, and only recently on psychological profiles.
    Thank you for your time and consideration.
    May God continue to bless you, your family and our great country.

  • Eileen Barayasarra

    02/20/2018 12:09 PM

    I KNOW! I KNOW! Let's outlaw MURDER! Let's outlaw Methamphetamines! Let's outlaw Heroin! Let's outlaw DRUG DEALERS! Let's outlaw putting children on mind-altering PRESCRIPTION drugs! That ought to fix everything! PASS MORE STUPID, UNENforceable laws! It will make Cogress think they have done something wonderful for humanity- - -

  • Ron Wesley

    02/20/2018 11:01 AM

    Is it a coincidence that, ever since the leftists have run God out of our schools and society as a whole, these horrific events keep happening and at an increased rate? I doubt the ancient prophets of Israel and Judah would have seen it as a coincidence, in fact they issued warnings many times about the imminence of God's wrath in their own time. The people (them and us) allowed evil to come in and flourish, and now we must act on what the Bible strives to teach us about history. We must continue to pray for our nation to turn back to God. Only through Him can this darkness be pushed back.