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March 31, 2021

Good morning!

Blessings on you and your family, and from all the Huckabee staff! 

Today's newsletter includes:

  • Bible Verse Of The Day
  • In some cases, the evidence doesn't support the charges in Jan 6 violence
  • Must-Read Article
  • “Legalize Vote Fraud Act”
  • Pentagon linguist pleads guilty to providing information to Hezbollah
  • In case you missed it: A must-read story on real election fraud
  • Suez Canal ship is finally free
  • Featured Post: CRIMES AND MISDEMEANORS: Many Jan. 6 "rioters" broke small laws
  • A Reader Writes Back...
  • America The Beautiful


Mike Huckabee



In some cases, the evidence doesn't support the charges in Jan 6 violence

By Mike Huckabee

The violence at the Capitol in January was reprehensible and rightly condemned, and those who engaged in it should face justice. But the overblown rhetoric from the Democrats about it being an armed insurrection to overthrow the government is running aground on the rocks of reality as investigators and prosecutors try to build cases that will stand up in court, yet are finding that the evidence in many cases doesn’t support the charges.

Here’s just one example, a man and his mother accused of posing a threat of force to promote their political ends.

A federal court ordered the case sent back for review after finding that the two didn’t break in, they simply walked into the Capitol past police officers who didn’t try to stop them. They didn’t bring weapons, harass the police, vandalize any property or threaten or fight with anyone. Their only crime was simply being there.

Since the Democrats howl that the rioters threatened “the people’s House,” it’s a bit odd that they now want to make it a federal crime merely for “the people” to enter it.

Must-Read article

By Mike Huckabee

Since March is “Women’s History Month,” why are Democrats in Washington, including President Biden, using it to try to pass a so-called “Equality” bill that will erase women’s rights and opportunities, along with First Amendment religious freedom rights?

“Legalize Vote Fraud Act”

By Mike Huckabee

Three election law experts explain why HR1 (the “For the People Act,” which I more accurately call the “Legalize Vote Fraud Act”) is not only unconstitutional but also, as one put it, “the worst bill I’ve ever seen and the most dangerous bill I have ever seen when it comes to elections."

I am heartened by what Missouri Secretary of State Jay Ashcroft says are the two things Missouri will do if that bill becomes law:

“We will file a lawsuit…and then we will tell the federal government to pound sand because we will follow the Constitution regardless of what the United States Congress does.”

Pentagon linguist pleads guilty to providing information to Hezbollah 

By Mike Huckabee

A Minnesota woman who had a top secret government clearance as a contract linguist at an overseas US military facility was charged last year and has now pleaded guilty to giving information about US intelligence assets to a Lebanese man she had a romantic interest in and who is believed to be connected to the terrorist group Hezbollah. He wanted the information about people who might have helped President Trump target Iran’s top general, Qassem Soleimani. The DOJ said she had reason to believe this information would be used to harm US interests and that it endangered the lives of military members and others who supported the US in a combat zone.

Just curious: would the current fixation on rooting out extremists in the military have identified her, or would she have had to vote for Trump?

In case you missed it:  A must-read story on real election fraud

By Mike Huckabee

Real Clear Investigations has been a valuable, trusted source for the Huckabee team, and it looks as though they've come through again, this time with an important story out of Missoula County, Montana, that could bring to light how pervasive voting irregularities really are.

Though many might not be aware, so-called “audits” that have been done in other counties –- for example, Cobb County in Georgia and Maricopa County in Arizona –- have been of relatively small random samples that wouldn’t necessarily turn up election fraud in one concentrated area. But in Missoula County, a Democrat-leaning county with only 119,600 residents, they recently audited ALL the mail-in ballots for the 2020 election and found “irregularities characteristic of large urban centers –- on a level that could have easily swung local elections in 2020, and statewide elections in cycles past.”


Suez Canal ship is finally free

By Mike Huckabee

That ship that got stuck and blocked the Suez Canal for six days finally broke free Monday. Here’s a story about what happened and why it matters.

There were even fears that the blockage might cause another worldwide toilet paper shortage that would have had some people praying for a blockage in their intestines.

If you think I shouldn’t be making jokes about this, rest assured, I’m hardly the first. The Babylon Bee beat me to it

As did all the Internet meme makers (I especially love the ones with WD-40, Biden at the wheel, and “If the San Francisco Board of Education ran the Suez Canal”)...

Maybe they finally called in Austin Powers to solve the problem. Yeah, baby!

