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March 1, 2021

This weekend, it was announced that John Durham had abruptly announced his resignation from the US Attorney’s office.

Most Trump supporters hearing the news immediately assumed, “Well, that’s it: the real insurrectionists, the coup plotters who abused the power of the federal government to try to overthrow the results of the 2016 election, will get off scot-free and probably get cushy jobs in the Biden Administration.” And while I wouldn’t be at all surprised if that does happen, this news doesn’t mean that Durham’s investigation of the Crossfire Hurricane targeting of the Trump Administration is over.

Fortunately, Trump and Attorney General Bill Barr foresaw this possibility before the election (Biden has already fired a number of US Attorneys, including one investigating Democrat corruption in Illinois) and named Durham as special counsel, a role in which he will continue. Only the Attorney General (presumably, Merrick Garland) could fire him.

Garland was pressed on that during his confirmation hearing, but as with most questions, he dodged taking a firm stand, other than that he sees no reason why Durham shouldn’t be left in place (you know someone is trying to avoid giving you a straight answer when it takes them two negatives to make a positive statement.)

Ordering his AG to fire a special counsel who’s investigating a scandal in which Biden and other members of Obama's circle were allegedly deeply involved would be very bad optics, and the kind of thing that would have Republicans demanding that a Republican President resign over (see Richard Nixon.) But Democrats have built such a strong record of circling the wagons when one of their own commits impeachable offenses and looking the other way in order to hang on to power that I can’t see that being much of a concern for Biden – unless he’s afraid that his fellow Democrats are looking for an excuse to show him the door and bring in Kamala Harris, and then all bets are off.

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