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May 6, 2020 |


Recent developments in the Michael Flynn case have led to the release, in just over a week, of a massive amount of “Brady” material that had been withheld literally for years. Flynn attorney Sidney Powell says there's more to come.  Believe it or not, there are so many exculpatory documents that, if laid end-to-end, they would reach all the way to...the door of the White House Oval Office.

Figuratively speaking, of course, but I am not kidding. You won’t read about this in very many places, but when we put two and two together, it’s obvious that President Obama HAD to know all about “Crossfire Razor,” as well as the umbrella investigation “Crossfire Hurricane,” and was, in fact, quite aware of the Flynn take-down.  It's ridiculous to conclude otherwise.

We already knew he had some pretty strong reasons for wanting Flynn out. We knew he didn’t appreciate Flynn’s vocal opposition to his Iran nuclear agreement and hated the thought that Flynn would help Trump dismantle it. Flynn thought it was a terrible deal and had not kept his opinion to himself. The Iran deal and Obamacare were supposed to be the twin stars in Obama’s Legacy Crown. Obama saw Flynn as a major threat.

We also knew that the intelligence community didn’t appreciate Flynn’s plan to streamline the bureaucracy and give the military greater independence in the field, without relying on the CIA, which he thought just slowed them down on the battlefield.

And we knew that military officials didn’t appreciate Flynn’s desire to get their administration “leaner and meaner.” He was a foe of duplication and waste. He was advocating --- horror of horrors --- audits of the Department of Defense and the Pentagon. (Why, we might have found out what Stefan Halper was really being paid to do and what kind of expense account he had.)

These reasons already seemed like enough for “the swamp” to want to take Flynn down. But Andrew C. McCarthy has just offered another reason, the biggest one yet, a reason so obvious to me now that if it were a snake, it would’ve bitten me. Come to think of it, the scenario he describes is full of snakes.

As a preface, let me say that McCarthy is convinced the sneaky “ambush” interview of Flynn had not been long in the works. Emails from January 21 and 22 (Trump was sworn in on January 20) show that they didn’t start out with the surprise perjury trap plan. They needed a way to set Flynn up without giving the White House any notice about the meeting, and this was really the only alternative they had. As Bill Priestap said in his notes, get him to admit to a violation (of the Logan Act??), or get him to lie, so they can prosecute or see him fired. But the interview appears to have been sort of a last-ditch idea, because with Trump about to take office, THEY HAD TO GET RID OF FLYNN RIGHT AWAY.

And the interview had to just come out of nowhere. If they had approached the White House with a request to interview Flynn, the way they were supposed to, the White House could have turned them down. That’s why Comey was so stealthy about it –- he didn’t even officially inform acting Attorney General Sally Yates, because then she would have been obligated to alert White House attorney Don McGahn. This interview was their silver bullet against Flynn, and they HAD to make it count.

So, to the point:  why was it so critical that they get Flynn out immediately? It goes much further than the reasons stated above. Simple: it was so the phony “Trump/Russia” investigation would be able to continue into Trump’s presidency. (There are varying opinions regarding what constitutes “treason,” but this sure fits mine.) Flynn was one of Trump’s few allies in his new administration, and, being an experienced member of the intel community himself, he would have found out about the bogus investigation quickly and put a stop to it.

When Comey gave that self-satisfied interview about sending “a couple of guys over,” he made it sound as if, hey, he just did it because of the chaos in the new administration and because he could get away with it. That's not the truth. He did it because they HAD to get this session with Flynn to trap him right away, and they couldn’t risk the Trump White House saying no, or saying maybe in a few weeks, or saying okay but they’d send a lawyer or two to sit in.

As McCarthy says, “Michael Flynn was not the objective. He was the obstacle.” The FBI’s real objective was, he says, “first formed in collaboration with Obama administration officials. Recall the January 5 Oval Office meeting to brief President Obama on Russian “meddling” in the 2016 election. Comey, Brennan, Clapper and Mike Rogers were there to brief the group. The guest list included President Obama, Vice President Biden, national security adviser (and Flynn’s predecessor) Susan Rice, and acting Attorney General Sally Yates.

