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September 26, 2023

If you have any doubt we currently live in a police state, this video James O’Keefe made of FBI agents raiding and searching his home will erase it.  Two members of his team, Eric Cochran and Spencer Meads, were also raided, and Eric got some video.  Recall that this intrusion was over the matter of the Ashley Biden diary, which O’Keefe never even chose to report on.

It was only later that they found out the FBI had secretly gained access to their emails and concealed that fact from the court hearing their case in the Southern District of New York.  Microsoft, Uber and Google, O’Keefe says, were approached by the FBI for information about them as journalists, “including emails between us and our attorneys.”

O’Keefe found out through a Microsoft whistleblower that the FBI had done their trick of going to different magistrate judges to get their warrants rubber-stamped.  (Microsoft and other entities had even been handed “secrecy agreements” prohibiting them from disclosing this surveillance to anyone, even after the raids.­)

These actions by the DOJ were so egregious that even the ACLU came out in support of O’Keefe’s media group.  (And that’s saying something!)  O’Keefe and his colleagues are asking for the affidavits to be unsealed so these journalists can see the probable cause for the surveillance and the raids, during which even their journalistic notes were seized, in violation of an apparently toothless order signed by Attorney General Merrick Garland in July 2021.

More here, plus video of the FBI raids…


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