September 12, 2016

Because Sunday was the 15th anniversary of 9/11, I made a vow not to post anything partisan or political. The emphasis on that day should be on coming together to remember the victims, honor the heroes and redouble our efforts to insure nothing like it ever happens again.

But it was difficult not to bring up politics when the entire Presidential race may have been blown wide open by mid-morning. Hillary Clinton was already having a terrible week, between the grilling over her email scandals at the commander-in-chief forum and inadvertently revealing the utter contempt with which she views at least a quarter of the voters (when it leaked out that she told her wealthy supporters that half of Trump’s supporters were a “basket of deplorables;” a bunch of irredeemable, not-really-American racists, sexists, homophobes, xenophobes and Islamophobes. She left no “phobe” unturned.)

But then came the 9/11 remembrance ceremony on Sunday morning. She somehow became “overheated” at an 80-degree outdoor venue and had to leave early, then was caught on video being helped by Secret Service agents into an SUV. Her campaign said she “stumbled,” but from the video, it appears that she nearly collapsed, couldn’t walk and had to practically be carried to the vehicle. One cop on the scene said they “threw her in like she was a side of beef.” She even lost a shoe that was left behind in her entourage’s haste to hightail it out of there.

You would think that when any 68-year-old woman – let alone one who’s a major presidential candidate and who’d recently suffered a concussion -- practically collapsed on the street, she’d be taken straight to a hospital. But no, she was reportedly taken to her daughter Chelsea’s condo, where she emerged 90 minutes or so later, insisting she felt “great” and (disregarding possible contagion) hugging a little girl for a photo op. Her doctor issued a statement saying Hillary had been diagnosed with pneumonia on Friday, and was dehydrated and overheated, but was now already rehydrated and doing much better.

So to sum up: after suffering a hacking cough and learning she had pneumonia, Hillary went straight to a fundraiser, then two days later to a crowded open-air event where she nearly collapsed like a sack of hammers from pneumonia and dehydration and had to be dragged into a SUV that sped to Chelsea’s condo (which I assume must be equipped with IV drips and antibiotics) and emerged all better a mere hour and a half later. We should put Chelsea in charge of Obamacare; she’s obviously a miracle worker.

Despite the “nothing to see here” assurances from her campaign (which sounded suspiciously like Monty Python’s “Dead Parrot” sketch: “No, she didn’t collapse! She’s just pinin’ for the fyords!”), suddenly, even liberal pundits, politicians and media outlets are starting to panic. Hillary canceled a West Coast fundraising trip, and if she’s not up to pocketing millions of dollars from gullible Hollywood liberals, she must be really sick. The MSM thought they’d successfully demonized anyone who questioned Hillary’s health as a crazy conspiracy monger, and now they’re forced to admit this is a serious issue.

It doesn’t help that Hillary’s aides have a history of covering up her health crises in the exact same way: on September 11, 2012, they said she just had a “cold” that as the days went by, they admitted was a “severe cold,” then “flu,” then that she fell and had a concussion, then a blood clot on the brain that took months of recuperation and according to her FBI testimony, obliterated all her memories of anything possibly incriminating. I’d say they’ve now lost the right to accuse anyone questioning her health of being a wacky conspiracy theorist. In fact, if anyone suggests she has the Phage, the fictional disease from “Star Trek,” her campaign should be prepared to release her tricorder readings to disprove it.

Meanwhile, rumors are circulating that Democratic insiders are planning secret meetings to forge a back-up plan. They were already nervous about Hillary’s poll slide, then there was the “basket of deplorables” disaster (I chalk that up to foot-in-mouth disease), and now this. Could health issues be their excuse for substituting a more electable candidate at the last minute?

I have a staffer who’s been betting everyone dinners for two years now that Hillary would be the nominee, but scandals would undo her and at the last minute, Joe Biden would step in. She’d nearly given up hope of winning that bet, but now, she’s telling everyone to start saving up because she really loves lobster.

