August 27, 2019

Thanks for all the responses to Monday’s “How Obama Undermined the Incoming President,” which examined an excerpt from Andrew C. McCarthy’s new book BALL OF COLLUSION. In breaking news Monday evening, Inspector General Michael Horowitz’s investigation into the FBI’s abuse of the FISA law in its “Trump/Russia” probe is now complete, so McCarthy’s book will make great reading until we see the report, likely a couple of weeks from now.

Along with some great reader comments, we’ve also received a few sharp questions (besides the expected and understandable “when are all these traitors going to prison??”). Here are a few examples...

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From Jim:

When a President is elected, why does it take so long to actually enter the Oval Office as President? I believe it should take no longer than one week. 
Please explain. Thank you.

From the Gov:

Great question. Ten weeks does seem like a long time, and it gives the political opposition plenty of opportunities for sabotage. Recall my true story of having the door to my new office in the Arkansas State Capitol literally NAILED SHUT before I moved in. Come to think of it, though, that might have taken only a few minutes of determined pounding!

Democrats typically get really, really upset when they have to give up power. Bill Clinton’s childish staff had time to vandalize their offices before George W. Bush's bewildered staffers came in. The Clinton administration pointedly refused to release the transition office funds and workspace to President-elect Bush until all litigation around the contested election was resolved. This made it impossible for the new administration to hit the ground running as they should have been able to do. Needless to say, 9/11 happened not long afterward, illustrating the wrongheadedness of playing such petty games.

To me, sabotage of the incoming administration is the ultimate show of disregard for the electorate. Of course, what Obama’s team did to undermine incoming President Donald Trump was by far the most serious example of this we’ve seen in our lifetimes.

So, considering all the adverse things that can happen during the transition period, why is it so long? After all, in Britain, when a new Prime Minister is chosen, the turnover of his or her office happens right away. But in America, this period is deemed necessary to make sure the transfer of power on Inauguration Day is (theoretically) smooth, and it’s set by the Constitution.

In the early days of our nation, the transition lasted even longer. Between George Washington’s election and his swearing-in on March 4 (!), five months transpired. Of course, there were other considerations back then, such as tediously slow, dangerous, weather-impacted travel and the delayed spread of news. As North-South tensions escalated in the winter of 1861, Abraham Lincoln was still waiting to be sworn in! “Lame duck” James Buchanan failed to address the conflict. Fort Sumter was fired upon in April, just a month after Lincoln was inaugurated; perhaps if he’d gotten into office sooner, he could have averted the violence and even the Civil War. (That’s some wild speculation, but it’s the kind of “what if?” that Quentin Tarantino would make a movie about.)

Still, this is the way it was until the 20th Amendment changed it, and FDR was the first to be inaugurated on January 20.

Since the federal government is so huge (exponentially more enormous than it was in Lincoln’s or even FDR’s day), the transition is now huge as well. Hundreds of appointments have to be made; many of these will have to be confirmed by the Senate. Staffers have to be hired. Office doors have to be nailed shut (ha). The President-elect must be briefed on highly classified national security issues, personal security and much more.

Still, ten weeks would seem like more than enough time to get it together, yet we always hear (albeit from the other party) about the “chaos” of the transition. But now you see why it takes as long as it does. If we want to change it again, we’ll need another Constitutional amendment.

From Laura G:

Governor, please tell me how to get my Democratic friends to listen, stop watching the basic news, and read a book like this [BALL OF COLLUSION]?? Will they ever change?? 

From the Gov:

Democrat party faithful will avoid BALL OF COLLUSION at all costs. And, of course, the mainstream media will continue to avoid reporting on this until they just have to, and by then they’ll have the excuses crafted. The best thing you can do as a friend is become well informed yourself. When your friends say something outrageously wrong about Trump, Barr, etc., just nicely and assuredly tell them you’ve done some research and that what they said is not correct. (When you think about it, they should be GLAD it’s not correct --- GLAD the President of the United States is not a Russian agent after all! But they won’t be.) Have the answers if they ask questions, and if you don’t know, do some research and respond later with facts. Don't let it turn personal, and don’t be drawn into an argument. You might actually have some persuasive effect, though I wouldn't expect anyone to admit it.

Of course, with your more open-minded friends, you can always try humor. (Caution:  humor does not work with hard-core leftists!)  Our writer/researcher Laura Ainsworth has written and recorded a great song parody of “American Pie” (“AMERICAN SPIES”) that summarizes the whole Obama FBI scandal as we know it so far. Conservatives will love it. Trump-haters will ridicule it --- though it says nothing about Trump --- but the lyrics make the story easy to understand for those with an open mind who just don’t know much about it yet. Here’s a link to the music video...

