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November 1, 2023



Blessings on you and your family from all the Huckabee team! 

Mike Huckabee


33 “I have told you these things, so that in me you may have peace. In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world.”

John 16:33

The next RNC debate

A conservative group called Restoration of America is calling on the RNC to drop its plans to let NBC host the next Republican primary debate with liberal NBC anchors Lester Holt and Kristen Welker moderating along with conservative Hugh Hewitt.

ROA president Doug Truax wrote, “It is beyond comprehension that the RNC would give a conservative-smearing, round-the-clock misinformation network like NBC the right to host a Republican presidential debate…In case you’ve been in a coma the last few years, we live in a new world where the government, Big Tech and establishment media are openly colluding to hide the truth and help Democrats,” and “NBC is right at the tip of this spear. It has spread thousands of false Russian collusion hoax stories, racial hoaxes, climate hoaxes, and gender and abortion misinformation. It lies 24/7 about nearly everything.”

I’m sure NBC will assure us that its moderators will be fair and impartial, which will also be a lie. But then, they are professionals, so I’m sure they’ll ask the candidates plenty of probing questions about the issues of most importance to Republican primary voters: climate change and January 6th.

Kentucky Tragedy

As we were finishing up the newsletter Wednesday morning, word came of a coal plant collapse in Martin County, Kentucky. The Governor declared a state of emergency and asked for prayers for the safety of two workers who are trapped inside and the teams that are working to rescue them. I know you’ll join me in that prayer.

Update on the effort to keep President Trump off the ballot

The Colorado judge who allowed the stupid lawsuit to proceed to remove Trump from the 2024 ballot due to the 14th Amendment ban on “insurrectionists” (aimed at Confederate officials) was reported to have been appointed by the state’s Democrat Governor. And the plaintiffs are citing a successful suit to remove a New Mexico county commissioner on the same grounds, but he actively participated in the January 6th riot.  Still, this could be the most serious threat based on these frivolous grounds thus far. It’s truly amazing to me how people who claim to be so concerned about protecting “our democracy” are working so hard to keep Americans from being allowed to vote for whomever they want.

For those who have the time and really want to delve into the legal issues involved in all this lawfare against Trump, I recommend this article at It’s about a story that hasn’t gotten much press, and that’s Trump’s attorneys’ arguments that these cases should be thrown out on constitutional and statutory grounds, including the claim that Presidents are immune from prosecution for actions taken while in office. His critics might scoff at that, but as this explains, it’s based on some pretty solid arguments, and so far, prosecutor Jack Smith has offered little of substance to refute it other than repeating “Nobody is above the law,” which we all know is laughably untrue in this “Justice” Department.

Meanwhile, Trump took to social media Sunday to issue a warning to President Biden about these norm-shattering Democrat lawsuits and prosecutions of his chief political opponent and how they waited three years to try them during the election campaign. His warning: “You’re setting a BAD precedent for yourself, Joe. The same can happen to you.”

It’s a warning that Biden should heed, but he won’t. One of the hallmarks of the modern day Democrats is that they’re fixated on immediate political advantage and never engage in the longterm thinking necessary to consider what will happen if they lose power and the new rules they created are applied to them. For instance, they ignored warnings and did away with the Senate filibuster of judges, then were outraged when Republicans took power and started confirming conservative judges. They refused to defend the free speech of conservatives on campus, and now are crying that loudmouthed anti-Semites are being held accountable for their words.

As Kurt Schlichter warned them repeatedly, “You’re not going to like the new rules you’re creating when they start getting applied to you.” And if anyone has been hurling stones at Trump from inside a glass White House, it’s Joe “Garage Full of Classified Documents” Biden.


Permission granted

The mayor of Boston has given the police permission to dismantle the “Methadone Mile,” a homeless tent city that for years has been allowed to fester as a hotbed of crime and drugs. Proving that given enough time, eventually, even Democrats get fed up with Democrat policies.


More fiction from “Sixty Minutes”

I’m going to assume that not many of my readers are avid fans of CBS’ “Sixty Minutes,” so you might not know that on Sunday, they made yet another attempt to convince us that Vice President Kamala Harris is really great at her job, no matter what everyone might think. And Kamala tried to convince us that Biden’s policies are making all our lives better, but we just don’t recognize that because of a “messaging” problem (I guess there just aren’t enough Democrats in the media who want to sell us a load of clams about Biden and Harris – you know, like “Sixty Minutes.”)