More info, quotes and the fateful video are at this link:

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  • Scott Baker

    01/24/2017 11:25 AM

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  • Martha Yarling

    09/14/2016 03:07 PM

    I hope the truth about Hillary's health comes out soon. It is apparent that she has a serious disease. I believe she and Bill only want her to be president, even for a short time, just so her name will be in the history books! Not so fast, Hillary

  • Sue Ashcraft

    09/13/2016 10:33 PM

    I saw a doctor give a presentation on U-tube who went through the symptoms of Parkinson's disease and how Hilary's behavior and illnesses all point to the fact that she has this. If anyone else had collapsed like she did, they would have gone to the hospital and been examined. The reason they didn't take her to be examined was because then a full medical report would have been generated and we would have found out what was REALLY wrong with her. The truth needs to come out. She is messing with our future. The end stage of Parkinson's involves dementia. Do we really want a President who after one or two years (if that long) would be functionally incapable of executing the duties of the office she holds?! This needs to be disclosed in a full, complete, and truthful manner. This is looking worse and worse.

  • Nancy Whalen

    09/13/2016 09:34 PM

    I think she has some ongoing health problem. Maybe Parkinsons. It is sad that her quest for power is so important that it has to be this way.

  • Mary Bangs

    09/13/2016 09:16 PM

    I've watched those clips from 9/11 over and over from every angle and that looks like a seizure. It doesn't look like pneumonia or heat related. She lies about everything. It's nothing but another cover up, one of too many to count.

  • Christine Kron

    09/13/2016 09:04 PM

    Aah, Mr. Huckabee. I enjoy your posts soo much. You never fail to bring a smile to my face as you inform, enlighten and opine, and seem to always hit the nail square on the head. I love your style. Keep up the good work as we the people keep the faith. God bless!

  • Mary Ann Villanti

    09/13/2016 06:49 PM

    Mike, too much is wrong with her.... first, she has said she has not driven a car in 20 years (people w/ seizures cannot)...anyway, then there is the continual cough, the time she couldn't step up into a SUV, the time the security men had to help her up the steps, the uncontrollable bobbing head in front of a small group of reporters, the eyes and mouth open when the balloons descended .... I could go on and on... clearly, she has a medical issue ... who knows whether she really has pneumonia .... I think she should do the right thing and drop out of the race - foremost for her own health, and secondly, she is certainly not being fair to the American people - she's putting a whoe country at risk to try to realize her dream of becoming POTUS. Well, we all have goals and dreams, but sometimes an obstacle comes up that prevents us from realizing our dreams

  • Edward Tigchelaar

    09/13/2016 06:38 PM

    Hillary's movements before she collapsed were, as one doctor commented, "rigid and spastic indicating a neurological disorder". Bill Clinton mentioned today in a TV interview that she has had these FREQUENTLY (his word) over the years. So pneumonia evidently wasn't the cause. Donald Trump wished her a speedy recovery. So do I. She cannot do anything about her deteriorating health but she does not have to lie, be surrounded by scandals or engage in corrupt (impeachable?) activity. She chose to do those things. What does that say about her as a person let alone President of the USA. (Unthinkable actually!!).

  • Linda Van Natter

    09/13/2016 04:28 PM

    I believe Ms. Clinton is physically ill. I also believe she is in need of prayer for her soul. In my opinion, she seems tormented, depressed, fearful, inadequate and lonely. To me it proves the love of money is the root of all evil.

  • Myra Baker

    09/13/2016 01:10 PM

    Pneumonia, plus dehydration, plus that she probably wears a bullet proof vest would over heat most anyone. Must have some dandy drugs to recover so quickly. Hope no one exposed gets sick. Was saddened that you, Mr. Hucklebee,left the race. You had great ideas and common sense.

  • Debra Parman

    09/13/2016 12:08 PM

    I watched the video of her zoning out like a zombie several times over. I knew then that something is very wrong with her. First of all, WHAT caused her to fall and get a concussion? Did she just pass out then, too? I've wondered if it's all stress related. My grandmother would always pass out when she became over-stressed. When Hillary froze up and went zombie like, the man came up and told her to "keep talking". The coughing spells could also be stress related. Of course, calling it pneumonia is more socially acceptable to the masses. I'm guessing she went to her daughter's, took a Valium, and laid down for a while. Then, reemerged as a "new woman". Yeah, Valium will do it! Just a thought.

  • Terri Bullis

    09/13/2016 12:01 PM

    There are links to a Dr.Ted Noel that has been watching these "episodes" Hillary has been having and is positive she has some type of Parkinsons disease. If you look back through those pictures/videos of "episodes" she's had, it does definitely look very suspicious. This latest "episode" on 9/11, speaks to that. She had to be hoisted/dragged into the vehicle (look closely at the video - there are some close ups of her feet).
    To continue to pursue the candidacy of POTUS is ludicrous and selfish, if indeed she has a serious illness. This needs to be brought out into the clear, but with how she lies, whenever she opens her mouth just about, it will be almost impossible to get the TRUTH from her/her campaign. Is she so desperate to get the fame of being the first female president in history, that she would put herself and put others in harms way in order to fulfill her desires?? How many Dems would have put Tim Kaine in for the office of President?? Even they (the Democrats) are being duped...again!

