December 3, 2019

Must-Read Column: In his inimitable way, Mark Steyn fills in the gaps in the story of the London Bridge knife attacker, and the details are stunning.  Like the fact that one of the victims he killed had been an activist for a program called "Learning Together" that promoted letting convicted terrorists like him out of prison early and that had been the reason he was allowed to travel to Cambridge. He’d even donated to a charity fun run that raised money to buy a laptop for the jihadist who stabbed him to death.  And now, his father is most concerned that people will use his son’s murder “to further an agenda of hate.”

Neither Mark nor I want to criticize a grieving father, but it’s not “hate” to oppose insane policies that allow convicted terrorists to get out of prison early so they can go around killing people.  Even when their victims include people who were wrongheaded enough to think it’s a good idea to let terrorists out of prison so they can go around killing people.

That’s an agenda of common sense and basic self-preservation, not "hate." 



How far left has the Democratic Party moved?  First, Barack Obama was mocked for warning against nominating an unelectable radical and described by the Washington Post as a “conservative,” and now, Maxine Waters is being slammed by the AOC types for being too moderate.  I’ll let you pick your jaw up off the floor and then repeat that: they think MAXINE WATERS is too moderate!

On the bright side, at this rate, maybe they’ll soon move so far to the left that they’ll think Karl Marx is a capitalist and stop reading him. 



Poor Joe Biden is taking flak for a lot of things, but a couple of recent hits I think are a little unfair.  For instance, playfully biting at his wife’s fingers while she was speaking.  Hey, if she’s okay with it, who are we to argue?  As long as he restricts it to his spouse, that is. He’d better not try chomping on Trump’s digits during the debate. 

(Okay, with the leg hair story, he’s on his own)

And now, Joe’s getting the “Okay, Boomer” eye roll for his new campaign slogan: “No Malarkey!”  Critics say the word “malarkey” is one of those age “tells” that make him sound old and creaky, like saying, “23-Skidoo.”  Granted, when you create a campaign slogan with words that are too old even for me, that’s stinking old!  But warning, Gen Y’ers who are mocking Biden: someday, all those videos of you speaking in current hipster or rap slang will still be on the Internet, and your own kids will be cringing in humiliation at your lameness, or whatever word they’ll be using for “lame” then. 

Besides, Joe likes the word “malarkey” and uses it a lot.  Some claim it has Irish roots, and Joe likes to play up his Irish heritage.  So I wrote a limerick in honor of it:

There once was a man named Biden

And in Iowa, on a bus he was ridin’.

He thought Trump was too snarky,

So he said, “No malarkey!”

Now all of his voters are hidin’.  


Last night, I appeared on Laura Ingraham’s show on Fox News to discuss these stories (sorry, in this clip the poem was edited for time):

To those who claim that saying “malarkey” makes Joe Biden sound un-hep, I say, “Gag me with a spoon!”  Horsefeathers to those wisenheimers! I’m totally copacetic with “Malarkey.”  In fact, I think it’s the cat’s pajamas. Any L-7’s who disagree can put an egg in their shoe and beat it. 


Once again, leftists have gone so far around the bend, they’re meeting themselves coming back around the other way.

After spending years posing as the foes of all types of discrimination, we’re seeing stories like these: the Baltimore Museum of Art sold off works by male artists to buy art by women and minorities, and announced that it will only acquire works by female artists in 2020.

And a group of Notre Dame students is demanding that reading materials written by white, male scholars be cut to “eliminate the violence of only privileging white scholarship.”

Stories like these are, of course, textbook examples of sexism and racism: judging the value of people’s art or scholarly research by their gender or race.

Fortunately, the same people who are doing it have also given their critics the perfect weapon to refute them: as previously noted, the UCU, the British union of university lecturers, is demanding that anyone should be allowed to “identify” as anything they want, which means that a white, straight, able-bodied male can claim to be a disabled black lesbian and nobody should be allowed to question it.

So there’s your solution, if you’re a white male scholar or artist.  When leftists demand that you be shut out of museums and universities because they only accept the works of females and minorities, tell them that you identify as a black woman.  If they then try to claim that you are obviously not a black woman, call them bigots and transphobes.  It will make their heads explode. 




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  • Gwen Lo g

    12/08/2019 08:52 PM

    I love your Biden poem and all the malarkey and
    Tomfoolery you share with us

  • Sandra Blake

    12/05/2019 07:59 PM

    please make this easier for those of us who are digitally impaired!

  • Alice Donaldson

    12/05/2019 11:06 AM

    Let us all go back to the 1950's! Life was simple. You go to work,come home to your spouce and kids. Dinner was on the table. You prayed thanks to God for your food .Everyone around the table told of the events of the day. On Sunday the family went to Church, wearing their best, Again the family prayed together. We all knew what sex you are, we all knew that school was expected, also to do your best. We all followed the word of the law .If kids had a discrepancy they would fight it out .Guns were never thought of, never!! We all feared God.

  • Milton Woodham

    12/04/2019 05:58 PM

    Heres another current example of sexism (reverse). NASA's current program (named Artemis) to return to the moon has a stated purpose to "place a woman on the moon". Not a woman if she is the best astronaut for the job, but a woman period (oops, that is sexist).

