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August 12, 2021

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  • Bible Verse of the Day - Ephesians 4:32
  • "Shhh!!" The most underreported story, DAY 2
  • "Irresponsible" Debt
  • America The Beautiful
  • Jailed Because Of Their Beliefs


Mike Huckabee


32 And be ye kind one to another, tenderhearted, forgiving one another, even as God for Christ's sake hath forgiven you.

Ephesians 4:32

"Shhh!!" The most underreported story, DAY 2

By Mike Huckabee

Late on the first day of Mike Lindell’s cyber symposium to examine evidence of election fraud, something unexpected happened that set the tone and direction for the rest of the conference. Thus, the second day was dominated not by discussions about Maricopa County or Fulton County, as one might have anticipated, but by the story emerging from Mesa County, Colorado.

Recall that while Tina Peters, the county clerk and recorder for Mesa County, was in the air, on her way from Colorado to South Dakota in Lindell’s plane to attend the symposium as a whistleblower, she got word that her office had just been raided, presumably at the order of Colorado Secretary of State Jena Griswold, a Democrat who’d made it clear she would not allow any election auditing, what she called “frauditing,” even going so far as to issue “rules” prohibiting that.

And now she reportedly is having Peters investigated for allegations of leaking Dominion passwords. (Ah, that’s how she got the warrant to raid her office.) Peters says she has never had access to the passwords. The secretary of state’s office is saying they don’t have them, either. We’ll bring you more on this when it makes any sense.

Tina had obviously not been expecting the raid of her office and was shaken by the news. (Some early reports said the hard drives had actually been stolen from her office, which would have been a crime, but this appears not to have happened. They took copies.) The decision was made Tuesday night to give the materials she’d brought to Lindell’s team of cyber experts, led by “CodeMonkeyZ,” to vet them before they were presented.

So that’s what happened on Wednesday, in real time, right up on the stage on big screens while others were giving their own presentations in a roundtable moderated by New Mexico State University law professor and attorney David Clements. Going through all that data is a tedious process, to be sure. They said it requires a team of individuals with specialized, complementary skills. They explained that it normally takes about three weeks to go through that much data, so this first day was to see what was there and what was missing, to get an idea of the direction they needed to go. For example, it’s “not normal to find an adjudication key on the desktop,” but that’s one thing they found.

“It would be really, really easy to hide a needle in a haystack here,” said one. “All it takes is one needle.”

And around midday, the cyber guys realized they might have found their needle. They said this was the SMOKING GUN that should trigger a FULL FORENSIC AUDIT.

They would never have discovered this if the county clerk hadn’t had the presence of mind before an in-person software update by the Dominion Voting Systems to quietly make a forensic image beforehand. Because of her foresight, the cyber experts were able to compare images from before and after this “update.” What they said they found was highly significant: the before-and-afters were different, and it looked to these experts as though information had been erased.

This is information that is, by federal law, supposed to be kept for 22 months after an election, so it appeared that laws might have been broken. “This is exactly the kind of funny business that [Tina] wants to see investigated,” one of them said from the stage. I assume this is the sort of thing she was there to blow the whistle on.

According to THE GATEWAY PUNDIT, the documents they’ve been examining prove that Dominion has remote access to their machines during elections.

The way they were looking at this, the Colorado secretary of state breached the public trust if she let data get deleted. And once you’ve breached the public trust, a full audit is necessary. Period.

Of course, the go-to excuse is “human error.” (I imagine them channeling Hillary and say they didn’t INTEND erase anything, to wipe with a cloth?) But as one of the cyber guys asked, how do you introduce human error into a system that’s supposed to work entirely by machine?

So much of the effort, they said, is just the fight to get it done, just to get compliance with subpoenas, as in Maricopa County, where they’re flat-out refusing to cooperate, withholding routers, passwords and splunk logs. (The state attorney general has given them till 5PM on August 20 to hand over that splunk.) They said it’s obvious that one side is for transparency, the other for shutting down, obfuscating and covering their tracks.

Some at the event were saying that software “updates” and “preventative maintenance” visits are hurriedly being done all over the country, county-by-county, and involve not just Dominion but other election services companies. (Voting machine fraud is suspected in all 50 states; Dominion has contracts in, we believe, 28 states.) THE GATEWAY PUNDIT has previously reported on this, and updates it here.

In passing along these reports, we are not alleging wrongdoing, as we have no inside information proving or disproving them, but it could be that they’re in a race to do this before other county clerks do what Tina Peters did and make those “before” copies.

One attendee from Wisconsin expressed dismay that on June 21, Dominion had called to ask that they be allowed to come in and do one of those in-person software updates. He wanted to know what he could do. The advice: get a forensic image of every server before company reps are allowed in to make any changes. The discussion then turned to how this might be done on a large scale, in counties across the country. It’s a massive job.