Featured Post:  CRIMES AND MISDEMEANORS: Many Jan. 6 "rioters" broke small laws

By Mike Huckabee

The Capitol Hill security breach on January 6 was reported as an “insurrection,” a “threat to our democracy” and an attempt “to overturn the 2020 election.” House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, after failing to provide adequate security for President Trump’s rally --- he had approved thousands of National Guard troops for the event, which she did not use --- overreacted spectacularly, bringing in the Guard after the fact and ordering the installation of tall fencing topped with razor wire all around the Capitol area. President Trump was accused of inciting the “rebellion” and even impeached for this (even though we know it was impossible for those who entered the Capitol that day even to have heard Trump’s speech). The message to Trump supporters was loud and clear: we see you as a threat.

Don’t misunderstand: I have said from the first that it was stupid and wrong to get out of line and enter the Capitol that day, let alone to cause vandalism and attack Capitol Police. A woman was killed. And those who participated in any way gave Biden’s political team a priceless GIFT --- an excuse to wrongly tag all Trump supporters as part of a rowdy mob that needed to be held in check.

But, really, what kind of an “insurrection” is it when not one firearm is confiscated? Were they seriously trying to overthrow the United States government? With what? A few baseball bats and flagpoles? The idea is ludicrous.

And now, with hundreds of cases clogging the courts in Washington DC, we’re seeing that most of these deal with little more than trespassing. To be sure, some will be charged with more serious crimes, but many of the Trump supporters who walked into the Capitol Building that day had no intention of breaking the law and didn’t even think they WERE. At some entrances, security was so lax that police were just letting them walk right in. Elsewhere in this newsletter, we have the story of one such case, a man and his mother who had simply walked into the Capitol. They were arrested in January and have been in jail all this time (!), but a federal appeals court has said their case “needs a new look.” Thank goodness; these people pose no threat.

In light of this, POLITICO ran a piece on Tuesday that it probably pained them to include, headlined “Many Capitol Hill Rioters Unlikely To Serve Jail Time.”

Subhead: “The cases could embarrass the Biden administration, which has portrayed the Jan. 6 siege as a dire threat to democracy.”

Of course, they make up for having to tell this story by using a photo that confirms their view of Trump supporters, as it shows a few of the rowdiest. And –- oh, no! –- they’re holding American flags, which is bound to “trigger” many of their readers.

Authors Josh Gerstein and Kyle Cheney break the sad news that DC prosecutors in federal district court are needing to dispense with the large number of low-level cases related to the Capitol breach, and that “in recent days, judges, prosecutors and defense attorneys have all indicated that they expect few of these ‘MAGA tourists’ to face harsh sentences.” One reason for this: “Although prosecutors have loaded up their charging documents with language about the existential threat of the insurrection to the Republic, the actions of many of the individual rioters often boil down to trespassing.”

The authors quote Erica Hashimoto, a former public defender who is now a law professor at Georgetown University, who said, “One of the core values of this country is that we can protest if we disagree with our government. Of course, some protests involve criminal acts, but as long as the people who are trying to express their view do not engage in violence, misdemeanors may be more appropriate than felonies.”

The Biden administration exaggerated the January 6 “insurrection” to such an extent –- Biden himself has said it “borders on sedition” –- that it’s going to be challenging for them to deal with the many light sentences likely to be handed down. Attorney General Merrick Garland has called the event “a heinous attack that sought to disrupt a cornerstone of our democracy, the peaceful transfer of power to a newly elected government.” (Really, all they really wanted was a transparent vote count.) And, as the POLITICO article reports, “Justice Department prosecutors sent expectations sky-high in early statements and court filings, describing elaborate plots to murder lawmakers --- descriptions prosecutors have tempered as new details emerged.”

So, what are they going to say when scores of people receive their verdict of “GUILTY”...for trespassing? Unlawful presence? Disrupting official business? And nothing more sinister than that?

You can tell they’re in trouble politically when the narrative starts changing, especially when it goes to the subject of race, and that’s already happening. For example, in the POLITICO story it says, “The resolution of the more mundane cases...presents acute questions about equity, since most of the defendants are white, while misdemeanor charges are often a vexing problem for minority defendants in other cases.” The discussion will become about that; you watch.

Of course, they’ll also capitalize on the relatively small number of serious charges that stem from this, but those could take many months or even a year to come to trial.

It should be noted that in telling this story, POLITICO is itself guilty of exaggerating what happened that day, by saying without elaboration that it left five people dead. The writers surely know that there was only one death conclusively associated with the “invasion” of the Capitol Building, and that was the unarmed woman shot by a Capitol Hill officer. They also cast blame on Trump, writing that many rioters “have said they took Trump’s own words as the inspiration...” Maybe they felt that way, but we know they didn’t even hear his rally speech and that Trump had not called for anything like what they did.

