June 15, 2020

In the months leading up to the 2020 elections, stories about COVID-19 and escalating civil unrest from the far left –- with race as the catalyst –- will continue to dominate the news. To be sure, the way we address these issues will determine the direction America takes in the next generation and beyond. But as important as these stories are, there is one more big reason for the intensity of the coverage: by focusing exclusively on these issues, the media will not have to give any coverage at all to what would otherwise be the story of the decade: the ongoing declassification of documents that shows we were right all along about the “soft coup” against President Trump in 2016 and afterwards.

Yes, it really did happen. And it is treachery.

At any other time –- especially if it had been the Republicans pulling this against, say, candidate and later President Obama –- the screaming would be heard in a galaxy far, far away, and many people would rightly be arrested and charged and end up under the prison. It took then-acting Director of National Intelligence Ric Grenell and the newly appointed DNI John Ratcliffe to finally get the evidence out after years of stonewalling and CYA by the intel community. The latest revelation concerns the Intelligence Community Assessment (ICA) that concluded the Russians had helped Trump win.

Remember how Democrats and the media (but I repeat myself) pushed the line that “the 17 intel agencies” in our federal government concluded that the Russians had interfered in the 2016 election, specifically to damage Hillary and to help Trump win? (How releasing “Russian disinformation” about Trump cavorting with prostitutes in Moscow was supposed to HELP Trump is never addressed. Seems as though that would help Hillary, but hey, nobody said this had to make sense.) This line has been trumpeted since the ICA was first released, in redacted form, in January of 2017 –- as it happens, right before Trump’s inauguration.

We’ve learned through investigative reporters such as John Solomon, with their spot-on sources, that then-FBI Director James Comey, then-deputy Director Andrew McCabe, and then-CIA Director John Brennan –- perhaps the biggest proponent of the Steele “dossier” –- were insistent that this work of fiction be included in the ICA and that a summary of it was included as “Annex A.” You and I haven’t been able to see much of “Annex A” until now, but new DIR Ratcliffe has just declassified it. As reported on, we can see now that this document “goes along with what we already know about the underlying information for the Russia Hoax investigation being a fraud from the start.”

As Catherine Herridge reports, the allegations that Brennan and his cohorts were making about Trump’s campaign associates knowingly working with Russian officials and even offering financial compensation had not been substantiated and therefore were not used in the body of the report, only in the “annex.” (I would add that today, the only person known to have paid Russians for campaign assistance is Hillary.) Later, when Robert Mueller investigated, he couldn’t substantiate them, either, but that didn’t stop the FBI from using them three more times to renew the warrant to spy on Carter Page.

What I find most interesting about “Annex A” is not so much what’s in it as what is NOT in it. It does not bother to name Christopher Steele. Neither does it identify Fusion GPS as the company that hired him or the Clinton campaign and DNC (same thing) as the clients who were funding him, even though the FBI knew. It merely says “the source collected this information on behalf of private clients.” This is consistent with the wording of that convoluted footnote in the FISA warrant that obscured who the “dossier” clients were.

The date on it –- January 6, 2017 –- is also revealing. This is two days after FBI investigators had recommended that the case against Michael Flynn, one of those purportedly suspected of “colluding” with Russians, be closed for lack of evidence, adding that IT COULD BE RE-OPENED IF EVIDENCE WAS FOUND. (Get the significance?) Interestingly, it’s also one day after the big Oval Office meeting with Obama, Biden, Comey, Brennan and the rest.

With our current knowledge of the FBI’s awareness that the Steele “dossier” was created for Hillary’s campaign, we can see that “Annex A” was their way to maintain that lie as the real deal. It was meant to help accomplish what the RedState article calls “a bureaucratic mafia hit on President Trump.” Quoting the article further: “Obviously, the Steele allegations had significant play in developing the FBI’s position on the IC assessment, as they had used it to obtain a FISA warrant on Carter Page which was a part of the IC assessment, but their first paragraph denies that to be the case. So now that they’ve said they haven’t verified or used it [the “dossier”], they attach all the allegations, which we now know to be utter [expletive], to the assessment and push for this annex to be made public knowing that the Trump administration would never stand the uproar.”

