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February 2, 2021

Good morning!

Blessings on you and your family, and from all the Huckabee staff!

Today's newsletter includes:

  • Bible Verse Of The Day
  • The Gov. answers a thoughtful member of the 4 percent
  • Happy Groundhog Day
  • Best-Guess On Biden Jobs Tornado
  • Whoever Could Have Predicted This?
  • Some thoughts on the GOP Senators meeting with Biden
  • Sephora cancels conservatives

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Mike Huckabee



The Gov. answers a thoughtful member of the 4 percent

By Mike Huckabee

From Gregg Z:

I’ll get right to the point, but first know that I am an evangelical believer who loves our Lord, worships Him and His Word, and votes wherever possible for candidates who hold a biblical worldview, where God is the center of Truth; and when we honor and follow His Word we are blessed, and when we continue to disobey and reject Him, we reap depravity.

I’m saddened and disappointed in your continued tact with the election—that it was stolen via widespread fraud. Trump had his many chances in our post-election process to legally challenge the election, and nothing stuck. The fact he had the best legal resources available (and $$) and was not able to make anything stick is indicative of the fact that there really was no evidence of widespread election fraud—and many of those law suits were adjudicated by conservative Republican-appointed judges. Trump truly did not have a leg to stand on, as the wholesale rejection of his lawsuits showed.

The reality is we live in an evenly divided nation right now. Our presidential elections have been razor thin for a while now, not just 2020. We see the split division in the House and Senate as well—and have for years as it also has teetered between Democrat & Republican control.

In the spirit of Romans 13:1-5, and given Trump’s wholesale failure at providing evidence of widespread fraud on a scale large enough to change the election outcome--and this through our entire legal system--it is right for us to “give credence to” the outcome of this election, and stop with the quite harmful seeds of conspiracy theory.

It is time to SWITCH THE DIALOG to the fact that we have indeed put a liberal in the president's office—and lost control of the Senate—all because we are that evenly split as a nation. It’s time to pray for wisdom and influence in promoting a biblical worldview, which is how we will change the evenly balanced electorate away from humanism (liberalism).



From the Gov:

Thank you so much for your thoughtful and reasonable letter. What we were doing with this poll was essentially “taking the temperature” of the approximately half of the country who watched from the sidelines as the election results played out, just to see where we are. Now we know.

If you’re a regular reader of the newsletter, you know I’ve never made the claim that the election was “stolen” or decided by “widespread fraud.” (There is some actual evidence of targeted fraud, but did it decide the election? We’d like to know.) I’ve quoted others who have make those claims, and many readers have made them in the “comments” section, but what I personally have tried to do is bring you factual information about how the election was conducted and what people think about it, people on both sides. The fact that so many believe the election was stolen, and do have reason (as opposed to proof), is a reality that it makes no sense to ignore. It can’t just be swept under the rug.

What I definitely can say is that the election rules were turned upside down in key states and that it was a very opaque process, as opposed to the completely transparent process it should have been. And that causes a natural skepticism.

That begs the question, why wouldn’t the Democrats WANT to allow a full investigation, to make the process fully transparent, as a way of bringing the country together and ending this massive doubt that Biden was the duly-elected President? Why did they go to court in multiple states to slam the lid down on that process? This causes even more natural skepticism.

The courts simply didn’t want to be involved in this and washed their hands of it, so to speak. They “found” reasons not to look at those cases. Most of the dismissals had nothing to do with the evidence that might have been presented, as they never got that far.

Now Trump reportedly wants to use the impeachment trial as an opportunity to present some of that evidence, and he’s running into problems with attorneys who don’t want to use their legal defense in that way. He has some new representation now, so it’ll be interesting to see if he does it. If he has the goods, it might be a way to make the Democrats sorry they made the ridiculous decision to try him after he was gone. And we might actually get to see evidence. On the other hand, would Sen. Patrick Leahy, presiding in place of Chief Justice John Roberts (who declined), find a way to keep his attorneys from presenting it? He’d certainly stop them if he could. But this would cause even more natural skepticism.

You’re right that this is a divided nation. I do think, though, that much of that division is because of what people hear on the news and, well, just about everywhere. We’re constantly warned about “misinformation” on the right, but it demonstrably exists in huge steaming piles on the left, and there’s also a great deal that goes unreported. This affects the way people vote. Recall the poll in which a substantial percentage of Biden supporters –- enough to possibly have changed the election outcome –- said that if they’d known about the Biden family’s dealings with the Chinese, they wouldn’t have voted for him.

Also, many who voted for Biden are shocked now at his shutting down of the Keystone Pipeline with the stroke of a pen, among the 40 (!) Executive Orders he signed his first week. Some of these voters hadn’t been paying attention, others had been watching CNN and MSNBC or getting their news preselected by Facebook and Google, and many just “didn’t like Trump” or had heard he was "a dictator," but this is NOT what they thought they voted for. Yes, we’re divided, but I don’t believe it’s true that half the country is as far-left as the people now in office. Those people aren't "liberals" --- they truly are radicals.

It certainly hasn’t been my intention to promote conspiracy theories, which exist on both the left and right. We are all about evidence here, and we also want to work through the system even though it seems increasingly that the deck is stacked against us. Did you read my answer to reader Loren in the Monday Evening Edition, about examining our own conduct, pulling together and keeping our cool as we work towards 2022? It works in this context as well.

