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April 12, 2022

Good evening!

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  • "I did that"
  • Biden announces new anti-gun rules
  • The Shanghai Lockdown
  • Biden's Economy: Inflation Rises, Americans feel pain
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Proverbs 22:6

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"I did that"

Democrats seem to have figured out just how potent the grassroots “I did that” Biden stickers are that people are leaving on gas pumps all over America. Those little stickers are the public’s way of fighting back against political and media narratives blaming everything but Biden for the high prices of gas. So now, the Dems are trying to fight back against those stickers and co-opt the idea for their own.

In Illinois, Democrats tucked a provision into a budget bill passed at 3 a.m. on Saturday to force gas stations to put stickers on their pumps to inform the public that the planned 2.2-cent gas tax increase that was set to begin on July 1st has been scrapped. I guess drivers are supposed to feel immense gratitude that they’re not going to add another 2.2 cents to the price of gas that’s already double what it was two years ago. Any station that doesn’t comply can be fined up to $500 a day, which I’m sure won’t raise the price of gas at all.

Meanwhile, in Pennsylvania, a man who was putting “I did that” stickers on gas pumps was arrested on several charges. I wouldn’t recommend that anyone commit vandalism, although if the Dems claim graffiti is “street art” and looting is “peaceful protest,” then those Biden stickers could certainly be called free speech. I would recommend, though, that if you are going to do it, don’t do it the way this guy did. Sounds like he’s taking it to extremes.

Biden announces new anti-gun rules

In the wake of the recent mass shooting in Sacramento, President Biden announced new anti-gun rules, including a rule making it illegal to manufacture so-called “ghost guns,” or guns without serial numbers. There are a lot more details at this link:

The problem, as pointed out by several Republican legislators and various gun rights groups, is that private gunsmithing is an American tradition dating back over 200 years, and this rule is unconstitutional. It violates the Second Amendment and Biden does not have the power to create new gun laws via executive order.

In defense of it, Biden pulled out one of his many repeatedly debunked claims, this time the one about how Americans weren’t allowed to own cannons when the Second Amendment was written. Even the Washington Post found that to be so incorrect that their fact checker gave him “Four Pinocchios” for it.

Critics also pointed out that all this focus on the guns was just a McGuffin to distract attention away from the real cause of skyrocketing violent crime: leftist politicians and DA’s defunding the police, emptying the jails, refusing to enforce the laws, and releasing repeat offenders over and over without bail. This is why we stopped hearing much about that Sacramento mass shooting after word came that it actually appeared to be gang violence and at least one of the suspects was a repeat offender who was released early from jail, despite the DA pleading with the parole board not to let him out.

Once again, it appears that Democrats are trying to fix a crime problem their policies created by focusing on the guns instead of the criminals, and creating new laws when the ones already on the books aren’t being enforced and they don’t even know anything about the guns they’re banning. The Babylon Bee did its usual expert job of skewering that reaction with its satirical article about how AOC would deal with “ghost guns.”

The Shanghai Lockdown

Last night, Tucker Carlson on Fox News covered one of the most horrifying and least reported stories of the day: the Chinese government’s brutal COVID lockdown in Shanghai.

I have to warn you that this is genuinely disturbing: a report on people being locked into their homes with no way to get food, screaming in anguish that they’re starving, as government goons confiscate and slaughter their pets in the streets while dissenters are beaten and dragged off to “quarantine” centers. All the while, drones fly around, broadcasting the message that people must “resist their souls’ urge for freedom.” I’m sure that idea is very popular with a lot of people in Silicon Valley these days.

All of this is to enforce draconian lockdown policies that experience has proven do not work. Here’s the latest evidence: a study by the Committee to Unleash Prosperity compared the results of COVID policies in all 50 states. They assessed the effects on disease mortality, the states’ economies and children’s education.

The states that fared the best - Utah, Nebraska, Vermont, Montana, South Dakota and Florida – all have Republican Governors, as do 13 of the top 15 states. The media and some public health officials savaged them for refusing to impose stringent lockdowns and relying on their citizens to act responsibly. They were accused of setting the stage for mass deaths. But the study found no correlation between stringent restrictions on travel, employment or dining and lower death rates. And "states with strict lockdowns had virtually no better performance in COVID death rates than states that remained mostly open for business."

Meanwhile, the deep-blue states of New York, California, New Jersey and Illinois were ranked the worst on dealing with COVID, performing “poorly on every measure.” They had high death rates, high unemployment, significant GDP losses and their schools were shut down longer than almost all other states. A CUP spokesman said, "Shutting down their economies and schools was by far the biggest mistake Governors and state officials made during COVID, particularly in blue states."

And yet, every time we hear of a new variant, they fire up the talk about more lockdowns, restrictions and mandates. They claim to be on the side of science, yet they keep doing the same thing that doesn’t work and expecting a different result. That’s what a real scientist, Albert Einstein, called the definition of insanity.