'American Spies' parody music video + lyrics

From Barry:

While Mr. McCarthy's book may be good (I have not read it yet), the people that I know on the other side will never read the book or if they do read parts of it, they will never change their views or minds. This is just the reality of what the "news media" has created.

From the Gov:

Thanks for writing, Barry. It’s frustrating –- many would never, ever change their longstanding biases favoring President Obama, not even if there were videos, sworn documents and multiple firsthand accounts of him directing every move of both the “Mid-Year Exam” and “Crossfire Hurricane.” They would still believe his ludicrous assertion that his administration was “scandal free.” In keeping with that, they would have to disbelieve anyone who dared to reveal wrongdoing and find creative ways to dismiss the evidence. It’s the thoughtful people in the middle –- the ones who decide elections –- who will want to know what really happened. This book will tell them.

We’ve talked before about the wisdom of bias and persuasion expert Scott Adams (creator of “Dilbert”). This recent blog post can help you understand how confirmation bias causes many people to cling to a version of Trump that is far from the truth. And you’re right, it won’t change for those who thrive on hating him.

How to Determine Who is Hallucinating about Politics - Scott Adam's Blog


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  • , sCourtney

    08/28/2019 06:04 PM

    Governor Huckabee, I am one of the people that could not care less what the leftists, socialists, Anti-Trumpers and all the rest of the lamestream media and their cohorts think, feel, or say.

    I want to know WHEN can we expect the charges to be filed and who will be first.

  • JB Spira

    08/28/2019 05:17 PM

    Why the use of Democratic candidate-----it is Democrat candidate.
    Widespread misuse. Please explain to your readers.

  • Elaine Liming

    08/27/2019 08:38 PM

    I haven't gotten the book yet but I intend to do so soon. Christmas is coming and my Democratic friends will get a copy as a Christmas present. I am an Independent and they will read it because most of these friends think of me as a researcher. Something they don't have time for. It will be interesting!

  • Joseph Lyddon

    08/27/2019 06:23 PM

    This is disgraceful!

    A law should be passed that will STOP the vandalism!

    The punishment for such Vandalism will be:
    All property Damage restorations at FOUR TIMES COST.
    Total Time delays from moving in to the white house or any other offices: $1 million per Minute of delay.
    If total BILL is NOT within 3 days, a 50% of the total Due will be charged for EVERY DAY or fraction of a day Past Due!
    All Funds used to Pay this Bill shall come directly out of the Opposing Partys' Funds; NO TAX money shall be used to pay any part of this!

    Maybe this will STOP these horrendous actions once & for all! :)

  • Jim Bagby

    08/27/2019 04:26 PM

    Gov. Huckabee; Are all democrats brainwashed fools, or, are all brainwashed fools democrats? It appears to me that the whole string of democratic presidential want-a-bees are crazy lunatics pushing liberal, progressive, socialist ideas that will destroy our Great USA which they all appear to hate and despise.
    May God have mercy on us-Thanks, Jim

  • Joseph Arena

    08/27/2019 02:14 PM

    Democrat elites and the media fed their base all things Russia and was extremely disappointed when the Mueller Report came up. Now I have conservatives and Fox News telling me that AG Barr has the goods on the deep state. I sincerely hope this does not come to a crashing nothing line the Russian hoax.

  • Art Wade

    08/27/2019 02:04 PM

    I guess you can't respond to my comment.
    Happy traffic lights & busses.

  • Donald G. Davidson

    08/27/2019 01:20 PM

    Mike: I beg to differ. No amount of facts will change a liberal. It's a religion. It would be like me trying to convince you to become a muslim. Not likely.

  • Dannie Poe

    08/27/2019 01:08 PM

    Why do politicians avoid the elephant in the room we call Political Correctness? This narrative is doing way more to destroy America and it's values than anyone one man could ever do.

  • Art Wade

    08/27/2019 01:08 PM

    Why is the youth of our country embracing Socialism? I wondered about this until I spoke to several College students. They appeared to be intelligent products out of middle class America and feel they have been exploited. Students of wealthy and the poor are subsidized in their efforts to obtain an education by their parents and the government, while middle class students are hung out to dry. Middle class students subject themselves to the only avenue to an education with student loans . These loans amount to nothing more than Usury amounting to 7% interest rates, as well as severe repayment options. This is a repeat of the "Indentured Slaves" introduced to the early Georgia Colony, by the British. Colleges with many millions in Endowments are charging enormous Tuitions while Loan companies lurk on the side as economic predators. These colleges and loan companies are sheltered by congress in this deceitful scam. Students are embracing the only solution offered to them is Socialism.
    I am a product of the United States governments Korean War GI Bill that made an investment in me and thousands of other Veterans. How well that investment paid off. Capitalism thrives on investment, why not in our students?