    I spent over 11 years of my life along with 400,00 other souls putting Apollo astronauts on the moon, and this blatant reverse sexism offends me.


    12/04/2019 05:02 PM

    You are correct in naming liberal bias for putting your newsletters into junk mail. I have had you listed as a contact since day 1 and I'm still having to go to junk mail to make sure I received your latest edition. You are not the only conservative getting this treatment ... it's appalling. These tech companies and deep state bureaucrats have too much power which has turned them into dictatorial buffoons.

  • Ray Cowden Witter

    12/04/2019 03:29 PM

    Outstanding Treatise on the vapid ignorance of our undereducated youth.

  • Roberta Crane

    12/04/2019 02:35 PM

    They should call these hearings ship of fools

  • Maureen E. Turnberg

    12/04/2019 01:43 PM

    What happened to the discovered "mistake" giving Republicans a day to ask questions on the Intelligence committee?


    12/04/2019 12:52 PM

    Absolutely fantastic!!
    I was born in 1939 and Makarkey was a way of telling someone they were full of "it." You can decide what "it" meant.

  • Collette Ellenberger

    12/04/2019 12:11 PM

    I don't know how you manage to do it each and every time, but your comments on the 'So there’s your solution, if you’re a white male scholar or artist. When leftists demand that you be shut out of museums and universities because they only accept the works of females and minorities, tell them that you identify as a black woman. If they then try to claim that you are obviously not a black woman, call them bigots and transphobes. It will make their heads explode'. WAS SPOT ON! Keep 'em coming!!!!! God Bless You! Ciao! Coco

  • Stephen Russell

    12/04/2019 09:23 AM

    Maybe time to dump all white men in all colleges nationwide

  • Sam Nigro

    12/04/2019 09:11 AM

    Those who want to delete white male items should be prohibited from using anything ever developed by white males: electricity, cars, planes, pencils, pens, high technology, all printed matter, the Constitution, phones, computers, hospitals, colleges, houses, ---you name it and check it out: Basically, every thing good and effective throughout the world was initially created, developed, produced, by white males.

  • Carolyn C Delahoussaye

    12/04/2019 08:56 AM

    That last paragraph was hilarious. I love it. What has this world come to. The word "malarkey" was considered a bad word when I grew up decades ago. I was not allowed to use that word. Maybe some of the people thinking badly of Biden grew up in my decade. I only get my news from you, Rush, and my brother. Keep up the good work.

  • James Kelly

    12/04/2019 08:35 AM

    That is the name to discuss here.
    He will be the Democratic nominee for Pres
    Far, far more "photogenic" than Trump he even has one advantage over Trump (and you), he's not accepted the energy companys' Malarky about global arming being a farce & anyway all those scientist are Ivory Tower Democrats.
    The Democrats who make noise are incompetent but that party does have some intelligent people who realize they cannot win an election with Biden et alia.
    He is the problem.
    I'm just an ancient engineer, not an experienced politician like you.
    But Bloomberg will be the problem next Nov.

  • Vickie Fiorentino

    12/04/2019 05:54 AM

    And we continue to deal with children in high places...idiots. I know the word's another word for S***....mostly say a Greek word or from a family name...then also stating "the gift of gab".

  • Anita Mae Barkeri

    12/04/2019 04:05 AM


  • Billie Joyce Dewhirst

    12/04/2019 01:54 AM

    I love it! I love it! I love it!

  • Catherine Jones

    12/04/2019 01:39 AM

    I am from that age born in 1942! I rather like the old sayings ??

  • Richard Freer

    12/03/2019 11:59 PM


    Please attend the ISRAELI AMERICA CONFERENCE Summit this weekend in Fl.


    President DJT will speak Saturday evening.


  • Marlene Jensen

    12/03/2019 11:27 PM

    Please get rid of the "facebook"/social media boxes and the photos that cover up the text. It's real hard trying to read around them.

  • Topper Baker

    12/03/2019 11:27 PM

    Sometimes I almost believe you make some of this stuff up that you write about, and then I am brought back to reality in thinking how absolutely moronic the liberal democrats are and realize that it really is true that there really are people in America that are that stupid to be far left liberal!

  • Jerry Korba

    12/03/2019 11:10 PM

    Great points to the absurd arts Museum folly. Sad situation how ignorant the omission of any artist. Gee with Harris quitting the race just one more dumb politician going back to doing nothing.Maxie Watters and Kamala Harris can get together and complain about America while drinking beverages that make them a bit more moronic if that's possible keep a chair open for Booker he should be joining these windbags pretty soon. Might as well reserve the party room for the rest of the candidates at the stay awhile insane asylum they might as well keep drinking the moronic beverage, reality is out of their reach its best for them to remain morons.

  • David Colonna

    12/03/2019 10:25 PM

    The Devil or who we call Satan is alive and taking ok over our country!

  • R

    12/03/2019 10:18 PM

    Bless you and thank you for helping keep a sane perspective.

  • Granny Anne

    12/03/2019 09:48 PM

    Keep your head while others are losing theirs.