Reporter Mike Isikoff: Biden knew

Another day, another piece of “Russian disinformation” about Hunter Biden’s laptop is belatedly confirmed to be true by the media. Monday, Yahoo News issued a report by Michael Isikoff and Zach Dorfman confirming that Biden knew he was working with people who were high up in Chinese intelligence circles.

Hunter and James Biden (the President’s brother) formed a business partnership with Ye Jianming, an energy tycoon who had past links to China’s People’s Liberation Army, and Patrick Ho, who was arrested by the FBI in 2017 over “an audacious plot to dole out millions of dollars in bribes to African leaders in exchange for major energy contracts that appeared to advance Chinese government interests.” Yahoo reports that Ho’s first call after being arrested was to James Biden to ask him to get him a lawyer.

The report also says that Hunter’s notorious laptop contained a recording of a conversation in which Hunter described Ho as “literally the (bleeping) spy chief of China.”

There’s much more at the link, and it may have many Biden voters channeling Adam Sandler and saying, "Once again, things that could've been brought to my attention YESTERDAY!!!” Or in this case, before Election Day 2020.

A lot more Biden-China connections are also coming out, like this report from the Blaze:

And Miranda Divine, who wrote the book “Laptop From Hell,” has more about how alarm bells are starting to ring in top Democrat circles as they realize that the story they thought was buried is rising from the grave and may devour Joe Biden and them all.

We’ll have some more commentary on this later in the week, but a normal human with a moral compass and a non-cast iron stomach can only deal with so much Hunter Biden in any one day.

Biden’s Economy: Inflation rises, Americans feel the pain

Today, the Bureau of Labor Statistics released its March update to the Consumer Price Index, the rate of inflation for a group of goods and services most Americans buy, from eggs and milk to cell phones and gasoline. And from the Democrats’ and the media’s (same thing) desperate attempts to pre-spin the number, you could tell they knew it would be mind-boggling.

And it was: inflation rose to 8.5% in March, up from 7.9% in February, marking the biggest year-to-year inflation rise in 40 years.

Deanna Fisher at the Victory Girls blog shows how the push is already on to spin the blame away from Biden/Democrat policies and onto Putin’s invasion of Ukraine, even though prices have been rising since the moment Biden took office.

Maybe they have no faith in the intelligence of the American voters (they did get into office, after all), but nobody is buying that fish tale. Anyone over the age of five can remember when gas was less than $2 a gallon, and we all remember that Biden’s very first action in office was a series of executive orders shutting down the Keystone XL Pipeline project and targeting both the fossil fuel industry and border security for destruction. And nobody with a brain larger than a salamander’s believes Jen Psaki’s claims that they want Republicans’ suggestions on how to solve high gas prices and the immigration crisis. We all know the solutions are simple: "Reverse the things you did to deliberately cause those crises."

The public’s resistance to being gaslighted is clear in two new polls by ABC and CBS News. The ABC poll found Biden’s approval rating farther underwater than the Titanic on every issue except handling COVID (on inflation, it’s 29% approval to 69% disapproval.) And 55% of Republicans are “very enthusiastic” about voting in November, compared to 35% of Democrats.

The CBS poll showed that Americans rank the economy, inflation, crime and immigration among their top concerns, and Biden’s approval ratings on all of those issues are under 40% (on inflation, it’s a pathetic 31%.) That poll also found that only 8% said higher prices have had no effect on their families. 26% say they’re an inconvenience, and 66% say rising prices are difficult or a hardship.

Ronald Reagan won a massive, 44-state victory over Jimmy Carter in 1980 (Reagan even won Massachusetts) by asking voters a simple question: “Are you better off today than you were four years ago?” In today’s fast-paced world, everything has speeded up. It’s taken Joe Biden and a Democrat Congress less than 16 months to rev the Misery Index up higher than Carter could in four years. Americans don’t even have to ask themselves if they’re better off now than they were 16 months ago. The answer to that slaps them in the face every time they go to the grocery store or the gas station.

So is it any wonder that the Democrats are trying to find something, anything, else to blame for the predictably dismal results of their own policies?

Russia-Ukraine Update

Here’s today’s link to Fox News’ continually-updated bulletins on Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

The latest headlines: Ukrainian President Zelenskyy said, "Our armed forces are beating the occupiers with wisdom and well-thought-out tactics," but he warned that they’re still not getting the military equipment they need from allies and that they’re running out of time and lives. This has yet to be confirmed, but Ukrainian officials say they believe Russia used a chemical weapon on civilians in Mariupol, possibly a phosphorus munition. Great Britain’s Foreign Secretary said, "Any use of such weapons would be a callous escalation in this conflict, and we will hold Putin and his regime to account."