  • Jerry

    08/27/2019 12:59 PM

    With all that is happening today with China North Korea Iran Russia and the G7 a lot going on we the citizens of the US really don't know all the details. As described about Clinton and Obama and the behavior they showed toward the incoming Presidents is inexcusable. That is only the tip of dishonesty we face here in US politics; when we are on the international stage we are dealing with people that are horrible similar to the aborbortion people we have here in the US. Our Socialists candidates are not for America the Planet needs a Good America that allows freedoms for all its citizens although we cannot bring the world to our way of thinking and action the Socialists here in our country is devastating to the world and we cannot underestimate the damage they can and will do if we allow them to take control. Just look at Obama spying and undermining Trumps Administration from the start imagine what they would do without adult supervision I hope and pray our DOJ can root out this disease and bring honesty back to our culture. We need to cleanse these disposables as soon as possible yes they are Disposables. The sooner the better! This behavior belongs in Socialist and Communist Countries.

  • Hugh Gautier

    08/27/2019 12:49 PM

    I'm going down to the article on students going toward Socialism. This is because OUR TEACHERS and NOT TEACHING CIVICS. You and I learned that back in Jr. HS, this is what is not being taught to the children nowadays, The NEA won't teach it because it goes against their core beliefs and their Left-Wing values.
    Those educating our children need to go into education teaching without adding they're beliefs to their lessons. Back in January 2018, just after Trump took office I had a conversation with him on the NEA and his DOE.

    "They have made our children dumber by eliminating classes like Civics. A class I took back in 1959 when I was in the 9th grade. They'd have learned the difference between Fascism, Communism, Socialism, and a Democracy. But no they decided the children didn't need that, so look outside and see what they have given us."

    "Dumb, stupid children who don't know the difference between anything. Who will fight authority, set up to get attention, act like they don't understand what they have done? We can only put the blame on their parents, but actually, it goes back to what they haven't been taught in school. Because of the stupidity of the Department of Education forgetting the principals of this Great Nation."

    "As long as our Department of Education is to blame for not making sure that the principals of a Democracy are being taught to the children, otherwise, you'll continue to have groups of uneducated kids doing stupid things and destroying everything we hold dear. They have been keeping the children from learning what a Democracy is."

    @45th President USA
    You hit the nail on the head!
    Jan 18

    Thank you

    But you can change how the DoE thinks

  • keith wingfield

    08/27/2019 12:37 PM

    In my opinion, Mr. mcCarthhy was wrong about one detail; that being his assertion that the conspirators BELIEVED in their bones that Trump conspired with the Russians.
    To the contrary, the treasonous conspirator knew full well that Trump has no "collusion" activity with the Russians. In fact, these conspirators used government resources to try and "set-up" some kind of contact between the Russians and the Trump campaign staff precisely so that they could CLAIM such collusion existed. All of these efforts failed..., so the conspirators absolutely knew that this was a false narrative.
    On the other hand, I suspect that the conspirators BELIEVED IN THEIR BONES that Trump had cavorted with Russian prostitutes, and that a full-fledged investigation would eventually uncover this "truth". In my opinion, it was the belief that they would eventually find photographs verifying this and that they could use those photographs to unseat President Trump that led Comey, Rosenstein, and others to support the false Russian conspiracy theory. Apparently, these conspirators were even able to convince Jeff Sessions of this. This is the reason that Sessions was so unbelievably weak in carrying out his attorney general responsibilities.
    It turned out that Trump was not the fool that the conspirators took him to be. He had not cavorted with Russian prostitutes and, therefore, no proof could be found to support this claim. Much to the shock and disappointment of the conspirators. Obama, included.

  • Norm Harrison

    08/27/2019 12:17 PM

    The I.G. report has been promised in 2 weeks for how long? Two weeks must be based on a 90 day week.

  • Tommie Houser

    08/27/2019 12:09 PM

    The Housing Bubble Burst And was backed by D. Frank and Democrats .
    Student Loan Debit after Government takeover is A Crisis destroying Lives
    ONE MAN ,Epstein in custody could NOT BE PROTECTED long enough to
    STAND trial. Deaths due to Fast And Furious.. Libyan Ambassador could not be Saved EITHER !
    U.S. Postal Service bankrupt,Medicare, Medicaid Broke, Education Systems Collapsed And Bankrupt , National Debit , of-over 20 Trillion $$ in Debit :
    Corrupt Democrats want Open Borders, Invasion, Sanctuary Cities
    Sex Trafficking, Rampant Drugs causing Overdoses, 600,000 Deaths per year, as the Corrupt Democrats campaign and run on Socialism , eliminate college Debit ,Free College and health care for illegals ,Free-needles, $1000.00 a month to stay home.
    If only one would think carefully before entrusting their life and future to Democrats.
    Show photos of Pelosi, Chuck Shumer, E.Cummings, Maxine Waters.
    Each of them likely have Security and a Wall ??? Do you trust Them???