But as Bonchie at reports, Kamala being Kamala, even the puff piece was still a train wreck, with the most-quoted line being her assurance that “Joe Biden is very much alive and running for reelection.”

Inflation reporting

The Babylon Bee doesn’t even pretend that its stories are real, but they still give us more correct information about inflation under Biden than Kamala Harris did on “Sixty Minutes.”

Update on Eventbrite

They apparently don't handle criticism well.

Israel War update

Here’s today’s link to continuously-updated stories on the war in Israel from Fox News…

Among the latest news: Israel reports that it’s hit more than 11,000 terrorist targets in Gaza, and lost 11 more soldiers as the intense ground offensive continues to kill Hamas militants and destroy the terrorists’ tunnels. A drone attack on a US base in Syria was blocked by the base’s defenses. This makes at least 27 attacks on US and coalition forces on bases in Syria and Iraq since October 17th for those who claim it's "not our fight." Fortunately, the attacks have mostly been blocked, although there have been some injuries and one American contractor died of cardiac arrest.

Another Iran-backed terrorist group (there seems to be no shortage of those) declared war on Israel in solidarity with Hamas, and no, I’m not talking about Ivy League college students.

An Israeli woman who was taken hostage and released said that her fellow captives were still alive. Speaking of hostages, a claim went viral on social media that 500 Americans were being held hostage in Gaza, but Forbes claims that’s not true. About 500 Americans are trapped there because there are no flights out and they can’t cross into Egypt, but Forbes says they’re not being held hostage by Hamas. The controversy seems to hinge on how you define “hostage.”

Also, there are disputes over why people can’t leave. The White House claims Hamas is stopping people from leaving, while some journalists claim it’s because Egypt won’t open its border gate. And Egypt’s leader has made it clear he won’t accept a single Palestinian refugee. Personally, I could see both of those claims being true.

The media continue to soft-pedal rabidly anti-Semitic protests by calling the participants “pro-Palestinian” rather than “pro-Hamas terrorists” and “pro-Jewish genocide,” which they make it clear that they are, with printed signs and loud chants and threats. It’s been interesting to see how many liberals are expressing shock and dismay at such Nazi-like behavior and rhetoric coming from their own enclaves, such as college campuses and blue cities. They allowed the purveyors of poison to peddle their toxic ideas for years, and are now shocked to discover they poisoned some people's brains.

Our alleged intelligence agencies were also apparently blindsided by all the terrorist sympathizers and genuine Nazis in our midst. Maybe if they’d spent more time doing their real jobs instead of surveilling and jailing Trump voters, concerned parents and grandmothers praying at abortion clinics, they wouldn’t have been caught unawares.

At least, it’s also yanked the blinders off and forced people to see the rank hypocrisy of the leftists running our universities, who have bullied, punished, silenced and fired professors, students and speakers for years just for expressing conservative opinions, but are now making lame “free speech rights” arguments to try to protect their students and faculty from any consequences for threatening Jewish students and chanting for the mass murder of Jews. Oh, so THAT’S what the First Amendment was written to protect! If that’s what they teach, I’m glad I didn’t get a degree from an Ivy League school.

Oh, but wait! Stop the presses!! An Ivy League college student just learned what an ACTUAL aggression is!

Let's hope he also learns what "consequences for your actions" are.

I am losing my optimism

For the past few years, a common question posed to me is if I believe our country and our civilization will survive.  My answer has always been, “Yes…I’ve lived through moments in history when it appeared that all was so far gone, but we have recovered.”  I’ve cited the assassinations of JFK, RFK, and Dr. Martin Luther King; the violent race riots of the early and mid-60’s and the anti-war protests and the mayhem on college campuses in the late 60’s and early 70’s.  I remember the sexual liberation craze of the 60’s and 70’s where commitment and marriage were scoffed at in favor of open sexual promiscuity brought on in part by easy access to birth control pills and abortion.  I watched our cities burned down in riots and lootings.  I remember the 1968 Democrat Convention in Chicago when police and protestors violently clashed, or the May 1970 Kent State killing of 4 students and 9 others wounded by National Guard troops who opened live fire on campus protestors.  I witnessed the scandal and ultimate resignation of a President; the Iranian takeover of an embassy and the taking of 52 American hostages, held for 444 days by radical Muslims.  I’ve seen oil embargoes that caused long lines at gas stations, and saw interest rates for home mortgages climb to 17 and 18% causing economic upheaval.  There have been drug use crises that made it appear that an entire generation would drop out and get doped up. 

