February 14, 2018


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Today's Commentary: Transgender bathroom ruling --More infrastructure please -- Democrat wins Florida House seat -- Let's get real about national security threats -- Reality at odds with liberal narrative -- Attorneys General come together -- Additional Mike Huckabee commentaries


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The Trump Department of Education announced that it will no longer investigate complaints made by transgender students who are upset at being barred from school bathrooms and locker rooms of the sex they identify with. That controversy stemmed from an Obama-era guidance document that interpreted the Title IX law against sexual discrimination to apply to “gender identity.” It led to nationwide protests that it violated the privacy and safety of women and young girls. The objection wasn’t against actual transgender people but that it allowed any male, including peeping toms, rapists and molesters, to enter women’s most private domains simply by claiming they identified as female.

LGBTQ activists are decrying the decision as a rollback of transgender rights, but the DOE says there was never any right to use the bathroom of your choice.


Mike Huckabee

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More infrastructure please

By Mike Huckabee

President Trump isn’t just calling for a lot of taxpayer money to go to infrastructure rebuilding, he’s putting his own money where his roads and bridges are. Trump isn’t accepting a Presidential salary but is donating it to different agencies. He just announced that his fourth quarter pay of $100,000 will go to the Department of Transportation to support programs to shore up crumbling infrastructure.


Democrat wins Florida house seat 

By Mike Huckabee

While the Democratic advantage in generic party preference polls is rapidly shrinking, Republicans have better not get complacent. Tuesday, in a special election to fill a state legislative seat in Sarasota, Florida, the Democrat won 52-45% in a district that Trump won in 2016 and where Republican registration outnumbers Democrats by 12,000.

You can’t predict general elections, which benefit from tons of publicity and advertising, with special elections that tend to attract the really politically active. But final turnout in this election was a surprisingly high 36%. It shows that with Democrats fired up by a 24/7 anti-Trump drumbeat from the media, if Republicans don’t want a Democratic Congress to throw up a huge roadblock and end all the progress that’s been made so far, from jump-starting the economy to crushing ISIS to returning the rule of law and the Constitution, they’d better motivate their base to get to the polls in November.


Let's get real about national security threats

By Mike Huckabee

As much as the mainstream media criticize President Trump for lacking “precision” in his language, they take the cake for being deliberately vague and imprecise in theirs. They’ve always been guilty of this, but their shameful exercise has gotten so out of control that it’s time to hold them to account and say, “Enough!”

Liberals love vague terminology because it gives them wiggle room. In other words, vague words are easy to twist around and inject with useful meanings that may or may not be accurate, making it much easier to maintain their all-important narrative. At present, their story (and they’re sticking to it) is that the election of Donald Trump was illegitimate and, therefore, that he must be removed by any means necessary, truth and the law be damned.



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Reality at odds with liberal narrative

By Mike Huckabee

This is another example of the way that reality is at odds with the set-in-concrete liberal narrative. Remember the 2016 Democratic Convention, when one speaker after another thundered that Trump was a selfish jerk who had never helped a single person other than himself? They conveniently overlooked many stories about him helping out widows or veterans he'd never met, but he saw news stories about them being threatened with the loss of their homes, so (without any PR fanfare) he sent personal checks to pay their mortgages or medical bills. And he’s still doing it (see the story at the link about how he helped cover the chemo treatments for a campaign volunteer’s dad).

I admit, whenever I hear one of the leftist rabble-rousers repeat the canard that Trump never helped anyone other than himself, I wonder how many times that person has stuck a crowbar in his wallet and given a buck of his own money to help a stranger in need? Or do they pass by the needy while congratulating themselves on their own compassion because they always vote to give other people’s money away?


Attorneys General come together

By Mike Huckabee

For the first time in a decade, all the Attorneys General across America have come together to petition Congress, sending a letter asking that mandatory arbitration in workplace sexual harassment cases be banned. The practice was allegedly intended to help reduce the legal caseload, but having sexual harassment complaints handled privately instead led to silencing victims and allowing serial harassers to continue on at companies, preying on multiple victims without ever being brought to justice. The most famous recent cases would be the Weinstein Company, whose longtime protection of Hollywood hypocrite Harvey Weinstein was called the “most despicable” that New York’s Attorney General had ever seen…and, ironically, our own Congress, where until recently, victims’ names and complaints were kept secret and the taxpayers were stuck with the tabs for their settlements.

Just last week, Congress finally passed a reform making it easier for staffers to file sexual harassment complaints and requiring Congress members to pay their own settlements. I have to assume that Congress will act swiftly to grant the Attorneys General's request. As much as they love exempting themselves from laws the rest of us have to obey, I can’t imagine Congress allowing a law to exist that they have to obey while the rest of us are exempt.


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  • Suzanne Brock

    02/15/2018 10:43 AM

    Your articles are excellent and spot on!! BUT FRUSTRATED with the Republican voice that isn’t louder or stronger than main stream media & Hollywood negative garbage on issues and Pres. Trump!!