A lot of discussion turned on the close relationship enjoyed between voting systems companies and state government offices. Dominion reportedly had two of its own staffers working with their own office right there in the Capitol at Sacramento. Counties across the country routinely give them temporary office space during election time, they said.

They also mentioned a strange clause that pops up in contracts between Dominion and individual counties. It requires that county officials not comply with any outside requests for information. Dominion also says it will pay applicable legal fees, which is extremely unusual. Conclusion: on any contract with any voting systems vendor, better read the fine print.

More has come out about Tuesday’s raid on Peters’ office, primarily that no one but the “raiders” were allowed to be in the office during the raid and witness what they did in there.

Moderator David Clements said it’s time to get tough. “We need you to set your jaw,” he told the crowd. “It’s an attitude adjustment.” The other side had hoped that by now we would have accepted this and gone on, but that’s not happening.


In related news, a U.S. district court judge has ruled that the Dominion $1.3 billion (each) defamation lawsuits against against Sidney Powell, Rudy Giuliani and Mike Lindell may proceed. From his comments, I don’t get the impression that Judge Carl Nichols is watching this week’s cyber symposium. These three might want to ask CodeMonkeyZ to help with their case.

"Irresponsible" Debt

By Mike Huckabee

I linked to this yesterday, but it’s worth a separate story of its own: Democrat Sens. Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema are balking at voting for Chuck Schumer’s massive $3.5 trillion leftist wish list spending orgy bill (that’s not the official name, but it’s more accurate.)

Manchin said we’ve already saddled our children and grandchildren with $29 trillion in debt, and over the past year, Congress has injected $5 trillion in stimulus into the economy. We now have jobs going unfilled because of extra unemployment benefits and inflation rising to scary levels (consumer prices were up 5.8% from July 2020 to July 2021, the fastest rise since 2008.)

Manchin said it would be “simply irresponsible” to pour trillions more dollars we don’t have, the kind of thing you do during a Great Depression, into an economy that’s on the verge of overheating. But then, it would also be simply irresponsible to shove through massive, radical, America-changing legislation when your “mandate” consists of a tiny House majority and a tie broken by the Vice President’s vote in the Senate.

Come to think of it, the Democrats should get rid of their official song, “Happy Days Are Here Again” (which doesn’t reflect their current apocalyptic pessimism anyway) and replace it with Robert Palmer’s “Simply Irresistible,” only with the lyrics changed to “Simply Irresponsible.”

(Note: I think it's a perfect example of Washingtonthink to claim that the deficit spending in the new bills isn't really deficit spending because some of it will be covered by as-yet unspent money allocated in the COVID relief bill -- which itself was paid for with deficit spending! Sing along with me now: "Simply Irresponsible!...")

America The Beautiful

God's creation is all around us. To learn more about Canyonlands National Park, visit its website here.

Jailed Because Of Their Beliefs

By Mike Huckabee

While Congressional Democrats keep overemoting like bad silent movie actors over the January 6th Capitol incursion (the greatest threat to American democracy since the Civil War), there was a sign this week that the DOJ’s case against some of the defendants even for trespassing may be imploding.

The Legal Insurrection blog has details on the case against Cuoy Griffin, former pastor and New Mexico county commissioner, who was in Washington to protest the election results and capture events on video.

Griffin and his videographer reportedly made their way to the deck of the Capitol, led a group in prayer, and left voluntarily after about 90 minutes. He was charged under federal law with misdemeanor trespassing and disorderly conduct, violations that carry up to a year in prison. The blog notes that leftwing protesters who invaded the exact same area and disrupted Congress during the Brett Kavanaugh hearings were charged under a local law that carries only a 90-day maximum sentence.

Griffin was jailed for three weeks, and prosecutors argued that he should remain there without bail throughout his entire prosecution, because his rightwing political beliefs made him so dangerous. The judge replied that they made no allegations that he’d damaged any federal property, injured or risked injuring anyone, or had a weapon, and released him on bail in February.

Since then, his attorneys have struggled to get the DOJ to show them the evidence against him, as is his right. This week, the DOJ issued this astonishing excuse:

“[W]e are not in a position to turn over the universe of information we possess for Defendant to review. Although we are aware that we possess some information that the defense may view as supportive of arguments that law enforcement authorized defendants (including Defendant) to enter the restricted grounds, e.g., images of officers hugging or fist-bumping rioters, posing for photos with rioters, and moving bike racks, we are not in a position to state whether we have identified all such information.”

Wait, what?! They have video of the cops moving obstructions, hugging and fist-bumping “rioters” and posing for photos with “rioters”? Those were some unusually congenial rioters. More to the point, the law requires that a defendant must have knowingly entered or remained in a restricted area without lawful authority and “acted with knowledge that his conduct was unlawful.” If the DOJ has video showing the cops allowing them to enter, interacting peacefully with them and never telling them to leave (Griffin says he was never told he couldn’t be there), then how were they to know they were acting unlawfully? And if not, there goes the DOJ’s case. Or cases.