  • PA Senior Citizen

    09/13/2016 11:44 AM

    Mike, I love your views & your honesty! My opinion is that not only is Hillary Clinton a psycho, a liar, a cheat, a con artist (and the list of negatives goes on), it is very obvious that she is not competent or intellectually capable of being president of the local PTA mush less the USA for so many reasons! One of which, she is SERIOUSLY ILL..... as in, NO CURE! She appears as though she is having seizures and she freezes when under pressure. I find it hard to believe that if she had pneumonia that she would have had a comeback like she supposedly did (or the alien woman pretending to be her) who greeted the camera's an hour after her seizure. What on earth is going on??? This is drastically atrocious and fraudulent that her dishonesty is being abetted by so many people! It doesn't take a Rocket Scientist to see that this is why Barrack Obama bought a house so close to the White House. He is obvious aware of her disease and plans on running our country for her and turning it into a Muslim Country, which has been his plans since before his election in 2008! I am very disappointed that the citizens/politicians of the USA haven't Impeached him and kicked his Terrorist loving Muslim ass out of the White House and taken his power away from him! WAKE UP AMERICA BEFORE IT IS TOO LATE!!!

  • Linda Robinson

    09/13/2016 09:24 AM

    I have always heard these sayings...
    "Do Not Worry...It Will All Come Out In The Wash."
    And from the Bible...
    "Whatever Is Done In Darkness Will Be Brought To Light."
    Sooner than later Hilary Will Be Held Accountable for All her Actions and Words Spoken. All along, most of us knew there was more to this story. From President Obama trying to stay in office to a last minute replacement.
    Honestly, No One Thought Trump Would Make It This Far. Thank God Because God is Still in Control Prayers Work.
    We Have To Work Together to Get America Back. No More Division which this administration has caused.
    Everyone One Mind One Accord. We who have had pneumonia know it Was Not Pneumonia. Another Deception and American eyes are being opened to the Truth.
    Illegal still means illegal and in order for America to Remain Strong We All Must Work Together Having the Same Vision Supporting Upholding Our Laws Constitution and Values of The United States of America not those of other countries. They left those countries and laws Behind for a reason. Americans are Proud of Our Flag and THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.
    Disrespect does Not show support for another cause.
    It should Never be tolerated and accepted especially from a Leader.
    From now on let us once again refer to America as...
    The UNITED States Of America. Let your voices be heard loud and clear.
    Thank you.

  • Rudy Trbovich II

    09/13/2016 09:22 AM

    When facts are articulated in such an eloquent way, with humor sprinkled in, the readers are both educated and entertained on this very critical subject.

    Thank you Mike, thank you.

  • Laverne

    09/13/2016 08:48 AM

    God is in control even when it comes to our health! Could it be Hillary is becoming weaker as Trump becomes stronger?

  • Rebecca Smith

    09/13/2016 08:42 AM

    First of all I don't think God is going to put a woman in charge of America. I'm not against any women getting ahead in this world. I think Hilliary is sick and has been for sometime now. There is more to the story as to why the FBI hasn't done something with her. Maybe they know of her health problems and couldn't afford to put her in jail and have to pay the medical bills. I'm sick of all these people feeling sorry for her and I'm sick of all these people who think she should be our President. I don't know how anybody that is a Christian could vote for her. On the other hand Mr Thrump is no saint either, but are any of us with out sin in our life ? I do think he is trying and he has the right ideas of how to help America. I just feel like God is going to work through Mr Trump one way or the other. I have hope for Mr Trump, but I'm still praying for Hillary. Gen. 1: 26

  • Cheryl Brostrom

    09/13/2016 08:41 AM

    From her statement on Friday night about us "deplorables," through her collapse on Sunday was an example of Proverbs 16:18 "Pride comes before destruction, and a haughty spirit before a fall."

    Hope we will vote Trump in November. The odds of Hillary winning just dropped from 72% to 58% (and Trump's odds increased) in the past 3 days per a recent CNN article. It's difficult to know how the Dems will handle her real medical condition. Hope we don't end up with a third Obama term.

