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September 17, 2021

Good evening!

Blessings on you and your family, and from all the Huckabee staff! Topics include:

  • Bible Verse of the Day - Mark 11:25
  • Terrified of DeSantis
  • Popular singer is blocked on Facebook
  • Democrats, the media and spending
  • Check out this NYC Freedom Rally video
  • Biden tells the truth
  • Justice for J6
  • Huck’s Lack of Self-Awareness Award


Mike Huckabee


25 And when ye stand praying, forgive, if ye have ought against any: that your Father also which is in heaven may forgive you your trespasses.

Mark 11:25

Terrified of DeSantis

By Mike Huckabee

The Biden White House must be terrified of Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis running for President in 2024. How else to explain something so desperate as to reduce shipments of life-saving monoclonal antibody treatments to Florida under the guise of “more equitable distribution”?

The HHS claims it wants to make the therapies available to more states because currently, just seven states account for 70% of the orders. Question: If those states are ordering the therapies and the other states aren’t, then why is it necessary to take them away from states that want them to send them to states that apparently don’t? Why punish Southern red states like Florida and Texas for being more aggressive and efficient at providing cutting edge therapies, just as they were more efficient at distributing vaccines?

Gov. DeSantis is already negotiating with a major pharmaceutical company to buy the therapies directly, doing an end-run around Biden and the HHS. That’s a great definition of “efficiency”: finding a way to avoid dealing with the federal government at all.

Popular singer is blocked on Facebook

By Mike Huckabee

Facebook has blocked musician John Ondrasik (who records under the band name Five For Fighting) from buying an ad to promote his new single, "Blood On My Hands." The song blasts the Biden Administration for abandoning Americans and Afghan allies to the Taliban and singles out Biden, Secretary of State Antony Blinken, Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin, and Joint Chiefs Chairman Gen. Mark Milley.

Facebook claims the song violated their policy on social issues: "Ads must not contain content that exploits crises or controversial political or social issues for commercial purposes." However, they’ve allowed ads for BLM, defunding the police, and other controversial leftwing issues.

This could be a case in which rock star Ondrasik and Mike Huckabee actually had the exact same reaction. Ondrasik said, "I'm glad Joan Baez, Woody Guthrie, Dylan, Creedence...and (CSNY) didn't live in the age of (Facebook) overlords."

That was also my first thought: Imagine if musicians had had to get “Masters of War,” “Eve of Destruction” or “For What It’s Worth” past today’s Silicon Valley speech police protecting LBJ from criticism. Today’s documentary footage of Vietnam protests would be accompanied by the only music of the ‘60s they would have been allowed to be heard: “Sugar, Sugar” and “Yummy, Yummy, Yummy (“I’ve Got Love In My Tummy.)”

Democrats, the media and spending

By Mike Huckabee

While we’re on the subject of comparing Joe Biden to LBJ, some media outlets are trying to do that favorably by comparing the $3.5 trillion spending boondoggle bill he’s attempting to force through Congress to FDR’s “New Deal” and Lyndon Johnson’s “Great Society.” Anyone who studied history before it was subverted by leftist politics should feel his blood run cold at the very thought. Those two massive expansions of government are almost entirely responsible for the bloated, Constitution-shredding government, corrosive welfare state and back-breaking national debt that we’re now enjoying.

Like Biden, those Presidents claimed that their massive spending and government programs were going to result in countless jobs, as if jobs were created by government, not the private sector when government gets out of the way and off its back.

At The Hill Newspaper, Amity Shlaes has a MUST-READ article about FDR’s New Deal, its similarities to the plan by Biden and today's Democrats, and why in most ways, it failed to work and made things worse for years.

In a statement that could easily apply to today’s Democratic socialist schemes, the chief economist at Chase Bank, Benjamin Anderson, said of the New Deal that after failing by playing God, the government chose not to retire but simply “to play God more vigorously.”

Finally, a hat tip to Instapundit for reminding everyone of this 2015 study by UCLA economists that found that FDR’s New Deal actually prolonged the Depression for seven years past the point when it should’ve ended. Coincidentally, the Obama-Biden Administration managed to drag out the 2009 recession for seven years past the point when it should’ve ended. And now, Biden’s trying to do it again with the pandemic shutdown recession.