The DOJ knows this, yet they’re arguing that Americans be jailed indefinitely without bail solely because of their rightwing political beliefs (while giving a pass to people with leftwing political beliefs) and not complying with his basic right to see any exculpatory evidence they might have.

The Democrats may be right about an assault taking place on the foundations of American democracy. But it sounds as if it’s not all coming from where we’ve been led to believe, and it didn’t end on January 6th.

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Comments 1-10 of 15

  • Frank Kibler Berry

    08/13/2021 09:17 PM

    The House and Senate remained Republican for the first two years of Donald Trump's presidency. The last two years we had the Mueller investigation and the constant drum beat from Pelosi, et al for impeachment. Mueller, who never knew what he was doing, admittedly found nothing but impeachment of Donald Trump was tried twice, unsuccessfully. Joe Biden has publicly and on record admitted violating our immigration laws, both Congressional and Constitutional. No one has even mentioned, to my knowledge, impeachment. Can you explain to me why no one has attempted to impeach Biden for these violations? Some one should drive this home before the 2022 elections whether successful or not.

  • Leann Altwegg

    08/12/2021 10:33 PM

    This country should never again use a voting machine for elections!

  • Robin Rebhan

    08/12/2021 05:50 PM

    RE: "Jailed Because Of Their Beliefs". I have to make a confession. I was in the U.S.Capital building with my father and we both toured the whole place and then later after getting lost my Dad and I joined a group of people led by a uniformed tour guide. And we took some photos too! I think it was August 1970 and it was all perfectly legal back then.
    Shortly after this my then college girl friend got arrested for disrupting the United States Senate. She was on a college political class tour, the Senate was in session and some guy in a business suit sat next to her and put his hand wheres it really did not belong. She verbally protested, made a fuss and promptly got arrested for disrupting the United States Senate, spent the worst night of her life in the DC jail. And the case was promptly dismissed the next day with numerous witnesses testifying on her behalf. For years she had to put that on her employment applications. I think HR people would interview her just to hear the story...her version is hysterical when you hear the whole version, especially the night in DC jail. :-)

  • Paul Kern

    08/12/2021 05:48 PM

    Just a few thoughts. I know you only respond to your followers.
    It now looks like the left will take all they want. Only a few Republicans understood what Trump created. The west coast has surrendered. All branches of the federal government are corrupt to the core.
    I read today how Dan Crenshaw out of Texas threw people with election questions under the bus. As an older veteran I am with many who see most younger veterans as having betrayed their enlistment oaths.
    The ultimate reason for the cause is the many pastors who left their "first love"
    America is reaping the fruits of her rebelling against the God of Heaven.
    I wonder what Jeremiah the prophet would say seeing the utter depravity. The leaders leading the flock to the slaughter
    I have always voted independent. I tell people to research the person. Find their real history and their character. Democrats never compromise. Republicans always compromise and lose while collecting their balls and running back to their mothers

  • William Fuhrer

    08/12/2021 05:38 PM

    In the United States a nation that believes in LAW and ORDER the media discussion of violence of the BLM/ANTIFA riots of the summer of 2020 should be remembered by Americans as the breaking point when Americans stopped trusting that Democrats in government would fulfill their sworn duty to protect the lives and property of the citizenry

  • Jerry

    08/12/2021 05:17 PM

    The old windbag GOP toothless cowardly reptilians republicans has left the country a one party system the gop is useless

  • Margot Plummer

    08/12/2021 03:40 PM

    Colorado has had mail-in voting for years and we were a red state. Eventually, all that mail-in voting flipped us blue. They've been cheating a long time.

  • James Johnson

    08/12/2021 03:37 PM


    I believe we are sitting on a tinderbox of devastating proportions at this point in history. "The Left" has been stewing for many years, planning, organizing, and then implementing a wide scale movement not just to infect but to dismantle our current form of government. All while the majority in this nation have gone about their lives, seeking family values, a comfortable living, and the freedom we all hope to enjoy. I do not believe that I exaggerate. Do you?

    There is a great strain that stretches across our nation, and that strain resides within its population. Yet, it is sponsored by our leaders. I don't know what our future holds, but I fear for the worst and pray for the best. We will not survive the next decade without strong, selfless leadership. But I see none on the horizon. Can you give me hope?


  • Floyd A Unger

    08/12/2021 03:37 PM

    Thank you

  • Greg Dawson

    08/12/2021 02:11 PM

    I keep coming back to, If the elections were on the up and up, why are democrats so desperate to hide or otherwise keep every stitch of information from being audited? They should be the first in line to show the world their guy was elected by the people, fair and square. Anything less is IMHO an admission of guilt. Rigging a presidential election I believe is an act of treason. My problem is, I can't remember whether treason is punishable by public hanging or firing squad.