Putin now appears to be fighting a battle on two fronts: one against Ukraine and one against the elements of his own government that he thinks were either incompetent yes men who fed him incorrect information before the invasion or who are working against him. He reportedly purged more than 100 agents from the FSB (Federal Security Bureau) and sent the head of the department responsible for Ukraine to prison.

People are still talking about the interview Zelenskyy gave to CBS’ “60 Minutes” on Sunday. If you missed it, you can watch it here.

One powerful moment came when reporter Scott Pelley asked him about the undiplomatic way he’s criticized NATO and the UN Security Council for not doing enough to help Ukraine fight back. He called NATO “weak” and told the UN Security Council, “Where’s the security?” and “If you can’t help, you shouldn’t exist.” He made it clear that he considers “diplomacy” to mean people sitting around talking and doing nothing, and he doesn’t have time for that when his people are being slaughtered.

He said, “When you are [working] at diplomacy, there are no results. All of this is very bureaucratic. That’s why the way I’m talking to them is absolutely justifiable. I don’t have any more lives [to give], I don’t have any more emotions. I’m no longer interested in their diplomacy that leads to the destruction of my country.”

I don’t remember ever hearing a better description of how the UN “works.” He also said this, which should be taught to American school kids instead of the anti-American garbage they’re being force-fed:

Zelenskyy said Ukrainians were defending the right to live. He said, "I never thought this right was so costly. These are human values. So that Russia doesn't choose what we should do and how I'm exercising my rights. That right was given to me by God and my parents."

It sounds as if he understands more about God-given rights than our new Supreme Court Justice does.

I Just Wanted to Say:

Thank you for reading the Evening Edition.

For more news of my news coverage, visit my website here.

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  • Ty Bevington

    04/15/2022 11:43 AM

    Thank you Sharron for pointing out the truth about Zalenski.

  • stephen russell

    04/14/2022 10:49 AM

    Twitter : Musk made 43B offer for Twitter

  • Alan Alleshaski

    04/13/2022 12:33 PM

    thank You for being a voice for Truth in this evil world.. I am continually sharing your evening comments with all my disillusioned Dem friends .. fortunately some are coming around to see the truth.. i hope more of us can do this , to save this country for our grand kids.

  • Jerry Korba

    04/13/2022 12:29 PM

    Overwhelmed joe biden has been giving the public hints that he is not in charge as i believe the Deep State is in total control and it is an evil source. Our government is now a collection of words that are as empty as joe himself mixed up as Harris and the rest of the Cabinet are just stooges collecting taxpayers funds to insult the public with as much ignorance it can generate none of this administration makes sense and the this government is held hostage by the Deep State I would like to know who and what is the definition entire Deep State can anyone define it?

  • stephen russell

    04/13/2022 11:38 AM

    NY Subway solutions:
    Block fare jumpers
    expand CCTV array
    Disguised undercover cops
    update subway systems
    Modernize stations
    NYPD Depots on key subway routes

  • Loretta Cogar

    04/13/2022 10:16 AM

    Biden is not only a Liar, and a poor one at that, he is the weakest President this Country has ever seen. Also the poorest excuse for a Politician in the last 70 years and yes I know he's not been in Federal Political Office that long. He has dementia, I knew it when he was running for the presidency. I & my sister saw the same symptoms that our mother had only now he is worse than she was before she died. The Red Wave is Coming like a tidal wave.

  • Jerry

    04/13/2022 09:18 AM

    The state of New York the city of NYC is going to follow California and Chicago template talking points no actions to prevent crime the governor and mayor are not qualified to run the business of operating a state or city the evidence of law and order will not surface with the two in these offices look for failure to continue the iq of these two will not allow success

  • stephen russell

    04/13/2022 08:54 AM

    Shanghai Lockdown:
    Is this what the Dems want for the US?
    IE NYC, Boston, Philly, Detroit, ??
    Very scary if Dems want same

  • Jerry

    04/13/2022 08:25 AM

    While in Utah I witnessed one of those busses with illegals at a restaurant we had stopped to eat the wait was a half hour or more two tables had people I asked if the cook was late the gal said they were preparing food to take out the back door it was for the bus load of migrants as the bus pulled to the back door the illegals sat on the curb while the food was prepared it was a eerie the dead look on the faces of human beings the thought of human trafficking crossed my mind the illegals could have been mistaken for sn old chain gang

  • Jerry Korba

    04/13/2022 07:47 AM

    When did Putin take the keys to the WH and start shutting down our pipelines and Federal lands to drill and pump oil and natural gas. Did Congress overrule biden and allow Putin to sign executive orders for the production of American energy? Putin has been busy for a year getting ready for an invasion of Ukraine and still had time to suppress the American oil and gas sector. While biden does his version of a statue and birds know how to treat him the people of this country and Ukraine would love to do the same to biden and also would love to take the statue of biden down I don't think many people would miss him. Biden whether you know it or not you did this.