To put this meeting into perspective, here’s what McCarthy wrote about it in February of 2018.

Importantly, the Trump Tower meeting that ended with a briefing for Trump from Comey about salacious stories in the Steele “dossier” would take place the following day. By that time, the original FISA warrant to spy on the Trump campaign was set to expire in a couple of weeks, just as Trump was taking office. So the Obama administration would have to figure out how to renew that while Obama was still in. The officials at the January Oval Office meeting needed to keep an investigation going on someone who was about to be sworn in as President.

We all know the January 20 Susan Rice email to herself that says Obama wanted everything done “by the book.” But there’s more of even greater significance that isn’t as widely quoted, and it speaks to their need to keep a GREAT BIG SECRET from the incoming President: “President Obama says he wants to be sure that, as we engage with the incoming team, we are mindful to ascertain if there is any reason that we cannot share information fully as it relates to Russia.” And she closes with Obama’s instruction to Comey to inform him “if anything changes in the next few weeks that should affect how we share classified information with the incoming team.”

Such as, perhaps, an incoming national security adviser who was caught lying about conversations with Russian officials? There you go, the perfect excuse not to share classified information! In one move, they’d get rid of Flynn before he could find out anything AND justify keeping the new President in the dark about the ongoing investigation. At Obama’s direction.

Anyway, the picture is clear now. If you don’t know what a “soft coup” looks like, I’d say it looks exactly like the picture painted by McCarthy after he’s connected all the dots.


Congressional Democrats who have relentlessly attacked President Trump’s handling of the coronavirus crisis with his task force, and the media outlets that stopped airing the daily briefings, claiming they were all lies and propaganda, are reacting with outrage to reports that Trump is working toward winding down the task force. With the “curve flattened,” the focus is now turning to medicines, vaccine research, and reopening the economy, and the White House wants to start transferring the task force’s duties to agencies such as FEMA.

According to Congressional Democrats, it’s a “tragedy,” “unthinkable,” “a shameful abdication of responsibility" and “thousands will die” because Trump wants to shift the handling of the disease from the task force they’ve mocked and accused of lying and incompetence to agencies specifically tasked with dealing with diseases. Personally, I assume those agencies will handle their jobs responsibly, just as I’m certain Democrats will do the one thing they know how to do: investigating Trump 24/7 to the exclusion of all else until November, when I hope the voters will send them a permanent “stay at home” order for their own good (and America’s.)


The initial panic response and worldwide lockdowns over the COVID-19 (Chinese) coronavirus largely stemmed from a computer model prediction that claimed there would be millions of deaths, including 500,000 in the UK and 2.2 million in the US. Those numbers have since been drastically reduced, while faith in the usefulness of computer models has likewise plummeted.

That initial, wildly inaccurate prediction came from a team at Imperial College in London, headed by college professor Neil Ferguson, who also advised the government on creating its draconian lockdown response. Ferguson has now stepped down from that government position after admitting that he allowed a married woman he was allegedly having an affair with to visit him twice in defiance of the “stay at home” orders he helped impose on everyone else.

He has an odd definition of “essential travel” and “social distancing.” Or maybe he just thinks that, like the rules of math, the lockdown rules he created don’t apply to him. At least now, he knows how it feels to be stuck at home without a job.

FYI: He’s hardly the only panic-mongering official who has a “do as I say, not as I do” attitude.


Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg was hospitalized with an infection caused by a gallstone and is expected to be in the hospital for a day or two. Our prayers for her to make a full and swift recovery, and we wish the same to all the liberals who burst blood vessels when they heard the news.


Former President Obama’s office sent a letter to the National Archives and Records Administration, blasting a Senate Republican investigation of Joe and Hunter Biden’s dealings in Ukraine. The letter attempts to block the investigators’ access to records, claiming that it’s part of a “Russian disinformation campaign” to blame Ukraine for meddling in the 2016 election.

How silly of us to believe that Hunter was paid an exorbitant amount of money for a do-nothing board position on a corrupt, state-connected energy company in Ukraine, where his dad oversaw US foreign aid and got the prosecutor who was looking into it fired. Now we know that’s all just Russian disinformation, so no need to look at any pesky records. I must admit, that video of Joe bragging about withholding foreign aid until they fired the prosecutor was amazing. I didn’t know Russian CGI effects were that convincing.

