October 10, 2020

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi actually plans to have a press conference today to talk about invoking the 25th Amendment to remove President Trump from office for mental/physical infirmity. The excuse is that he had the coronavirus (which he appears to already be over) and may be mentally impaired by getting a steroid shot last weekend (I don’t think she knows how medicine works.)

This lunacy has actually been tried before. In fact, she’s resurrecting a bill first introduced by one of her nutcase caucuses just 90 days after Trump was inaugurated. It was so laughable that it went nowhere then, but having impeached him over a phone call, they’ve got nothing left and are so desperate, they’ll now try to declare him mentally incompetent for having a steroid shot.

Considering we’re less than a month away from the election (which their pet media’s polls claim Biden will win in a Hillary-sized landslide), why would Pelosi be floating something so insanely desperate? Off-hand, I can think of four possible reasons:

1. She’s trying to sling some red meat to fire up a Dem base that has as much enthusiasm for the Harris/Biden ticket as I do for kale salad.

2. She doesn’t believe the polls and is terrified Trump will be around for another four years.

3. This really isn’t about Trump but just laying the groundwork for removing Biden to let Harris take over before Valentine's Day.

4. Someone gave her a steroid shot and she’s gone stark raving coo-coo herself.

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