The Justice Department has been exaggerating, too. In fact, by video conference last week, District Court Judge Amit Mehta lit into the DOJ for granting media interviews and throwing around terms like “seditious conspiracy” --- a very grave charge --- when they haven’t actually charged anyone with this. What this judge has to say about defendants’ rights is music to the ears. The judge is considering a gag order, which is a great idea because trying cases in the media should make us all, well, gag.

Be sure to read the story, which is by these same POLITICO writers; it could be a highlight of your day.

A Reader Writes Back...

Gov., the article "Pass me a Cheeseburger" made my day. You have such an ability to put fun things in your articles!

America The Beautiful

God's creation is all around us. To learn more about Channel Islands National Park, visit its website here.

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  • Floyd A Unger

    04/01/2021 05:40 PM

    Thank you

  • Carl T Smith

    03/31/2021 10:31 PM

    Being of an age that I can honestly say I USED to believe in the media makes me wonder if our Citizens will ever again have the opportunity to get TRUTH without having to spend the many hours a day I have the opportunity to DIG for it.

  • Judy Radley

    03/31/2021 09:07 PM

    The whole Democrats' illegal power play, including true false election of Biden, reminds me of when I was young and played, 'king of the mountain' which were really mountain-sized snow banks, in wintertime in Western NYS. The game would be won by the person who climbed up the snowbank and stayed on the top keeping others playing the game, sliding down and not staying on the top of the snow bank. However, what the winner realized was they really didn't win because the other players were too cold and wet to stay outside playing on the snow bank and left the game until the only one left was the one who could get to the top because no one else was there to play the game with. Maybe that will happen to the Democrats, let's hope, that no one else will want to 'play with them' or be on 'their side' and they will be left all alone to defend their own snow bank that no one else wants anyway, and all the others will be somewhere else doing more fun & challenging games. Hence the term, 'it's lonely at the top', may come from games like that.

  • Paul Kern

    03/31/2021 06:43 PM

    Kudos to the governor of Missouri for standing up to illegal laws the feds are pushing.
    Also the FBI knew the Antifa marxists were planning the riot on Jan. 6th and Nancy would not extra security. Must have been having a "bad hair day"
    Also Politico should be renamed as " Politico B S.
    YouTube is now totally" woke" as they show they are still experiencing TDS by banning any mention of President. Trumps name. The left fails to realize that MAGA is not about him. It is people who still believe in the Constitution and the Rule of Law!
    I wonder how long it will before the new falsely elected president will call for help from Iran and the CCP

  • Connie Hugo

    03/31/2021 06:24 PM

    Jay Ashcroft is trying to redeem himself over the 26 counties in Missouri that use Dominion voting systems. I hope he is voted out in the next primary.

  • James Evart

    03/31/2021 04:28 PM

    Where is the information, investigation and identities of the unarmed woman who was murdered by a Capital Police officer?

    Pelosi knew from December reports that some radicals of the LEFT camouflaged as from the Right were intending to raise hell at the Capital on January 6th from FBI reports made to her and others in authority. She also KNEW that President Trump had made available the National Guard to use to stop/quell any disturbances which might happen but chose to not use the force she had at hand because, I think, she knew exactly what was about to happen and wanted to blow it all out of proportion for political gain for something not EVEN APPROACHING the violence and destruction done by the Left the previous year with her approval.

  • Stephen Russell

    03/31/2021 03:58 PM

    1-6 insurrection:
    Planned by Dems day 1
    BUT does CHPD have a Command Post?
    Or who trains them?
    Or such events would have been put down quick

  • Sherry Lynn Stone

    03/31/2021 02:59 PM

    I don’t think that any of the people who were Let Into the capital building should be charged with anything! They were let in and they didn’t hurt anybody. Anyone should be able to go into the capital building. Our tax dollars are paying for their salaries. There was no violence, except for that officer who shot that poor, unarmed woman! Why are AntiFa and BLM allowed to do whatever they want, and they are nothing but violent?

  • Sharon Faulkner

    03/31/2021 02:37 PM

    If the "Progressives" take us any further back we will need a new National Motto :
    Our Future is History
    fear not
    we always have the Past to look forward to.

  • Jack Foos

    03/31/2021 02:28 PM

    Governor, is it okay with you if we dedicate tomorrow (Thursday, April 1, 2021) as Biden-Harris Day? There is even scripture to back this up:

    Psalm 14:1 (KJV)
    The fool hath said in his heart, There is no God. They are corrupt, they have done abominable works, there is none that doeth good.

    Psalm 53:1 (KJV)
    The fool hath said in his heart, There is no God. Corrupt are they, and have done abominable iniquity: there is none that doeth good.

    P.S. I love reading your morning and evening Newsletters. They help keep a balanced perspective on life in the U.S.A.