Well, I knew that leftists lived in a delusional state, but now we know exactly which state it is.

Like Monty Python’s Black Knight blustering that he’s the winner of a sword fight even with both arms and legs chopped off, California Gov. Gavin Newsom blustered yesterday that California represents the future of America and the GOP is headed for the “waste bin of history.” 


My first reaction would be to point out that unlike parts of California, at least history HAS a waste bin.  In L.A., garbage and feces from all the homeless people just pile up on the sidewalks until they’re overrun with rats carrying fleas that spread typhus.  If California is the future of America, then we’d all better invest in hazmat suits. Or possibly build a big, beautiful wall between California and the rest of America. 

Among the many distinctions of the former Golden State under leftist misleaders like Newsom are such impressive stats as the greatest income inequality in America, the highest gas taxes (about to go up yet again), the highest income taxes, yet the largest percentage of people on welfare, and the list goes on and on.  With its wealthy lords living behind walls and its peasants searching for housing amid filth, squalor and disease, California is looking less like the future of America than like the distant past of Europe.  All it’s missing is the Bubonic plague, and I wouldn’t be surprised if that’s coming along shortly.

It’s a state whose current incompetent leftist leaders inherited beautiful terrain and weather, as well as great wealth and resources from earlier, smarter generations, and are now in the process of driving it all into the ground as they drive the middle class to move out. And it has a Governor who can admit that a misconceived, over-budget bullet train to nowhere was a bad idea that will never be finished, then sue Washington to force the taxpayers to give the state a billion dollars for it anyway.  

Newsom went out of his way to claim that he doesn’t care what Tucker Carlson says about him.  But I think it might be instructive for him to listen.  It’s certainly more educational to listen to virtually anyone else than to Gavin Newsom.  Tucker opened his show last night with a close-up look at the leftist utopia that Newsom and his cohorts are transforming California into. Just be glad it’s television and not smell-a-vision:


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  • Clifton Palmer McLendon

    06/20/2019 09:58 PM

    CALIFORNIA - The Granola State: Rich in fruits, nuts, and flakes.

  • L A Post

    06/20/2019 02:52 AM

    Being a native-born Californian, I submit
    Not everyone in California is politically left.
    Not everyone in California voted for or supports Newsom’s ideologies.
    Not everyone in California is delusional…I am aware of what’s happening, I vote my conscience each given opportunity, but am currently in the minority.
    Not everyone in California has a place to move to outside of California; or, is fiscally able to move out-of-state.
    I did not vote for nor do I support the “sanctuary state” status.
    I do believe the wall should be built for the safety of Californians.
    I presently agree, that California is not America’s future, but it is still my home.
    I continually seek solutions.
    Respectfully submitted.

  • Gloria Walsh

    06/19/2019 09:34 PM

    I’m a fourth generation native of California. Born in the north state in a little town called Corning. I grew up in San Jose. My late husband and I lived for 19 years in a historic gold mining town called Nevada City. Its sister city, Grass Valley, had the largest gold mine west of the Mississippi. We moved to Washington state in 2001. It breaks my heart to read and hear from relatives still living there how the “liberals” have trashed the state and have destroyed it in so many ways. BTW not that Washington is much better! With our current governor and the liberals of Seattle we will be the next “trashed” state. I can only hope that people will actually come out of their brainless stupor and recognize how this current liberal, godless state of mind is destroying our country state by state.

  • Pamela Chambers

    06/19/2019 03:35 PM

    So sad....but many Californians are conservative. This swamp is nasty but awareness is key...