And that’s what they did. The IC assessment is what gave ammunition to CNN, MSNBC, THE NEW YORK TIMES and virtually every other major media outlet except FOX NEWS to scream “Russia, Russia, Russia!” nonstop for the next three years. The timing of the report ensured this would start before Trump was even inaugurated.

Jerry Dunleavy at the WASHINGTON EXAMINER has another excellent piece on this document.

Dunleavy clarifies that part of the annex was declassified in 2018, but the parts having to do with the source’s veracity –- the fact that there was only “limited corroboration” –- are only now being seen. (“Limited corroboration?” How about “no corroboration”?) Running only two pages, it makes out that this Russia “collusion” was serious stuff indeed: “An FBI source using both identified and unidentified sub-sources volunteered highly politically sensitive information from the summer to the fall of 2016 on Russian influence efforts aimed at the U.S. presidential election.” Wow. Basic physics tells us you can’t make something out of nothing, but these people somehow managed to do it with Steele’s report.

Steele is described mysteriously as a “source” who “maintains and collects information from a layered network of identified and unidentified sub-sources.”

Oh, and to lend more credibility to the unnamed Steele, “Annex A” also reports that “the source’s reporting appears to have been acquired by multiple Western press organizations starting in October [2016].” Wow, how could THAT have happened? We know that Steele himself was shopping the “dossier” around and that intel officials were leaking, too. Not to mention some in our own Congress and Senate. Political hacks all.

Read the full story for all the details. One person who increasingly stands out as vindicated is California Rep. Devin Nunes, who put a report together that was at odds with all those who accepted the Intelligence Community Assessment at face value. At the time, his report was shoved under the rug while anti-Trump reporters “trump”-eted the story about the ICA. No doubt they thought that after a few months more of this, they’d be able to take Trump down.

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  • Rita Storey

    06/22/2020 08:10 AM

    Wow..just wow

  • Kathy Gibbons

    06/17/2020 01:15 PM

    It is about damn time all this documentation came out and declassify as necessary to get to the bottom of this huge scandal.

  • Marjorie Pregitzer

    06/16/2020 11:02 PM

    First off, Mr. Huckabee, thank you so much for the reports you give us each day. Without these we would not know the truth of what is going on. Watching TV is a joke. Norah O'Donnell calls everything "Breaking News!!". I think even a hangnail could be a "breaking news" story to her. And David Muir starts his show wound up like an eight day clock on Sunday. Kind of reminds me of that chicken that runs around screaming "the sky is falling! The sky is falling!" To get a good conservative viewpoint I listen to a lot of radio. WJR......760 on my dial. Beginning at 7 a.m. at my house but the program comes on earlier. I have only antenna TV. Can't see paying for 50 - 60 programs I would never watch. Another commenter here mentioned that the idea that Russia was meddling in our elections to get Trump elected was ludicrous, is absolutely correct. They would have definitely preferred to have Hillary as President. She would have been much more easy to manipulate. Keep up the good work and giving us the true facts. You are very much appreciated.

  • Brenda Fitzpatrick

    06/16/2020 09:33 AM

    All of the coverage for everything else is suppressing the investigation reporting so much that I wonder if the majority of voters will ever have knowledge that it exists.

  • James King

    06/16/2020 07:46 AM

    I'll be the first to admit, that I haven't followed every detail of the Russia hoax, but if there's so much new evidence, why aren't any charges being filed? Is Barr waiting for something else?

  • Dusty

    06/15/2020 09:21 PM

    Gov . all that you now have in here is fantastic and this is just a small piece of what was being done to take out Pres Trump. Been ongoing for over 3 years and many were part of this including Hillary? Now what is going to ever be done. Way worse then Watergate could have ever been to just break into the Democratic place to find info for the campaigns ? Pres Nixon not part of this just then tried to help cover up per their stupidity and he should have let them sink for so stupid. Now this is total set up for how to take and keep out Trump to ever be President. I see nothing is going to be done per the JD or State Dept who were a big part and FBI and they can get away and do anything as they so far have? SAD per who is this Govt. Not sure anymore.