These people just keep repeating history, maybe because they keep flunking it.

Check out this NYC Freedom Rally video

By Mike Huckabee

Check out the video of this “Freedom Rally” against vaccine mandates, complete with anti-Biden chants, in the deep-red Republican stronghold of…New York City?

It was organized by a far-right organization called…er…”Teachers for Choice.” Some were carrying signs reading, “My body, my choice.”

Silly people. They should know that “choice” only applies to abortion. The government makes all other choices for you.

Biden tells the truth

By Mike Huckabee

In the same sense that “Man Bites Dog” is considered news, so is this story: “Biden Tells Truth”:

Justice for J6

By Mike Huckabee

The security fence has been put back up around the Capitol Building in advance of a rally Saturday in support of January 6th arrestees who are not accused of committing violence, yet some are being held indefinitely without charges and allegedly under appalling conditions such as solitary confinement. The rally is called “Justice for J6.”

The organizer said they’ve already held two events, at the prison and the DOJ, and there have been no incidents. He urged anyone who might commit violence to stay away.

However, many Republicans, including President Trump, say they’re staying away from the rally and urge others to as well. Trump told the Federalist that it’s “a set-up”: “If people don’t show up they’ll say, ‘Oh, it’s a lack of spirit.’ And if people do show up they’ll be harassed.”

There’s also the potential that leftist agitators from groups like Antifa will show up dressed as Trump supporters and start violence. Not that that would EVER happen, of course. But if they wanted to, they probably could, since most of them who were ever arrested for rioting or attacking federal buildings were immediately released.

I think it’s also worth noting that Democrats like Nancy Pelosi insist that it’s crazy to think a border wall would provide any security, but the minute they feel even slightly threatened, what happens? They put up a security wall.

Huck’s Lack of Self-Awareness Award

By Mike Huckabee

Today’s winner of the Huck’s Lack of Self-Awareness Award is House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. Having accused President Trump of being unhinged from reality, she has now declared President Biden’s foreign policy to be “perfect.”

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Comments 1-10 of 16

  • Carl T Smith

    09/18/2021 02:36 PM

    I must comment on Anne Turners' comment. My Grandparents were of the Great Depression-era and as a child, during WWII I remember the Ration Book for Flour, Sugar, Tires, and gas. Grandfather was a carpenter and was a stroke victim and Grandmother had only enough education to read her Bible. Our Family was among the Lucky ones because we had "Bossy" the milk cow, and a Victory garden, and chickens. BUT Grandmother NEVER threw away any food. Chicken every Sunday and all leftovers went into the big pot on the stove to be added to daily for Soup. I grew up poor in material things but we were family and every Sunday my mother and her two sisters and brothers and their families shared our bounty. In my opinion, Prayer is a good and necessary thing to refresh the soul. I am not going to sit and wait for the second coming because my small knowledge of the Bible is you get what you work for and God will handle what he wants to handle in his time and manner. Common Sense is also a Lost Art!

  • Carl T Smith

    09/18/2021 02:15 PM

    Great Commentary. Re; Democrats, The media and Spending. "Just keep repeating history~ by College educated Elites operating beyond their Intelligence and the only job they ever had was government. Replaying the meme 'The only reason it has never worked is THEY were not as Smart as we are.

  • George Trever

    09/18/2021 10:00 AM

    Remember our J6 Political Prisoners. They deserve EQUITABLE Justice.

    And where is Biden when it comes to ensuring COVID-19 therapeutic supplies are available to ALL doctors and hospitals? Where is the access to information regarding adverse effects to the vaccine so people can make rational decisions? And where is the information regarding how INEFFECTIVE these cloth (placebo) masks really are?

  • Stephen Russell

    09/18/2021 09:27 AM

    Rodger Stone says stay away from event.
    Let the Leftists have thier fun.

  • Diane Rowlands

    09/18/2021 12:47 AM

    Nancy Pelosi is 80 years old. Why dont the Dems vote in someone who is younger and more attuned to what needs to be done.

  • Bruce

    09/17/2021 09:13 PM

    More than 50 percent of patients needing monoclonal antibody treatment are vaccinated…so why are we supposed to get the vaccine if we will still need special treatment? India just declared itself COVID-FREE and has defeated it using Ivermectin and vitamins without any vaccines.

