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June 10, 2022

Stephen Kruiser at PJ Media has some brutally funny comments about the January 6th Committee Good Time Variety Hour and its openly-admitted purpose: to try to distract Americans from the real problems they’re dealing with and keep Democrats in power in November so they can keep creating more of them.

By the way, I know how expensive it is to produce a TV show, so let me save them some money by telling the real root cause of the January 6th riots: it’s the pathological, psychotic Trump Derangement Syndrome of Nancy Pelosi and Washington, DC, Mayor Muriel Bowser.

Knowing there would be a large partisan crowd, Trump offered 20,000 National Guard troops to insure safety and order. And without even thinking about what would be wise or prudent, they not only refused the help, they attacked Trump for offering it, because that was their response to everything he had done ever since he dared to deny Hillary Clinton her ordained coronation as President. So they could never, ever work with him on anything. If Trump was for it, it must be BAD!

That’s why we no longer have border security, energy independence or a foreign policy that prioritizes American interests, and why they’re trying to undo a tax cut that helped 80% of Americans. Because Trump IS THE DEVIL!! It’s the kind of mindless, psychotic obsession that we used to treat by putting people into psychiatric institutions, not the institutions of government.

So if you really care about these people, in November, please, take pity and remove them from the place where their obsession is allowed to foment and send them home, where they can finally get the mental health treatment they so desperately need.

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  • Jennifer Batchelor

    06/13/2022 04:27 PM

    I did not watch the whiz (I mean Liz) show, did Adam cry, AGAIN? Oh my!!!

  • Blacktalk

    06/13/2022 03:32 PM

    Criminals all, liars, traitors, anti-American scum! Not the innocent detainees, I'm talking about this criminal j6panel wasting our money all because they are so jealous of the Trumpster! won't work jackasses! GOD has other plans! The gov of the United States will be paying these innocents back for many, many,many generations!!!! I'm talking big lawsuit!!!!

  • Darius Medea

    06/11/2022 03:24 PM

    This is the biggest comedy show I've seen or herd of, in the last several years. The entire purpose of this comedy run in DC was to do anything possible, legal or illegal, to get Trump out of the way. Right now we are stuck with incompetent Joey Biden and his vp, harris, who have done absolutely nothing to help this country prosper.


    06/11/2022 12:31 PM

    Pelosi and Shummer should be arrested and tried fo TREASON.............

  • Joseph Stonelake

    06/11/2022 09:21 AM

    Waste of Taxpayers money and time. This is nothing more than a SMEAR CAMPAINE for more left power and destroying the very fiber of our country. No more Partys, no more DIVIDE, One America, One Constitution, 1 Bill of Rights, One Country under God, so one American Party where no one can buy favoritism or favors, just one America! One Government for Americans by Americans, not by the Rich Influence to buy and sell our country when the little people sacrificed for it and its Libertys. Just saying Wake up America, Keep our nation FREE and UNCOURUPTIAL!

  • gary stilwell

    06/10/2022 08:40 PM

    Sir-mental heath treatment will not fix these folk's morals--they have voluntarily chosen their path-- you cannot fix stupid--nor can a Leopard change it's spots--

  • Mary W Danos

    06/10/2022 04:31 PM

    Chaney looks like a miserable human being!! GOD HELP HER!!!

  • Frsnces Fischer

    06/10/2022 03:30 PM

    Loved the way you phrased that last part.

  • Trudyann Dayton

    06/10/2022 03:28 PM

    Why to democrat candidates have to prove they have degrees in theater so they can produce that play?