  • Marilyn Martin

    06/15/2020 08:30 PM

    HElP!!!! Irump's online website has been una
    vailable for two wks.!
    Unable to respond to his texts/questionaires! Pls tell him.

  • Janet Pingston

    06/15/2020 06:05 PM

    Dear Biden is showing his hand. the left controls the media. The left controls the house, the left controls the military. ( The prior generals were retired Some set up for scandals to hurry up this event. Some retired on their own - but Obama took the joy of retiring them all anyway. All the generals were replaced by left minded ) .

    Why? what is the left REALLLy want to accomplish. Do the left leaders think they will then become the World Leaders. I know Bill Clinton mentioned it a couple of times. It is a shame because Russia and China think the same thing.

  • Floyd A Unger

    06/15/2020 04:40 PM

    You know? The very first time that I heard media reports that Russia was trying to help get Trump elected over Hillary I thought ?? “You gotta be kiddin!” No way would they want President they could never buffalo or control over Hillary.....a spoiled brat limited intelligence weakling who they could easily “con”,direct and do as instructed. They really did want Hillary not tough guy Trump.

  • Harold Levi

    06/15/2020 02:25 PM

    Yea for Tennessee, my ancestral home! Over here in Georgia, I now have my .45 Cal revolver dusted off. A muzzle loader converted to Long Cowboy, but it will sill blow a hole in a block wall.

    Hey, you can see the surprise written all over my face that the Marxist-Democrats committed crimes against the State. By-The-Way, the word is NOT Treachery, it is Treason!

    The FBI is a national disgrace! Why is it still in existence? Hell, J. Edgar Hoover was a disgrace!

    Deo Vindice!!

  • carmen Price

    06/15/2020 02:16 PM

    Governor Huckabee:
    Last night you asked 2 guests who was funding ATNIFA etc. it is simple, George Soror! It's bee all over the internet. This man is pure evil and I am also thinking the Dems are also supporting him and all the terrorists trying to bring down America, why I guess they just want to have America like all of Europe etc. We must not let this happen, we are a free democracy and must stay that way.
    I don't know how to drive Soros out but it must be done.
    Carmen Price
    Reno. NV

  • Lawrence Foster

    06/15/2020 12:59 PM

    Governor Mike,

    I know I am repeating myself, but this is more evidence it is time to disband the FBI, and replace it with two separate agencies. The fact the two main missions - criminal investigations and counter-intelligence - are too disparate to be under one agency, (good bank-robber catchers rarely make good counterspies, and vice versa). is enough to justify splitting the FBI. The fact the top (and some lower) officials appointed during the period 2009-2016 are totally corrupt political hacks is justification for firing everyone in the FBI, and re-hiring only those who are shown by investigation not to have allowed themselves to be corrupted.

    At the same time, the CIA needs to be pruned and the dead wood and diseased (corrupted) parts thrown on the trash heap. NSA and DIA should also be looked ov er for signs of the Brennnan disease.

  • John App

    06/15/2020 12:50 PM

    With respect to the Seattle autonomous area, I beg President Trump to keep hands off totally. Let the locals deal with this themselves and “stew in their own juice”. In time they will either come up with an acceptable compromise or beg for assistance. Either way, it is a lose - lose dilemma for the President to get involved, especially this early on. We will watch how other states handle such autonomous attempts and just let the Democrats deal with their new way of living without adequate protection.

  • Heidi Petrick

    06/15/2020 12:37 PM

    Hey Governor, somehow I’m not surprised. President Trump has done and is doing what he said he would do, he has been and is bluntly straightforward when he speaks to the nation. I think the left has now chosen the wood and nails for their coffin because with the information you just brought out and what we all have been hearing over the last three plus years who can trust them and the FBI and the CIA. I feel for the honorable people in both outfits, they will be lumped into the same category. Thanks for the information Governor! God bless you and yours. Heidi

  • Mary Haag

    06/15/2020 12:17 PM

    WHEN WILL THE REST OF THE WORLD KNOW ABOUT THIS??? I mean all those who don’t read the Huckabee newsletter or watch FOX news.
    I’m waiting for someone to actually make a difference the common Americans will believe!

