December 4, 2017

 After weeks of deal-making, rewrites and amendments, and the usual public performances of “Hamlet” by certain Senate Republicans, the GOP Senate tax reform bill finally passed last night by 51-49.  Bob Corker was the only Republican “no” vote, along with every single Democrat.  Sad to see the lockstep partisanship, considering that JFK understood the value of tax cuts and even during the partisanship of the Reagan era, some Democrats worked across the aisle to reform the tax code and get the economy booming again. 

Now the process continues, with the differences in the House and Senate bills having to be reconciled.  Corker left open the possibility of voting in favor of the reconciled version, but only if he approves of it.  Worth remembering: Corker has already announced his retirement from the Senate in 2018.  All the other Republicans who have failed at passing every last thing they promised the voters and now have only tax reform left should consider that if they fail to pass this, a lot more of them could be joining Sen. Corker in retirement in 2018 than they suspect.

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  • Jim Brewington

    12/11/2017 09:32 AM

    I think all of congress should be limited to two terms: one in office and one in prison.

  • Connie MacKirdy

    12/05/2017 10:58 AM

    Would that be so bad? I am for term limits for both the House and Senate. Two terms then they are out. Without lifetime benefits! They need to have the same retirement 401k/403b options that the average American had, and same health insurance plans.

  • Gary Wood

    12/05/2017 07:33 AM

    Corker is a lame duck rhino traitor that has a personal problem with the president and does not vote for the people of Tennessee.