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October 29, 2023

A female alderman in the Chicago neighborhood of Brighton Park was assaulted by an angry mob protesting a plan to build a housing camp for 2,000 illegal immigrants. As this story notes, these people not only elected the local Democrats who boasted of making Chicago a “sanctuary city,” but they voted for Joe "Open Border" Biden for President by over 80%.

Related: Remember when Democrats like New York Mayor Eric Adams were denouncing Texas Gov. Greg Abbott as “inhumane” for busing to blue states some of the millions of illegal aliens that Biden let pour into Texas? Well, once those blue states and cities got a taste of what Biden’s policies were inflicting on border states, it’s been noted that suddenly, they’re sounding a lot like red border states. And here’s just the latest example:

With each and every illegal immigrant costing New York City about $380 a day, not to mention all the drugs and violence they’ve brought, Mayor Adams has set up a “reticketing center for migrants.” That means he’s offering a free plane ticket to illegal immigrants to fly to anywhere they want that isn’t New York City. I thought that was “inhumane,” but then, who can say that about helping anyone leave New York City?

But as Kevin Downey Jr. at PJ Media points out, this could also be read as, “If you can just get to New York City, they’ll give you a free plane ticket to anywhere!” Fortunately, it’s easy to get there: just walk across the border and Texas will give you a free bus ride there.

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