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March 20, 2021

Republicans are finally wising up and using the left’s own tactics against them. Just as the left used countless lawsuits to stymie President Trump’s executive orders, red states are doing the same to counter President Biden’s flurry of radical, destructive EO’s.

Wednesday, 21 state Attorneys General, led by Texas and Montana, filed a federal lawsuit accusing Biden of overstepping his authority by canceling the Keystone XL Pipeline project.

The lawsuit argues that by unilaterally canceling the project and voiding agreed-upon interstate and international contracts, Biden usurped the power to regulate international and interstate commerce that the Constitution reserves solely to Congress. He also violated the rules set by Congress for what actions the President may take regarding the Pipeline. In addition, by doing this under the auspices of his global climate initiatives, he is illegally altering US domestic policy with the intention of conducting foreign policy.

They also point out, just incidentally, that there isn’t even a real environmental justification to canceling the Pipeline beyond virtue-signaling to the environmentalist lobby. As I wrote here before, the oil still has to get to the refineries somehow, and if it’s not flowing through a carbon-neutral pipeline, it will have to be transported by diesel trains with the pollution equivalent of adding over 400,000 new cars to the highways.

I’m not a lawyer, but that sounds a lot more solid than some of the cases that hamstrung Trump, like arguing that he had no power to enforce immigration laws that had been on the books for years.

Also joining in the legal battle: Ohio’s Attorney General is suing the Administration to overturn the part of the $1.9 trillion “COVID-19 relief” bill that bars states that accept relief funds from lowering taxes. The case claims that infringes on Ohio’s sovereign authority to set its own tax rates.

I hope there will soon be many more such lawsuits, from states, conservative legal groups, individuals, churches and any other entities that care about preserving America from the aggressive and out-of-control left. If the unconstitutional HR1 Legalizing Vote Fraud Act makes it past the Senate, I trust that the lawsuits to throw it out are already prepared for filing the second Biden signs it.

But hey, what does he know? I’m sure the techies that Facebook and Twitter hire to censor posts that mention the “Wuhan flu” know far more about this subject than he does.

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