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February 1, 2022

This is the kind of conclusion that you’d have to be high not to have figured out for yourself by now, but a new study by Canadian researchers found that smoking pot makes you dumber.

Research found that while “getting stoned” may last for only a few hours, the active ingredient THC can be stored in body fat and gradually released into the bloodstream for months, impairing cognitive abilities long after pot use, even if you use it just once or twice a week. And today’s marijuana has up to six times more THC than during the hippie/stoner era of the ‘60s, so...dumber than hippies!

The abilities most impaired were those of learning from what one hears and remembering things, focusing, paying attention and processing information. There were also smaller reductions in executive functioning, decision making, inhibitory processes and flexibility.

(Anyone who lived through the ‘60s might also add that it can impair your fashion sense and personal hygiene.)

Worse, as Athena Thorne at PJ Media points out at the link, a 2017 study linked today’s super-powerful pot to paranoia, panic attacks, mood swings and other mental problems, particularly among young, frequent users. CBS also reported that since Colorado legalized marijuana, the state has seen a big uptick in pot-related ER visits.

Remember when legalized pot was sold to us on the promise that it was perfectly harmless? A number of blue states fell for that one. I wonder if it’s a coincidence that after they legalized pot and people started suffering from longterm cognitive impairment, their governments just got bluer and bluer?

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  • Arlene Evans

    02/01/2022 04:30 PM

    You are to keep thy Body, Pure and simple Like Jesus. Look at at the mess People in tents , all over in cities and States. Most are drug users and do anything to get to drugs. Terrible and needs to stop. We need Police all of Mike keep up the news. Iam amontanaWoman.. We need to get trump Back in. And quit all of this, Secure our Borders. Thank you . God Bless you.

  • dick freese

    02/01/2022 03:56 PM

    Huckabee has shoving some miracle sleep pills for several weeks and offers 1000 free bottles per his promo. But several promo's per day at 1000 spreading over weeks probably totals millions. Time for jolly old Mike to change his plug for goodnights sleep.