    Prayers for our country are in order.

  • Rose Williams

    09/13/2016 08:32 AM

    It is really hard, given Hillary Clinton's history, to tell if she is truly sick, if this is her way of gaining more public sympathy or if she has come to the realization that she can't win this election and has chosen this ploy as a way to back out of the whole thing (ungraciously).

    If she has determined that she no longer wants to be president, which I seriously doubt, or has now decided that she can no longer win this election, I guess the democrats will have to ask old Uncle Joe to step in at the last minute. IF this is the case, she has certainly managed to wait until the last moment to jump ship..!!

    My belief is that Hillary started out as the Democrat Party's Crown Princess and she fully expected to be told by the whole country that we wanted her as our first woman president, then came the harsh reality in the person of Donald Trump, and she now knows it has all slipped away from her.

  • Michelle Bavol

    09/13/2016 08:20 AM

    I believe she is very sick and she definitely was out cold on that sidewalk. There was no movement from her, she looked like a manikin. I think that if this would have been Trump falling on the sidewalk the liberals would have been all over it, like they did with McCain back in 08- One heartbeat away was their slogan. And McCain didnt show any signs of sickness. Hillary has shown numerous signs that she is not well, she knows exactly what is wrong with herself and that is the exact reason she did not go to the hospital. I guarantee this will not be the last episode. Just wait for the big debate later this month, she probably will do very little if anything until then to reserve all her energy. We cant have a president that is so weak they have to take days to recover from simple events.

  • Kevin Billiot

    09/13/2016 06:57 AM

    Pastor Mike,
    I've seen Hillary's condition before, 28 years ago in high school. We called it "playing possum."

    My prediction is H will make a "valiant" effort to stay in the race but will soon be "forced" to make the painful but necessary decision to bow out to "save her life."

    The motivation? Part of a deal to avoid prosecution maybe? The case against her is not over.

  • Barbara Ketchum

    09/13/2016 06:35 AM

    Why would we believe anything the Hillary camp says ? They rarely tell the truth and that looked way more involved than dehydration from pneumonia. It won't matter though because of all the yellow dog Democrats that support her no matter what. And if that's not enough a man in our clinic said he had recently gotten out of prison and he had to vote for Hillary because "who else would give him all the free stuff ?"

  • Linda Foltz

    09/13/2016 05:41 AM

    Your Monty Python reference made me laugh harder than I have for ages!! That's it!! She's pining for the fyords!! That's about as accurate as the pneumonia farce.

    The way they shuffled her out of there and no one seemed overly surprised or alarmed makes me suspect that this is something they're familiar with and anticipate. They separated her immediately from the press. Unfortunately for them, in this day of cell phones with video, a bystander took an accurate video of what was going on. So they had to admit there was something wrong because there was visual proof.

    And the fact that she wasn't taken to a hospital immediately after collapsing is very, very suspicious. Most people, especially ones that have money and are important, would get immediate medical care. If she was truly dehydrated then the treatment would be several iv's of fluid. It's difficult to believe those things would be sterile and available at Chelsea's. A hospital would be the logical and safe choice.

    But what do we do with this? The FBI director said she was extremely careless with classified information, her staff destroyed her cell phones with hammers and deleted thousands of emails, she's lied to authorities - and still people support her. So if she does have MS or Parkinson's or something else neurological going on, won't they still support her?

  • T petillo

    09/13/2016 05:10 AM

    The chick is sick and in more ways than one. Tell me why she over heated in 70 degree weather and if she did why didnt they give her water and remove her jacket. Her response to the whole episode only creates more doubt about whats really going on. She says she felt dizzy well her whole body went limp. She says she went to her daughters apt and had water and felt better. Why go to her apt. Is it because a hospital is too public? She has a serious health condition and the pneumonia excuse is only sidestepping the real issue until election day. More lies from the clintons its dispicable and even more concerning that people are still following her and believing in her.

  • Ann Lewis

    09/13/2016 04:48 AM

    The I find most interesting about the deplorables comment is that this is exactly what the dems accuse Trump of doing- lumping a large group of people together who share a common characteristic, and passing judgment. So, how is this any different?