  • Pam Junkersfeld

    08/27/2019 12:06 PM

    Thank you Gov for your posts. I pray God Bless you and all your family. Thank you for ALL you do!

  • Joanne Catherine Schmidt

    08/27/2019 12:01 PM

    The problem is that people can no longer have a civil discussion on politics. Instead of presenting an argument, people on the other side simply name call. All the facts in the world fall on deaf ears as they reply with expletive after expletive. (I'm talking about internet "comments" and replies here since most people avoid all discussion of politics face to face.) We may as well be living in a Communist country when conservative speakers are physically attacked to keep them off college campuses. Governor: what can be done to stop the monopoly of socialist news? Sure, we have Fox and OANN, but these are greatly outnumbered--and not everyone watches cable. When I was growing up in New York many decades ago, there was the New York Daily News, the New York Post and the Journal American. The Daily News leaned Republican, the Post liberal, and the Journal American was somewhere in the middle. I live in Houston today, and all we have is the socialist-leaning, Trump-hating Houston Chronicle. When all you see or hear is slanted and anti-Trump lies begin on the front page all the way through every article, how can you expect people to find the truth.

  • Francis Xavier Rullan

    08/27/2019 12:00 PM

    Governor doesn't it all boil down to those who do not have what it takes to be a winner trying to subvert the rules by which we Americans have learned to live by?

  • Amelia Little

    08/27/2019 11:59 AM

    In Scott Adams' blog post, there was a reference to who support President Trump (to the consternation of the left.) I have recently read headlines that say support of women for President Trump is down. I'll admit, I didn't read the articles, should have to see the answer to my wondering--exactly WHAT women did they poll? Democrat congresswomen? Marchers at some vagina-hatted women's march? That's one of the big problems I have with polls. Do they go to the same malls or marches over and over? Do they poll people outside of the coastal bubbles? Do they report ALL the responses, or perhaps "lose" some so their favored outcome is the result?


    08/27/2019 11:58 AM

    Senator Huckabee you're so right about democrats refusal to admit when Trump does something wonderful for our country. I have two cousins whom I love very much but this Trump thing has made our relationship very strained. I recently found out that where they live, Australia, they don't get any conservative news. What's up with that? So I forward everything I think will make them sit up and take notice. I never hear back from them, if they read it, if they watched the video, nothing. I'm thinking seriously about giving up on them (not the love, just the politics).

  • Joe Broadway

    08/27/2019 11:55 AM

    How bad would it be if Twitter shut trump down basically putting a wall between him and the American people causing us to rely on news orgs.?

  • Charles Holmes

    08/27/2019 11:52 AM

    Dear Mike,
    Thank for your insight fullness and commentary. It seems to me that we need to start at the bottom of the education system. I feel that the teachings should be neutral, no bias or political correctness. Civics should be taught with all information that relates to decisions our founding fathers made and so on. The federalists papers are a good example. The bias of teachers teachings should and must be brought back to a neutral position. If an extreme example is taught then the other side should have a chance at rebuttals without being bullied or chastised. Our children need to fully understand each viewpoint and the actual intent of our founders!

  • Mark Mittelstaedt

    08/27/2019 11:38 AM

    I think one of the problems the Lefties have with Trump is that they expect to be catered to, and Mr. Trump, for better or worse ( I'll say better ) likes to... " hard-ass " people, speak very directly, give a hard time to people / things he doesn't like / disagrees with...which is one reason - maybe two - for his popularity. I look at the results, and pay no attention on the histrionics.

  • richard rosier

    08/27/2019 11:26 AM

    Well Said Governor, my liberal friends just want to vent, and have no real solutions but hate. And others see the light on the left and will vote conservative, but still do not like Trump. But sometimes it takes a personality like Trumps and His skills to make drastic changes for the betterment of the american people.

  • Allan Stearns

    08/27/2019 11:06 AM

    The FBI IG report has been delayed so long, I doubt it will never see the light of day. Now the director, Wray, is resisting releasing documents even after FOIA approvals. And he is a Trump appointee. Is the FBI ever going to be trusted again?