But through it all, there were glimpses of hope and we experienced an ebb and flow of history that fluctuated between the worst and the best.  We saw the Civil Rights act passed and a landing on the moon, and major medical breakthroughs that saved lives, and innovations in technology that brought us personal computers and ultimately smart phones and world-wide communications through something called the world-wide-web, commonly known as the internet. 

But when people ask me now if we’re going to be okay, I say soberly, but honestly, “I don’t know.”

The reason is that there are signs of such depravity that is not only occurring but being approved by those who are well-educated and should know better. 

A new Harvard-Harris Poll found that among 18-24-year-old Americans, a majority (51-49%) think Hamas’ slaughter of 1300 innocent Israeli civilians was justified. Overall, Americans disagree by 76-24%, with those over 65 disagreeing by 91-9%.  Which means that while people in my generation are overwhelmingly appalled by the massacre of children, the violent rape of women, and the torturing of elderly, younger Americans actually consider such behavior justified.  And worse, much of that attitude prevails on the campuses of what once were the elite institutions of higher education—Harvard, Yale, Princeton, Columbia.  How is it that in places where we ought to find the smartest people, we are instead seeing the most immoral, least aware, spiritually blind, and intellectually ignorant? 

We have people appointed to the Supreme Court who can’t answer the simple question “What is a Woman,” for fear it might offend those who argue that gender is no longer a scientific or biological reality, but it’s whatever we imagine it to be based on nothing more than a whim.  People advocate for the chemical castration and surgical mutilation of children who are as prepared to make such permanent life-altering decisions as they are to be handed loaded firearms or given the choice of eating vegetables or ice cream for dinner. 

But the reason for which I lose my optimism most is that in the past, there was a remnant of sane and moral people who never wavered from believing and advocating for Biblical truth and the Judeo-Christian norms of treating others as one desired to be treated and believing that there was a God, He was involved in our world, and we should follow his laws.  I now see many younger, but very popular pastors who have moral confusion and, in an attempt, to be relevant and loved are embracing sexual immorality as just a personal choice, and who in the name of love, have dismissed sin as anything other than a personal lifestyle choice.  If this trend continues, I can’t imagine the patience of God lasting indefinitely.  There may soon come the time when He either lets us collapse into oblivion, or He finally says, “That’s it.  It’s time for putting this evil generation to rest and call a halt to a people who have destroyed themselves by rebellion.”

I hope I’m wrong.  I pray for reformation.  But I fear for the Apocalypse.

A viral video from a Hollywood celebrity

Mayim Bialik (“The Big Bang Theory,” “Jeopardy!”) is an unusual Hollywood celebrity, in that she has a degree in neuroscience and is an observant Jew. She also risked alienating her liberal peers by releasing a video describing her horror not only at the Hamas attack on Israel but at the widespread demonstrations of anti-Semitism and the support for the Jew-haters masquerading as Palestinian supporters in elite circles like her alma mater UCLA, where she said students were chanting for a “Jewish genocide.”

The video was very moving and quite brave, considering her profession, and it quickly went viral. But it also sparked a sympathetic but somewhat critical response from reality TV star and Beverly Hills plastic surgeon Dr. Sheila Nazarian, an Iranian-American Jew whose family fled Iran during the 1979 revolution

She made the point that, previously, Bialik and other Hollywood “progressives” supported organizations like BLM and the Women’s March whose leaders were clearly anti-Semitic, but apparently didn't notice. She said people like her who escaped socialist countries “have been smelling the same smells here in America for years, and we've been trying to tell you. Why didn't you listen? 'Oh, they're just conservative voices, they're weird, (they) don't make sense, they're this, they're that, they're conspiracy theorists.’”

She went on, "I want you to ask yourself why it took a massacre of our people for you to listen. Maybe it's time you listened to voices again that are different than your own, just like we listen to you. Do not discount the voices of people who have a different life experience than you and who — yes — might know more than you.” She said it’s easy for those who live in “privileged, American safe spaces” and have never experienced war or anti-Semitism, to turn a blind eye to the dangers in the rest of the world like Islamic extremism and tune out those who suffered under it, but “you need to wake up.”