  • Cindee Tiedge Stiebritz

    09/13/2016 03:56 AM

    Hmmm??? This could be why the State Department or the FBI hasn't pursued any indepth investigations. Of this, I know & speak (my husband has Parkinson's Disease), any disease or medical condition is absolutely worthy of my personal sympathy. However, running for POTUS without a full medical disclosure demands our attention - NO EXCUSES. As concerned & informed voters we DO NOT want to put our country at risk. A competent decision-making process is key to the position of Commander-In-Chief. - Now, please watch this video.

  • Natilee Ashworth

    09/13/2016 01:59 AM

    Your article is quite amusing and spot on. Yes, Chelsea must have a clinic in her apartment. However, who's to say that Hillary emerged from it and not a pod person. The Clinton machine is very strange and scary. The massive body count surrounding them is uncanny and Trump should more than touch on this in his rallies and ads. I am thankful that you and Ben Carson are advising and standing behind Trump. Your Godly influences can only aid and encourage him to become a true believer. It would be wonderful to see you , Ben, or both hosting a Fox news program. I sure miss your old one with your bass playing. Keep the articles coming and always add that Huckabee sense of humor. Natilee

  • Eric Hill

    09/13/2016 01:23 AM

    It looks to me just an average working class American. That there is a much more serious health problem with Mrs Clinton than pneumonia. If that is what she has. The question is. Could it be caused from a much more serious debilitating disease. Some speculation is that Mrs Clinton may have Parkinson's disease. Much of her behavior over the past year. According to experts in that field of medicine. Say she is showing many symptoms of Parkinson's. There is a type of pneumonia associated with Parkinson's. Due to pore swallowing coordination. The best thing in my humble working class American opinion. Would be for Clinton to actually try to be honest for once in her 68 years. Don't hide an illness that could prevent her from serving at least 4 years as president. It takes a big strong person to put pride aside. And be truthful. Step down. Admitting defeat to an illnesses has no shame. But to lie about it just to be found out later the truth. Then there is lots of shame. But the clintons. Have made a career out of being dishonest. And selling there lies to the highest bidder. I can understand how some may want a woman president and to be the first one. Would carry bragging rights. But why would the Democratic Party. Along with main stream media want this particular women. With so much lies and corruption being associated with her. If she were elected. What would it say to the rest of the world. From Obama with no back bone. To a corrupt lying sickly woman. Who will do the will of the highest bidder. Pittyfull she is the best the democrats could come up with. So then who will replace her. Her chosen V P. Candidate or someone else. This county is in a mess and going down hill blindly backwards sense Obama got into the White House. Clinton would put that in a a faster track in the wrong direction. And who knows who her successor would be. Could be even worse. ?????

  • Bonny Bay

    09/13/2016 01:08 AM

    I believe in the Parkinson's theory. Notice how she seems to be shaken as they try to help her step into her van.THERE IS DIFFENATELY MORE THAN WE KNOW. She will pay and threaten her of losing her practice if she doesn't give them the health report the way they want it. Also one more life to threaten. Like the guy that walked out his apt. at 4am......and was shot. The Clinton's are a modern Hoffa Mafia....

  • Camilla Evans

    09/13/2016 01:01 AM

    I am a retired nurse and it appeared to me that she collapsed in that video. I have watched other videos of her also and I think she is truly medically sick. Also I believe she should have been taken to the ER and not her daughter`s condo. And the woman who came out 90 minutes later appeared to be thinner than Hilary, walk differently and even her face looked somewhat different to me. But she definitely looked thinner. Just my opinion. I know it doesn`t make sense but that was my impression. I hope she get`s proper medical help. I am sure she most likely is and the public is just no being told because of her being a candidate.

  • Gary patton

    09/12/2016 11:50 PM

    It was interesting to see Hillary come out of her daughters building. Where were all of her secret service people. To have almost fallen down earlier, there was no one there to support her at that time. Why were they now so lacking that a child could approach.

  • Angie Lineberry

    09/12/2016 11:44 PM

    When I first saw the incident on CNN I said what's happening to my family? They said Oh they are saying Hillary got to hot at a 9/11 memorial but as soon as I saw them trying to get her in the van I told everyone this women is having a seizure or some sort of neurological event!! Which later on some of the news they were saying that as well! I guess I am gullible but what is happening to our country our politics and why does everything have to be a cover up and a lie? My heaven we know she fell hit her head in 2012 and ended up with a blood clot or so they told us then! So to me it would make sense if she is having difficulties!! And for Pete sake she is 68 years old!!! Now from a perspective of this 51 year old, if she has done all the things that's has came out on her and all the lives she has caused great loss and turmoil in, is there any wonder she herself is now suffering grave health issues!! Life has a way, rich or poor of taking care of the things and putting things right again!! No one is that stupid get her help and bring in another candidate for office!! Some times you need to just get over yourself!!!