For a more extensive rebuttal, I refer you to Sean Hannity


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Comments 1-25 of 44

  • Linda Baese

    05/07/2020 05:55 PM

    The insane quest for control has gone too far! I think we should turn the tables on the democrats and let them be prosecuted to the full extent of the law!

  • Joan Overby

    05/07/2020 03:53 PM

    Need investigate Dr Fauci, seen to be concerns there also. Voting for Mr Trump in November, if that is allowed to happen!

  • Ginny Hibbard

    05/07/2020 01:33 PM

    Spot on????

  • Floyd A Unger

    05/07/2020 01:27 PM

    However did we let those folks do all this to us. I have always voted and tried to keep up to date on things.


    05/07/2020 12:18 PM

    The corrupt Obama's are like a bad penny. They just keep turning up. Along with many others Associated with them............

  • Harold Levi

    05/07/2020 11:40 AM

    Sir, back in the summer of 2008, I stated to a group of CW reenactors that Obama was an anti-America Marxist Muslim. He has proved me correct many times! Also, Obama is an Unconstitutional President pushed on us by the Marxist elements of the U.S., Europe, and G. Soros. Obama is NOT a Natural Born Citizen, a constitutional requirement to be President. Hillary tried to point this out during the 2008 campaign, but no one listened or cared for that matter. Obama's father was NEVER a U.S. citizen, let alone a citizen at the time he was born, wherever that was. You Bet, Obama has his fingerprints on ALL of the anti-America Unconstitutional shenanigans that that have gone on since he was sworn-in as President and continues to TODAY!!! Makes me yearn for my M1-Garand and a case of ammo.

  • william sanders

    05/07/2020 11:35 AM


  • Tricia Howry

    05/07/2020 11:27 AM

    Have you seen Dr. Judy Mikovits PHD interview on You TUBE? This is very upsetting how Fauci and others have caused the death of so many. Horrible how they treated Dr. Mikovits. So wrong what is going on.

  • Steve Glary

    05/07/2020 11:01 AM

    Governor, I thought that Nixon had been our worst President with criminal activities he just tried bugging the opposition. These, clearly treasonous activities by the Obama administration, should result in long prison terms for most of Obama's close advisors, including him. I just don't understand why NO ACTION has been taken so far. If I ruined a mans life with lies, set about to spy on an elected President, and attempted to bring the legally elected government down. I would be sitting in Leavenworth this very minute, with "zero" hope of ever getting out. What makes these SOB's exempt from prosecution? Where is the justice? Who is doing what, if anything, to round these A-holes up? If Obama can get away with this, who is to say the next won't do the same. This makes me sick.

  • Robin Rebhan

    05/07/2020 10:35 AM

    Incredible how deep seated the previous administration is in the current government to have the power to do this. The deep state is full of the most vile of men and women. They can't operate openly but like serpents in the dark, with rage coursing through their veins, they seek out their prey. Welcome to socialism bordering on communism.

  • Ronald C Sweeney

    05/07/2020 10:31 AM

    Good morning Mr. Huckabee. I recently watched a video entitled "Plandemic". It was a story of Dr. Judy Mikovits, a renowned medical professional who went to jail, without formal charges, in an attempt by big pharma and some notable medical professionals to silence her. If true, I am appalled that something like this could occur in America. I am curious if you have seen the video and if so what your reaction is. Thanks for taking the time to read this.

  • geary lee ward

    05/07/2020 10:01 AM

    why do we spend time and money on gov't crime? when was the last time you have seen a politician go to prison?

  • Kim Yochum

    05/07/2020 09:34 AM

    Dear Governor... at what point are these people going to be put in jail or worse? There is proof on video, in files, folders, emails, from their own mouths? It is appalling that they are not prosecuted by now?!! Why?!! Thank you!

  • Donna Crosswait

    05/07/2020 09:34 AM

    I watched an interview of Dr. Judy Mikovits by Mikki Willis. It was titled "Plandemic Part 1". It was a Youtube video; however, it was removed from the post on Facebook.