    Two top FDA officials just resigned in protest over the vaccines and boosters, and now the FDA has voted almost unanimously NOT to approve the "boosters." Many virologists are saying each of the boosters is CAUSING the next variant. In spite of the best spin money can buy, the truth is, according to the VAERS website, this vaccine is causing more problems than it is solving. More people have died or had serious adverse reactions to the COVID vaccine in just 9 months than had similar reactions to the annual flu vaccine in the past 10 years. No thanks.

  • Anne Turner

    09/17/2021 08:28 PM

    I note that in reading one your backup links, there are comments saying that Biden is not in touch with the causes of inflation, etc. Of course he’s not. To expect him in his present mental condition to be able to discern cause and affect is way beyond his abilities. This media is assuming the ability to connect the dots. NOT?

    As to FDRs New Deal, my mother, one of the Greatest Generation, told me as a teenage that FDR did not cure the depression, WWII did that. Some of his things, I cannot criticize as they helped some desperate people. They were not a cure but a necessary bandaid. My military father was a CCC camp commander. Initially the military ran the camps and send the men out on work details under others. His groups worked for the forest service. Many if these men coming from the hills and hollows had never worn shoes. Most could neither read, nor write. The had had not had dental or medical care. The camps had a teacher, a doctor, access to a dentist. They received good uniforms, shoes, learned to eat with a knife and fork, table manners, and basic hygiene. They were taught to read and write and probably basic math. For once in their lives they had plenty to eat, a warm place to sleep, and were getting things that would help them to find jobs often the war. Much of their pay went to their families as the men’s needs were provided.

    If the songs substituted the name Trump, you can be sure they would not had been taken of the tech sites. We now live in a cast system where there are two rules, penalties for conservatives and no penalties for the left. How long before some states start thinking about succession? People forget that the Federal Government is a voluntary union of the individual states. Each state, except for a few things, like defense, coinage, postal, interstate commerce and foreign relations were to be fairly sovereign. Does anyone understand a Republic?

    Lefties, remember when you make rules that penalize those who disagree with you, the worm often turns. Even if you are not a believer, remember that fairness is critical to people living in peace with each other. Remember “and then they came for me”. You see yourselves as compassionate but you are very far from that. You want fairness for dark skinned people but only on your terms, not theirs. Everything you try to put in place for them smacks of patronization and the implication that they are not capable or intelligent. One of the hallmarks of science is to realize that science is not set. New interpretations and discoveries occur all the time. We have only scratched the surface of scientific knowledge. There is not such thing as settled science.

  • PAUL920920356 SCHABER

    09/17/2021 07:56 PM

    The Democrats are in reality terrified of Desantis and now had
    their world completely upsetted by the Southern border crisis
    and with all unverified AFGAHNS arriving from all of Europe
    and other locations sending them by droves to the US. Their
    intelligence buddies are cannot verify if they are not terrorist
    or types of people called Sexual P{erverts with their 12 year old
    brides and cannot even keep track of the AFGHAN refugees as
    they stroll off and never return from the centers. Then on top of
    that JANET YELLEN needs the National Deficit raised immediately
    and the Republicans are telling that is your baby, NANCY AND

    Finally this Saturday there is scheduled a march in Washington
    DC, what would happen if those personnel in military attire
    arriving to assist are in reality AFGAHN TERRORIST GROUPS
    and are inside the fenced area completely what they missed
    due to the United 93 personnel plan crash.

    Where is JOE in DELAWARE eating his ice cream. Harris lost
    in action.

    Now do you feel really safe tonight or not.

  • James Drury Jr.

    09/17/2021 07:30 PM

    Thanks Mike & Staff!

  • Paul Kern

    09/17/2021 07:27 PM

    Glad to see your article on the Great Depression.
    My father told me he was grateful to get job paying a whole a day at a butcher shop. He became bitter to the church because they wouldn't help any!
    He said also that it only ended with the start of WW 2. He then served in the Merchant Marine. One of the most dangerous jobs working on T2 tankers carrying off the east coast. It took years for Congress to finally approve veteran's benefits for them.