  • Cathy f

    09/12/2016 11:43 PM

    I lost my mother in law last Dec. to Parkinson's. It is so very eerie to read all of the health episodes Hillary has had the past few years. It sounds almost identical to what my mil went through. At first we thought she was just getting older and clumsier when she had a few falls. But then it kept happening and finally she was diagnosed with Parkinson's. She became forgetful, had pneumonia a few times but was still driving and living life. But then she got sick and fell again and just never fully recovered. I'm not a Dr. But after seeing that video I'm convinced she has a very serious condition.

  • Peggy Lynn Adcock

    09/12/2016 11:41 PM

    I read the DML Report on facebook every day among other people like your post. After listening to him I read other peoples coments as well. One lady - Jacqueline Jordan pretty much said it all.She said and you can look it up that Chelseas new apt. -The Whitman 21 East 26th street - 4- Flatiron District - New York [ link to] it shares an address with Metro Care Home Services Inc. 21 East 26th street 4th floor New York. Mrs. Jordans finding was very informative and I have to agree with her that its Hillary's private medical treatment facility.

  • Kathy roethel

    09/12/2016 11:27 PM

    The thing I don't understand is why no one is reporting the fact that it was Hillary's stand in that emerged from that apartment. Look at the photo circulating no SS or guards following her not caring if she collapsed again. Awful healthy looking after 90 minutes. And the little girl wonder how much they paid her to do that or whose child was that. All staged and we are the deplorable ones. She is deplorable.

  • Annie McIntyre

    09/12/2016 11:24 PM

    The human body and brain can only handle the stress of lying to cover up lies to cover up more lies to remember to cover up more lies, until the system starts to break down. Decades of this kind of pressure is now taking its toll. I feel sorry for Hillary that she has deceived herself into believing she's exceptional and won't face any consequences. Still, I wish her recovering health, so that Mr. trump will win the election. This is how this Canadian sees it.

  • Catherine Heilig

    09/12/2016 10:35 PM

    I think she is a very devious person who needs to have a coming to Jesus talk. The average person would be in prison if they had done what she has done. This country has become so complaciant that I would not blame Jesus if he turned his back on us. America had better wake up and get back to God. Mr. H. I like the way you get your message across and stand firm on the word of God. Bless u and your family.

  • Karen Roseler

    09/12/2016 10:29 PM

    Thanks, Mr. Huckabee for your website. I read them daily. After reading and watching a video of a doctor believing she may have Parkinson's Disease, I full agree with him, especially after seeing the video of her standing on the curb appearing unable to move. My Dad suffered and died from this disease and I have seen firsthand a lot of the symptoms she is also displaying. I can remember when my Dad's meds would wear off (Levidopa) I believe at the time, he would stand paralyzed since his legs wouldn't move. Once we even had to put him in a wheelbarrow and take him to the house from the backyard. Also, with the coughing thing... Parkinson's affects the airways and it's very easy to choke while drinking. Just my humble opinion, for what it's worth. I don't like Killary in the very least and what she stands for and the direction this country would go should she be elected, but she is a human and needs the Lord Jesus in her life. I pray that whatever she has could be treated but I still don't want her in the Whitehouse. If she does get elected, I believe that Christ's return is near and this is part of the Divine plan of God. Please God, help us and come quickly, Lord Jesus. Karen Roseler

  • Habiba

    09/12/2016 10:11 PM

    I feel that is she would just be honest about her health chaos would have ended.

  • Janice jones

    09/12/2016 10:07 PM

    From all indications Hillary is suffering from an illness. I had pneumonia and it took two months of rest and meds. I was out in public either and never collapsed the way she did. Hillary has wanted back in the White House for years and will not stop at anything to get there. Hillary or those who surround her will never tell you the truth about her health.

  • Jonese Azevedo

    09/12/2016 09:55 PM

    So Hillary almost drops over and no one acts like it is an emergency...obviously they have seen it before....Hillary does not do a press conference for over 200 days... obviously something is wrong and it is not the diagnosis of Phenomena on Friday ... you dont have pneumonia for that long...I do not buy the pneumonia. If you want to know the truth you got to find out what medicine they shoot her up just looks like seizures of some kind to me...but what ever they give her she sure comes back alive really quick...God help us all if she is elected

  • Elaine Blanchard

    09/12/2016 09:52 PM

    There was a report just this week about the man always by Ms. Clinton's side and having something in his hand. This Fox reporter said they had checked it out and he was part of the security and it was a flashlight in his hand. It now comes out he is Dr. Okunola and he specializes in seizures and sleep disorders. This is upsetting that we can't get the truth from Fox too.

