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September 16, 2022

Jennifer Van Laar at reports that Fox News personality Tomi Lahren visited the University of New Mexico at Albuquerque yesterday to speak to the Turning Point USA chapter. She and other attendees had to be escorted to safety by State Police after a mob of leftist students forced their way into the student union, chanting obscene slogans, pulling the fire alarms, and threatening violence to shut down the right to free speech.

Lahren said there was a report of shots being fired that fortunately turned out to be false. But the leftist mob was pushing police officers who guarded the door and trying to burst in. Lahren, her dad and several TPUSA members were barricaded inside a back room for 45 minutes as the mob raged and threatened them. The school was apparently aware of the potential for trouble, but Lahren said they were “unbothered by the abhorrent and violent behavior of their students.”

Does this sound eerily familiar to you? Angry protesters, fired up by irresponsible political rhetoric, attack police as they try to force their way into a building to block their political opponents from doing their jobs? Fury, chaos, traumatized and terrorized people in fear for their lives? Doesn’t that sound exactly like the Democrats’ descriptions of the January 6th riot that was supposedly the worst crime in American history (the difference being that Lahren was actually in the building and having her life threatened while AOC was in a different building a block away)?

At this writing, I assume that President Biden has yet to awaken, but when he does, will he go on camera to denounce these violent leftist extremists who are posing a clear and present danger to our democracy and our Constitutional rights? Will he demand that all of those students be identified, expelled and prosecuted to the same extent that January 6th rioters have been prosecuted?

Don’t hold your breath. But if he won’t do it, then mark it down that I just did.

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Comments 1-6 of 6

  • mune shadowe

    09/20/2022 11:04 AM

    The stasi of the nazi movement did this back in the 's and the communists of today does this. They are exactly what they claim others to be. Totalitarians, bigoted and racist.

  • Harry Hutchison

    09/20/2022 09:45 AM

    The Left doesn’t believe in free speech. They believe in righteous speech, which is speech that agrees with their Satanic world view grounded in destroying everything that now exist so they can build anew. This approach is exclusionary and assumes that every word in the Constitution advances domination. What we need is the courage to fight back.

  • Judy Crosby

    09/20/2022 02:28 AM

    When police finally have the right to do their jobs, this kind of outrage will disappear. Until then, with Democrats in control, this country is doomed to be run by gangs and destroyed of its freedoms in entirety. I imagine about 80% of this country is on the same page but there seems no path to turn the tide as everything we try to do is deemed ILLEGAL, only because we are not the far left. Shouting down people is mere bullying supported by Soros funded "leaders" and this methodology needs to be destroyed but how is the question.

  • Carol J Mathews

    09/18/2022 04:51 PM

    Without strong leaders, this is what you get. My dog has a stronger backbone than the leaders we have today. Police are handcuffed from doing their job and there does not seem to be any real men to step up and take a stand that enough is enough and we will tolerate it no more. Uncuff the police and fire the jolly jump up DAs and open the prison doors, fill the cells and shut the doors for years like they are doing and have done to the "peaceful" protesters of Jan. 6. Not condoning the wreakage of the capitol but all the others who did no harm.

  • T Muldez

    09/18/2022 01:30 PM

    Please forgive the hateful behavior from these students at UNM, and the unsafe response from the police here in NM. There are thousands of Christians that continue to be the hands and feet of Jesus here.

  • Barbara Drinkwine

    09/18/2022 09:59 AM

    These liberal college students, not allowing a diverse opinion through the speaker program at their colleges, challenges their intelligence level. If you silence diverse opinions other than your own, your opinion will one day be silenced. These college students should be willing to listen to opposing viewpoints and weigh it against or for their own beliefs. That is what free speech is all about. Ultimately, that is what compromise and policy is all about. As these college students will soon be out in the real world, they will need to determine how government should work. They will need to know how to work with others to enact changes. A government that silences the opposing voice or viewpoint will one day silence them.