Dr. Nazarian’s concluding message to Ms. Bialik, but really to every liberal who is shocked to suddenly see the results of allowing this toxic hatred to be imported into the US and fed to our children by tenured professors, is this: “I'm sorry that you're just waking up. I'm sorry that you're devastated. I'm sorry that you're disappointed. We've been feeling that way for years. Welcome to the club."

House Oversight Committee releases still more on the Bidens

At the risk of sounding like Jerry Seinfeld, what is the deal with Kevin Morris?

Before the Hunter Biden scandal, he was known primarily as a Hollywood based entertainment lawyer associated with such projects as the animated TV show SOUTH PARK and the Broadway musical THE BOOK OF MORMON.  The man who has become known as Hunter Biden’s “sugar brother,” paying off his massive tax bill and footing the $20,000/month rent for his Malibu beach house, also acquired his share in Chinese investment firm Bohai Harvest RST and assumed a $250,000 loan debt.

The loan was from Hunter’s longtime Chinese business partner Xiangsheng “Jonathan” Li in August 2019.  The beneficiary address was listed as Joe Biden’s Delaware home, though Hunter was living in California at the time.  Morris assumed the debt after Biden had become President.  We don’t know if he’s actually paid it off.

(The report of Morris acquiring Hunter’s share in Bohai Harvest is not new; this appears to have been done so Hunter could technically say he had “divested himself” of Chinese holdings.  The same seems to be the case with the 10 percent of BHR Partners that Morris also controls.)

On Tuesday, the Oversight Committee tweeted (“X’d”?), “In July 2019 (three months after Joe Biden announced he was running for President), Hunter Biden received a $250,000 ‘loan’ from one of his Chinese business associates.  This is the wire that used Joe Biden’s Delaware house as the beneficiary address.”

The committee continued: “Well, now we know neither Hunter Biden nor any other Biden paid that loan back.  Instead, Democrat donor and Hollywood lawyer Kevin Morris acquired Hunter’s stake in Bohai Harvest RST (one of Hunter’s China deals) and assumed the debt for Hunter.  It’s worth noting that Morris and Hunter first met at a Joe Biden fundraiser in November 2019.”

“Why is a Democrat donor taking on Hunter Biden’s China debt?  This raises serious ethical questions that the White House must answer.”

It’s with a sigh that we note comments after the tweet such as “What does this have to do with Joe Biden?”  Really, with all that we know at this point, idiots still ask that?

Joe Biden has a confirmed connection to the Chinese business associate who gave the “loan” to Hunter.    As Devon Archer testified in July, Joe Biden met for coffee with Li in Beijing and did a favor for him, writing a college recommendation letter for Li’s daughter to get into college.  Joe had already announced his bid for the 2020 presidential race before Li’s payment to Hunter.

This truly was a family affair.  Joe’s brother and Hunter’s business partner James Biden thanked Morris “on behalf of the family” for assisting Hunter with the tax bill, according to a September memo released by the House Ways and Means Committee.  The document says Hunter had asked James to send a thank-you for the family.

The relationship between Morris and the Biden family has seemed like the biggest question mark in all this.  Why would an individual who appears to have been only peripherally associated with politics be paying millions of dollars’ worth of Hunter’s bills?  (The way Hunter goes through money, you’d think he’d be in Congress, on the Budget Committee.)  Gary Shapley shed at least a little light on this in May during his testimony before the Ways and Means Committee, describing Morris’ first encounter with Hunter Biden at a campaign donor event.

“And, then ultimately, in late 2019-2020, a Kevin Patrick Morris comes into the picture,” Shapley testified.  Morris was described as meeting Hunter Biden at a campaign finance event.  “And he paid off several different tranches of tax due and owing, to include Federal and DC tax and owing.”

Talk about a cash cow --- Morris also helped Hunter pay for his aggressive legal strategy, with legal expenses topping $1 million a month.  Even with congressional committees investigating him (and supposedly the DOJ), he’s apparently got plenty of money to sue individuals caught up in the story.  Cases in point:  John Paul Mac Isaac, Rudy Giuliani, even the IRS over the disclosures made by whistleblowers Shapley and Joseph Ziegler.  Where does all this money come from?  Entertainment law in Hollywood is a lucrative field for sure, especially when representing the profitable enterprises Morris does, but this is SO MUCH MONEY.

Steven Richards and John Solomon at JUST THE NEWS simply say that Hunter “befriended” Morris after meeting him at that fundraiser.  “The relationship is now under investigation by Congress,” they write. “Most of Morris’ assistance is in the form of loans, according to a source close to Hunter Biden.  Morris has also been a member of Hunter Biden’s legal team from time to time.”  I think we may safely assume this was pro bono.

