President Trump?

May 11, 2016 |

Liberals are whistling past the graveyard with their endless reassurances that Hillary Clinton will beat Donald Trump in a landslide. Trump has been the presumptive nominee for all of one week, since his May 3rd win in Indiana knocked off his last remaining rivals. Back then, the Reuters poll had Hillary stomping him by 10 points, 46-36%. Just one week later, that same poll has her ahead by just 41.3-40%, within the margin of error. This is in line with three new Quinnipiac University polls of major swing states – Florida, Pennsylvania and Ohio – showing Trump and Hillary dead even. (Incidentally, no poll this far out should be taken too seriously, but one liberal website reassured Democrats that this poll is all wrong because they’re sure there will be no surge of white, blue collar voters, but a huge surge of minorities rushing to the polls to vote against Trump because of claims that he’s racist. That’s not just whistling past the graveyard, that’s leading a marching band right through the crematorium.)

But not all liberals are so certain that Hillary is a shoo-in, and here are just a few reasons why:

As I’ve been pointing out since 2008, Hillary is always the inevitable, unbeatable candidate, until there is ANY other choice. She was blindsided by Obama in 2008, by Bernie in 2016, and Trump could do it again in November. Honestly, how many people are really aflame with a passionate desire for Hillary Clinton to be the leader of the free world, other than Hillary Clinton?

In all these polls, there are double-digit percentages of undecideds or “won’t vote for eithers.” If they vote for a third party, they’re irrelevant. But if enough undecideds swing either way, they can determine the election. While they know Trump as a businessman or celebrity, they’re still getting used to the notion of him as a political candidate. After watching the campaign and convention, if enough of them feel comfortable with him (or if they just think the country’s going in the wrong direction, as most Americans do, and they’re willing to take a risk to change it), then Trump will win. But if they’re still undecided about Hillary, after more than a quarter century of her scandals and public striving for political power, what new info are they likely to hear in the next few months that will suddenly make them embrace her?

For months, we heard that Trump had a “ceiling” of support of only about 35% of Republicans. Then he started winning over more and more voters and scoring majority vote totals. Have you seen any national polls taken in the last decade where Hillary scores much higher than about 48%? Maybe she’s the one who’s reached her ceiling.

Even “Saturday Night Live” admitted that Trump will “probably win.” On last week’s “Weekend Update” segment, comic news anchor Colin Jost told viewers that his friends say, “Oh, boo, I hate that guy.” But when he asks, are you gonna vote for him? “Yeah, probably.” He reminded viewers that a lot of people hate Hillary, too, comparing the election to a diner with only two soups left: Pumpkin Corn Chowder or Hillary Clinton. So you decide you’re not hungry anymore. Yes, I know it’s only a comedy show, but a lot of young voters get their news and cues from comedy shows. “SNL” just implied that they wouldn’t be unfashionable or uncool if they chose Trump over Hillary. That’s a big psychological hurdle for some people.

Finally, I think these fast-tightening polls show that Trump, being a good salesman, is already getting his prospects to think past the point of sale. He’s moved the public’s mindset past “Trump will never run” and “Trump will never get the nomination,” and now, he’s getting people accustomed to the idea of a President Trump. The more voters compare him to the warmed-over Pumpkin Corn Chowder the Democrats are trying to force-feed us, the easier it will be to accept that idea.

On that subject, the New York Daily News claims that Trump has already struck a secret deal with a major Republican name to be his Director of Homeland Security. Tell me if the massive change in American security this would represent makes you more likely to vote for Trump:

Read more about this on Conservative Tribune here.