    I would love for you and your team to listen to this and respond. It was forwarded to me by Facebook Messenger and I forwarded it to your Facebook Messenger.

    I trust you more than any other news source. I look forward to hearing the latest edition of this political thriller saga with the deep state. Thank you!

  • Stephen Russell

    05/07/2020 09:01 AM

    Virus models: never saw a United model showing basic facts of virus laid out.
    Day 1 of Task Force.
    need other models to confirm, deny virus activity from other sources.
    & CA is borrowing Fed money to stay open BUT wont reopen state for Jobs etc

  • Loren Cheek

    05/07/2020 08:17 AM

    What happened to Flynn, is more common than most think. This has happened to countless number of people. Right now check out Dr.Mikovits and what they did to her. But she fought back. And they don't like it!

  • Nancy Loeb

    05/07/2020 07:57 AM

    With all the noise on the news (except FOX) and in our newspaper, I appreciate receiving your Evening Edition. I feel you provide a greatly needed dose of level-headed explanations for what is happening. Thank you! God Bless and stay well.

  • Dale Baker

    05/07/2020 07:45 AM

    Flynn's verdict needs to be set aside and he needs to be declared innocent. I think the decent thing to do would be to restore any pay that was lost, his military title (if it was removed), and Flynn should be made head of the FBI so he can clean it up.

  • Jerry

    05/07/2020 07:07 AM

    The more info we get about our dirty agencies the more people better watch that the laws are being followed look at the iconic moronic judge in Texas ruling against the constitution I want punitive action taken against him he is fraudulent and incompetent the need for him thrown off the bench is now

  • James Linville

    05/07/2020 06:09 AM

    It's sickening to know that our Government is willing to stoop to this level or any level for that matter, to keep politics as usual. Even more sickening is that, "If" this is true, nothing significant will be done to those that have been caught with their hands in the cookie jar to steal. They are willing to ruin a man and his family for nothing, but for their own agenda. We are sick of this, we want ALL these people brought down and punished significantly including our former President and those that worked for and with him to destroy this man and the President. Until this is done, to us the voters, it's just crooked Politics as usual, so why should we believe in and trust our Government. It's simple "Drain the Swamp" Punish the crooks or release those behind bars now for less crimes or equal crimes. We want justice, nothing more, nothing less.

  • Carol Denardo

    05/07/2020 02:59 AM

    Thank you for connecting the dots on the Flynn case. Obama and his gang were so crooked they could not lie straight in bed. Obama reminds me of the serpent in the Garden of Eden. He could charm the skin off a snake before he killed it. He still has his dirty nose meddling in Washington because he thinks he's still in charge. No, no diamonds on a crown, just two sharp, evil horns. I can't wait until his regime and Obama himself, get what they deserve.

  • Randy Martin Pochel

    05/07/2020 12:26 AM

    This whole coup by virus has the DNC written all over it. Obama had Dr. Fauci laundry millions to the Wuhan lab. Dr. Fauci worked for the Clintons for years. He had a special interest in seeing the economy fail and President Trump removed. Why President Trump followed his suggestion to close the country is a mystery to me. It may have worked only time will tell.
    The democrats hope that during this time that this is all coming out we will be huddled in our home ( illegally incarceration !) and no one would notice as the dots are connecting. They, from Obama on down need to be arrested and tried. But unless WE the people arrest then and try them ( the democrats in a tribunal) nothing will happen. How thin the blood of the Patriots has gotten.

  • James Scates

    05/07/2020 12:24 AM

    My wife, Linda, watches you every chance that she can, wherever you appear.

  • John T Rogers

    05/07/2020 12:09 AM

    Your analyisis of the news and opinions give a crystal clear view of what, when, where and how. I truly enjoy reading your reports. Thank you for making it make scense.

  • James Scates

    05/07/2020 12:09 AM

    With all this information about Flynn coming to the front, why hasn't the Justice Dept. notarrested Come, Clapper and the rest, including Obama, for Treason? If they don't get indited, like Hillary should, this country is doomed. The evidence is there, use it.