  • Cassie Napiltonia

    09/12/2016 09:43 PM

    As an Advanced Practice Nurse, the evidence of Parkinsons Dz is overwhelming. That being said, It is horrible that she and the DNC (because they had/have to know) that she ran for POTUS and they allowed it. Evidence that neither HRC or the DNC care a bit about America! It is all about Power and Money to them. They do not care about America or Americans! Sickening!

  • Debbie Howard

    09/12/2016 09:38 PM

    Thank you for your views Mr Huckabee. A few versions of Hillary's collapse are being shown around social media & news sites. One specifically zooms in and shows some type of metal hardware falling to the curb and appears to be from her pants. Brace, maybe? ( If the video hasn't been edited) This would certainly suggest that she is very frail and sick with some type of chronic disease. I'm afraid we will never know the truth from her and her staffers. It's just not in them! There is something more severe going on with her health. I can't imagine after stating that a blood clot wiped out her memory that she would be allowed to continue her run for office! Well, being a law breaker/ criminal didn't disqualify her so what the heck, right?! I wish her well with her health concerns but I'm very VERY concerned for America if she wins this election. I'm not prejudice but national security must be a priority. Why can't America come first in our country? I see the need to help others, to feed others, to clothe, to provide water, to rescue, to pray, to free, to love, to forgive, to discipline, to teach, and at times to just let be...but we can't be anything to anybody if we are not here! I can't believe how casually she dismissed the lives lost in Benghazzi! I can't believe how arrogant she is ... I'm not any less of an American than she is just because I exercise my rights and choose something other than her way of thinking! I don't HAVE to like her or her ways! She seems to get caught lying every time her mouth is open. I don't understand how she can get away with so much, breaking so many laws and no one in Washington seems to care! How has she gotten away with so much? How?

  • Lauren Monaco

    09/12/2016 09:26 PM

    I believe she has Parkinson's. She keeps it quiet because she would have to drop out. Hillary isn't for the people, she only cares about her agenda. She's a very sick, selfish, corrupt, & immoral woman. Do we really want her for 4 years. Disgraceful! PS Mike Huckabee ?? U are "The Best" Thankyou!!

  • Ann Marriott

    09/12/2016 09:20 PM

    I'm very concerned about Hillery's running mate, when she is not in the picture is he a puppet for the Democrats?

  • Susan Comeaux

    09/12/2016 09:00 PM

    Gov. Huckabee, thank you for keeping the people of America informed. I know that the Lord has giving you wisdom for such an important task. I am a 67 year old women with CHF and Cardiomyopathy. Even though I am a Trump supporter, I have been concerned about H. Clinton's health. She has been showing the same symptoms as I did when I begin and even since my health problems. In 2005 the doctors gave me only two years to live, but by the grace and healing touch oh my Lord Jesus, I am still alive and doing well. I believe God has not given up on America. He still has a plan for us to be a light to a dark and lost world. I am praying for you, Trump, our government leaders and for a great Holy Ghost revival for America. God bless you and your family. Thank you, Susan Comeaux

  • Carla Fedigan

    09/12/2016 08:49 PM

    So, what are the rules if Hillary drops out? I'd imagine that plenty of Bernie supporters would be mad to find out that Uncle Joe was stepping in and not Bernie!

  • LouAnn Adkins

    09/12/2016 08:45 PM

    As a nurse it appeared to me that she didn't NEARLY collapse, she DID collapse. Looked like a really bad seizure or a boxer being knocked out. And she should have been taken to ER. But with her money I guess they have better services at hand than any hospital anywhere. I think she is a very sick woman.

  • Lynn Snyder

    09/12/2016 08:41 PM

    I believe it's pneumonia and sge dehydrated. I also believe she has epilepsy. The woman we saw depart Chelsea's bldg. was almost like an impersonator - a double. Where was Secret Service? Huma? The one I saw today was thinner and facially taut - like a double.
    I also believe she belongs in prison as that is where we would be for the same CRIME. I also believe people have died because of her "carelessness".