Oversight Committee Chair James Comer of Kentucky spoke with JUST THE NEWS and wondered the same thing we’ve been asking about for many months: “Why is Kevin Morris, who is a lawyer and a Democrat donor, taking on Hunter Biden’s China debt?  This raises serious ethical questions that the White House must answer.”

JUST THE NEWS’ latest report has much more detail on the Bidens’ deals with the Chinese.  Hunter Biden got another infusion of Chinese money, this one a $5 million “interest-free loan” from CCP-controlled energy company CEFC.  It was intended to benefit THE BIDEN FAMILY.  We know because an email to Hunter’s then-business partner Tony Bobulinski on Hunter’s laptop read like this:

“5 million is lent to BD family in the 10 million charter capital. How will this 5 million be used (or the 10 million as a whole)? This 5 million loan to BD family is interest-free. But if the 5 M is used up, should CEFC keep lending more to the family? If CEFC lends more, they need to know the interest rate for the subsequent loan(s).”

That’s three times in one paragraph that the word “family” is used.  Again, to anyone who still insists on believing Joe Biden isn’t involved:  THE BIDEN FAMILY.  And they’re talking about lending more in the future.  But they also mention that the risk management department of CEFC is “showing concerns” about this “JV” (assumed to mean “joint venture”).

Bobulinski later confirmed the existence of the loan in an interview with the FBI, the notes of which were reviewed by Iowa Sen. Chuck Grassley.  Grassley, doing the FBI’s job once again, sent a letter to to AG Merrick Garland, FBI Director Chris Wray, and Delaware U.S. Attorney (now also Special Counsel) David Weiss to advise them of this loan, which was unsecured and “intended to be forgivable,” he wrote.

It was IRS investigator Ziegler who figured out that Hunter was in the habit of describing outright payments as “loans,” probably to avoid the taxes.

Anyway, Congress DOES have the “smoking gun” that shows the Biden family was benefiting financially from those Chinese payments, not just Hunter.  Emerging bank records are backing this up.  But for us, the question remains, why is Kevin Morris paying all those millions of dollars to Hunter?  Even attorneys as fabulously wealthy as Morris aren’t usually THAT charitable.  This is a mystery to be solved.


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    11/02/2023 11:36 AM

    Mike, continue to be optimistic God is on our side! The misfits do not constitute the majority.

    Have a great day! Ron Palmieri


    11/02/2023 11:17 AM

    I feel much the same way regarding the future of our country/world as you expressed in "I am losing my optimism." I want to share with you a prayer I say every day on this topic:

    "Dear God, watch over my country, have mercy on us and forgive us for turning away from You. Bless us with Your holy guidance that we might find our way back to You and back to the holy vision You gave our forefathers. Stir up in us a mighty revival; a revival of Your Word and faith in You and Your Son, Jesus Christ. In Jesus’ name, I pray. Amen!"

    Thank you so much for your daily post, it is always my go-to email of the day!

  • Richard M. Rehmer

    11/01/2023 08:35 PM

    Like you, I am in my 70's very well educated if having a doctorate qualifies. I, too, have seen and been part of a lot of things, one being in an unnecessary war in Vietnam. I have watched the ups and downs and always knew we would come out on top by God's good graces. But, now I am no longer sure about it, and I am afraid that God will send this great or at least once was grand county into Bondage like he did Israelites of the Bible, and I really wouldn't blame him. Never have I seen a country, and I have traveled the world as I am a petroleum engineer and have been to almost every country that has oil in it, fall into such moral decay, bigotry, and hatred. To me, we are far more racially divided than when Dr. King was crusading. I am almost sure he would be hanging his head in shame if he were alive today. The Democrats's Racial diversity and inclusion and trans policies really have me worried about what this country is turning into. The continued unnecessary attacks on Trump with false allegations flat piss me off, period, not because it is Trump but because it is a blatant political persecution of a candidate who is of a different party than the one in the White House. There in is another sore point. Joe Biden is the face of the country; it has been shown without a single doubt he is as close to a criminal as anyone can get. He is not running the country, so the shadow government is actually running America, and it doesn't take a scholar to see that. I apologize for getting all wound up. I still honestly feel God is our only hope, but sadly, I am becoming a minority on that in America.