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    05/11/2016 08:28 PM

    Dear Governor Huckabee,
    First and foremost I want to extend to you such a deep and heartfelt 'THANK YOU KIND SIR' for ALL that you have done for this nation from supporting Chil-Fil-A. the Blessed clerk who refused to issue the necessary documents required for the gay couple that her Christian beliefs left her unwilling to do so, A BIG KUDO'S THERE, As so many Americans believe in the same!! But too even though you were among the best of the best 16 field of hopeful candidates entering the race for POTUS & as the clear choice of my family who felt somewhat robbed and quite sad when you suspended your campaign as we came to accept it, giving it ALL to GOD knowing he KNOWS WHAT'S GOING ON IN HIS WILL FOR OUR NATION!!....I have followed you for years and years and in my hearts mind consider you A FRIEND whom I have just not had the pleasure of meeting you as of yet!!.....A Man of God that you are, A man I AM SO PROUD TO CALL FRIEND.....For that is who you are to so many an American!! In your above the top in your wisdoms and beliefs to your opinions shared in which I always find as so refreshing knowing that you see through and past this worlds conditions and in words spoken, positive attitude no matter the situation giving first the benefit without doubt in and out of Love without condition!! And if and when to take back (which hardly ever happens) your original opinions after learning more that meets the eye, no matter as 'WE THE PEOPLE TRUST YOU, GOVERNOR MIKE HUCKABEE' & not to get to far off on a tangent here, I simply wish to make the point that in ALL the interviews with you I have caught on FOX it is always taped, where I can go back and listen to you speak many times over for you don't judge and share just the facts as one who if only ALL within our GRAND OLD PARTY would follow your examples. Especially in the ways in which to hear you complain or whine as so many within our party seem to have added to who they are, actually funding the #NeverTrump movement that more than underminds their very own party sending a message to the world that watches the ways of the U.S.of A. during this time of change! I respect you even more now (if that is even possible) as the great unifier needed in of all things The Party of Lincoln and Reagan!! You are honorable, and without a doubt The GOP's voice of reason of past, present and our future who humbly has stepped aside with self-seeking nowhere within you could ever be, nor jealousy not something you share with the many of the 16 as you not only have unified very early on with Donald J. Trump in your actions and wise words that has lead you sadly to the current state in which The GOP is cracking down the middle when it is more important than before we stay unified or be left with the unthinkable sit back helplessly watch our party implode!! I have been a Republican for over 45 years, voting for the first time when it was President Ford vs Carter....have stayed true ever since!! Over the 8 years of Clinton to the years under the Obama Adminstration I don't have to tell you it's been so frustrating to say the least while all the while sitting back listening to countless hours of reports of scandals, treasonous actions, behind the scenes shemes and deals, and lies upon lies becomming the norm, taking vacations costing the taxpayers billions.....blaming Benghazi on a video, yet Hillary lied about that one, sending emails to her daughter and another countries leader where she told the truth to that came out in the E-Mail scandal panel!....My point, patience is so often tested as an Evangelical a lie goes against all that I hold dear! While watching the land I as a child was taught to respect & Love like the generations and generations that came before me! Voiceless & living in such a disgust, shame, sadness, strong dislike & anger as knowing just a small part of the wrongs done under the Democratic Party that has seemed as an endless journey down so far, a shell of what this nations was and over just a few decades the decline this nation has taken if not for the Will of the People in our optimisim we began to see with the original 16 cream of the crop in the candidates of the GOP.....Only to get something so unexpected in our own party. Once the field narrowed to only one aka Trump! I can understand the disappointment that comes when the candidate in which one choses to stand behind succeeds as I felt once you left the field, where I soon stood behind Dr, Carson, and then Marco Rubio!! But now we have the last man standing, the candidate to run against Hillary Clinton....where no vote for Trump many say is a vote for Hillary....and our party has at last count a list of 99 who is not going to back Trump! Do these people realize that the millions and millions who have gone to their polling places and cast their votes for Trump means THE MOST!!! So I just want to thank YOU so very much for being one we the people can always count on and or come to for the voice of wisdom in the ways of thinking and directions to go in unification as a whole!!!....but these who hold office's or seen in the political arenas and someone who matters that send the message anything but unity....what do we do about them? As even the candidates to signed the pledge to stand and support the parties nominee like Ted Cruz now going back on their and his word taking back that oath, even giving vast amounts of money to Hillary's campaign.....there ought to be a law against such a thing....nevermind the fact THAT THE PEOPLE HAVE SPOKEN IN VOLUMES.....feels like these 99 partisans who totally disregard that and what the people want.....that votes matter....if not then why all the time and monies spent in going through the motions of the primaries and all the talking points on a daily basis proves to be good for nothing......BUT......To watch you speak with the contagious joy filled smile on your face and in your eyes I can say gives this little lady in Oklahoma the sparks of hope that continue to keep me in this thing......TRUMPS GOT THIS, I TRULY DO BELIEVE.....THANKS FOR READING AKA LISTENING TO THE RANT & PERSPECTIVE OF ONE THAT IS ME!!.....GOD BLESS YOU OUR FRIEND, GOVERNOR MIKE HUCKABEE!! ~~Brenda Carrell~~