  • Lisa Ford

    06/15/2020 12:14 PM

    Very sad. I'm waiting to see all of them marched off to the federal pen. That will be a happy day. Let us know, maybe then I might watch the news. Right now tired of being lied to by the news. Antenna tv doesn't have conservative news.

  • rodney burke

    06/15/2020 12:10 PM

    shot down again. Things can only go south from here and I'm lovin' it!

  • Bryan E Slabodnik

    06/15/2020 12:10 PM

    Hello Mike,

    This is my opinion.
    This is not a test. This is for real. Our Country and the Christian way of life is under full blown attack. I believe the enemy from abroad is seeded in our Country, aided by the deep State. They also brought the children in amongst them.I believe they intend a coordinated assault on our Great Nation in order to enslave. I also believe the virus scare was intended to hide their faces amongst us by forcing masks to be worn.
    Listen Real Good Now.

    The pattern of Semi trailers getting stolen has stood out to me recently.

    Don't let a Rally get used as a catalyst.

    I think the intense build up of energy at the next Trump Rally will put too many Great Patriots, our Country, our President, and out Freedoms into Immense peril if something big were to happen there.

    Small Rally. Undisclosed location. Great Patriots included.

    Time to put safety before pride.

    Pay per view.

    I don't think our intelligence community is doing their jobs efficiently.

    Love you Mike.

    We will not Fall if we can start seeing the enemy of Righteousness, that has been able to make themselves invisible amongst us.

    Thank you.

  • Joe Webb

    06/15/2020 11:48 AM

    My take is quite simple: INDICTMENTS better be forthcoming soon regarding all this, or the issues will be swept under the 'rug' never to be seen again. The media will focus on indictments only, and once the election season gets in full sway, it will all be 'political' and easily ignored.

  • Nancy Foster

    06/15/2020 11:12 AM

    I'd like you to write another of your thought-provoking books - and title this one something like "Who are They?" - The substance: who are the "they say, they demand, they claim". Who blackballed performers from singing at Trump's inaugural? Who blackballs actors from getting good roles if they lean Republican? Who is demanding the national monuments be taken down/renamed/defaced? Who is demanding cop shows be canceled?

  • Douglas Koelfgen

    06/15/2020 11:04 AM

    This is really disgusting, even though I know it and heard it before it just makes one angry that operatives in our government would try such an underhanded, dishonest operation.
    These people need to be held accountable and some have to go to jail!

  • Pat J Green

    06/15/2020 10:51 AM

    The only thing I have heard to come out of that area in seattle from a resident is a story put out by fox talking with a man I take to be a retired police officer who is talking about losing there pension, that is it I would think that we should hear from all the residents and property owner s from there and eaither confirm or denie weather that are being abused.

  • Marc Eisenstein

    06/15/2020 10:45 AM

    Unfortunately, the main stream hit squad media will ignore this totally, even when confronted by it. My sincere prayer is that sleeping america will wake up before November and do the right thing.

  • Barney Flint

    06/15/2020 10:44 AM

    As the late Gomer Pyle would say," amazing!" Of course I cannot probably emphasize that like he could but anyway. Seeing this coup information finally start to surface is what I have been waiting for. I al still amazed that this could happen in the USA but then again, I am amazed that the socialist/demonrats are even trying what they are attempting. I can only hope that sane minds will finally take charge and stop this nonsense. Even if physical force is involved (that is as sugar coated as I could get).

  • Ronda Davis

    06/15/2020 10:43 AM

    Thank you so much for your articles - please keep it up for us so that we do not have to depend on the media.
    I know you have a research staff and that you may find this interesting. If you go to (not the real BLM site which is and follow the donate button to the "actblue" site, you will find if you follow the money that the top 3 beneficiaries of a lot of th money is 1. Bernie Sanders 2. Joe Biden 3. Elizabeth Warren. Also, you need to note that the site claims to be a 501C charitable site. My understanding is that there are limits on political contributions but none on charitable contributions. Looks to me like people who think they are donating to BLM organizations are being fooled - at least some of them.