April 28, 2020

Some great letters arrived in response to “Steele ‘wiped’ his documentation, and not with a cloth.” Here are just a few...

From Jim:

Governor, you always seem to get to the core of a story. As an ex-journalist I appreciate your search for the facts and verification.

The Democrats have been using these less-than-honest tactics for years. Each year they seem to get bolder and bolder at just outright lying to the American people.

Back in 1996...[description of dirty tricks played against him when he ran for office in Iowa, including going through divorce records from another state and altering critical dates on documents they found]... This is one of nicer things the Democrats did to us.

Another of their tactics is running negative ads against you accusing you of doing something you didn’t do and would never consider doing. Nine times out of ten what they are accusing you of is exactly what they are doing!

The list goes on and on. Not enough time to list them all tonight.

Governor, keep up your good work of ripping the masks off of these bad actors. Politics is rough and tumble, but it doesn’t need all the shenanigans that have become the order of the day. Highly paid political consultants are also a part of this mix.

From the Gov:

I’ve always said, don’t run for office unless you don’t mind the sight of your own blood. Historically, there have been dirty tricks played on both sides of the aisle, but now it seems there is NOTHING the left (and all “anti-Trumpers”) won’t do to gain power. I mean, no principles at all. You are absolutely right about this, and we are doing our best to rip those masks off, though it’s challenging when most “journalists” simply ignore stories that don’t fit their narrative. It’s also difficult when some in government think that rescuing the tarnished image of their bureaucracy is more important than uncovering the truth. What apparently is true of coronavirus is definitely true of political corruption: Sunshine is the best disinfectant.

From Stephen:

These questions may have been addressed previously and I just missed them: Why has Mr. Steele not been forced to testify at any hearings? Why has he not been charged for submitting fraudulent information that has cost taxpayers millions of dollars in investigations? Can the President sue him for defamation?

From the Gov:

Steele has been back and forth on whether or not to cooperate with Durham. On June 5 of last year, it was reported that Joe diGenova had said Steele did agree to be interviewed by Durham. A story in British media had said he was willing to talk, but only about “his relationship with the FBI,” and he wanted to get “permission from the U.K. government first.” DiGenova said he couldn’t believe Durham would agree to those conditions.

Sure enough, the story kept changing. In a WASHINGTON EXAMINER story from March 7, Steele is said to have declined again. He’s concerned about “politicization and not being treated fairly.” He said he and Orbis, his company, have already “said everything we have to say on the matter.” They’ve “done their duty.” Well, isn’t that special.

He was interviewed by Mueller’s special counsel team but later said he was surprised at how little of what he had discussed was in the final report. He reportedly said he’d also cooperated with IG Horowitz for “four or five months” and remarked that some U.S. officials were acting in bad faith.

Durham is reportedly working on indictments. (I would hope so.) But I’m not a lawyer and don’t even play one on TV; I don’t know, since Steele is a British citizen living in the U.K., that Durham can compel him to testify. Importantly, if anyone in the British government was helping Steele, it’s obvious that they’ll NEVER force him to cooperate with Durham, because they know Durham would ask all about that. The information we’ve recently been getting about Steele’s activities has come from testimony in a civil lawsuit brought against him in the U.K. by the owners of Alfa Bank.

So, should Trump sue? Trump is about THE MOST public of public figures, so he has some tough slogging when suing anyone for defamation. Besides, if he sued everyone who lied about him, he’s have to spend the rest of his life in court, and even then he wouldn’t get to them all.

From Robin:

I do " data recovery " for family and friends and have recovered data off computers for a few not-for-profits. So far I've been 100 percent successful.

Anything deleted from a computer can be recovered. Even if the computer is " lost or stolen," data can still be recovered from internet provider, mainframe computer [and] disks, and can be recovered from another computer via emails, downloads, internet provider on the receiver’s end and whomever they forwarded emails to. And the "cloud, " too; the cloud is quite the tattletale.

Bottom line, anything on the internet may as well be posted on billboards on I-95 from Maine to Florida.

And by the way, the Feds can go even deeper into a hard drive and the internet than I can. The FBI could easily have recovered Hillary's emails and Steele's as well.

Bet you guys haven't heard the FBI or NSC (the place in Maryland with all those big dish thingy things on their lawn) saying any of this!

From the Gov:

If someone who refers to satellite dishes as “those dish thingy things” can do it, I’ll bet lots of people can. We might be amazed to discover where Hillary’s emails turned up. (I wouldn’t be surprised if every major world leader had them and was ready to blackmail her the moment she --- shudder --- became President.) And, yes, Steele’s are almost surely somewhere, too. Also, SOMEBODY knows who really obtained those emails from the DNC; we still don’t have proof of the Democrats’ narrative that it was a Russia hack, as a report from CrowdStrike doesn’t cut it. Maybe you could find out! Thanks for writing.

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