August 27, 2019

If you listen to the mainstream media coverage of President Trump at the G7 summit (and why would you do that; it’s like expecting your dog to give an honest assessment of cats), you’d think that President Trump just tried to make the whole thing about him, and was so gauche that – Egads! – he even skipped the meeting on “climate change!”  

For a different view, check out Stewart Varney’s assessment:

Varney says that Trump made the G7 summit about America, not about the fashionable concerns of other national leaders who think they can control the weather when they can’t even control their own borders and are paying people to borrow their currency.  Trump used the summit to work on major trade deals with allies like Japan and Great Britain, which are not only good for them and for America, but they’ll put more pressure on China to come to the table. 

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Trump made the G7 summit about taking care of business, not about preening for the cameras to virtue-signal about various PC causes.  Besides, if these leaders really want to do something to show their concern about climate change, I’m sure there will soon be another weekend conference on reducing CO2 at some five-star resort that they can all fly off to on private jets.   

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