Thanks again for writing.


Happy Groundhog Day

By Mike Huckabee

Happy Groundhog Day! I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but Punxsutawney Phil peeked out of his burrow this morning and predicted six more weeks of winter. No surprise, with one of the biggest blizzards in years dropping over two feet of snow on the Northeast (“Due to climate change, snowfalls are now a thing of the past!”)

I hear that Phil also predicted four more years of a Democrat presidency and then, understandably, went back into his hidey hole.

Best-Guess On Biden Jobs Tornado

By Mike Huckabee

Did you ever see a big flock of birds flying past and swirling around like leaves in a tornado? And did you ever think about how hard it would be to count them all while they were moving so fast? Well, that’s probably how the experts feel who are trying to calculate how many jobs President Biden has already set in motion for destruction in his first two weeks in office.

Latest best-guess total: 1.41 million.

Whoever Could Have Predicted This?

By Mike Huckabee

A new report found that between 2019 and 2020, as some officials were locking down businesses, killing jobs and giving free rein to rioters while demonizing and defunding the police, homicide rates in 34 cities jumped 30 percent.

The report said this kind of rise in deadly crime “has no modern precedent.” But then, neither does the idea of electing leftists to run our cities who side with criminals over the police and public safety. Fortunately, there’s a solution to turn it around. You’ll find it at the ballot box.

Some thoughts on the GOP Senators meeting with Biden

By Mike Huckabee

Ten Senate Republicans met with President Biden Monday to discuss a bipartisan COVID-19 relief bill, but House and Senate Democrat leaders are already talking about forcing their $1.9 trillion plan through Congress over Republican objections. Republicans want a $600 billion bill that’s targeted to those who really need help.

If the Republicans who met with Biden vote with the Democrats, it could overcome the 60-vote margin to end a filibuster. On the other hand, moderate Democrats like Joe Manchin could still stop a bill that’s too big and too stuffed with far-left wish list items and bailouts for blue states for years of financial mismanagement that has nothing to do with the coronavirus. So far, Manchin is holding firm for a bipartisan bill, but he’s under tremendous pressure to cave.

Here’s my solution for stimulating the economy and helping people harmed by the virus lockdowns: end the lockdowns. Studies have shown they make virtually no difference in infection or death rates but have caused endless pain and suffering in other ways. And what is the justification for continuing them? California Gov. Gavin Newsom just eased that state’s lockdown, even though daily infection totals were higher than when he first imposed them last year (but then, so was the number of signatures on the petition to recall him.) States like Florida and Texas are doing fine, both in rebuilding their economies and handling the virus.

So instead of going $1.6 trillion deeper in debt to bail out badly-run blue states and hand out more money to the forcibly unemployed, how about helping those who really need help now and getting their governments out of the way so that their people can go back to making a living? If they don’t know how to get out of the way, maybe some red states could loan them a few political leaders who know what they’re doing to show them.

Sephora cancels conservatives

By Mike Huckabee

Say, speaking of companies that need to be told they will not be around for long if they refuse to do business with conservatives…


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Comments 1-25 of 30

  • Cheryl Harbridge

    02/03/2021 06:40 AM

    Thank you for your conservative voice and what you are doing for our great country!

  • Bobbi Moore

    02/03/2021 05:33 AM

    OMG! We had four years of proof that treasonous acts were comitted against America and "We The People" - all our so called Representaives did was TALK! TALK! Nobody stood beside Our President Trump to charge this SCUM and end this EVIL! So now Our Weak Spinelss Leech Representation is gonna talk for four more years while America is destroyed from within! This is DEPLORABLE and WILL NOT BE TOLERATED! My American dream - see ALL involved with the Coup against President Trump, The Election FRAUD, the intentional spread of the China Virus and the Summer Riots by their paid terrorist (BLM, ANTIFA, EXPECT US & OFA/bailed out by Kamala's go fund me) in handcuffs! They are ALL responsible for the DEATH of hundreds of thousands of innocent Americans. Handcuffed, all their assets auctioned off (immediately) and the monies applied back to the tax payer for the monies they wasted!! Biden, the Mafia Democrats, Fake Main Stream Media, Trash Hollywood Elite and Big Tech are Pedaphiles, Crooks, Liers, Users and Traitors - They have used and abused America and the American people long enough. "We The People" have sacrificed ENOUGH! You have to be brain dead not to see that. Time to see them ALL in handcuffs. Charge ALL involved with Obstruction of Justice, Dereliction of Duty and Treason with the Death penalty as Justice. They have done serious damage to America and ALL the American people. We must no longer allow them to use American lives as collateral damage for their political gain. Their instigation of Racism, Hate, Divide and Death is Appalling and "We The People" must unite to STOP THEM. Everything is unfolding right now so we all better decide if we want Freedom or Hell because it’s coming if we just stand by and do nothing. All races need to stand together united as one and save our country!!! GIVE US BACK OUR PRESIDENT TRUMP!!! GOD Bless President Trump and GOD Bless America!!

  • Judy Radley

    02/03/2021 04:20 AM

    Regarding the comment about Californians moving out and to Utah, the same thing can be said about the Democrats, why don't they just move to EU as they already have socialism there, but instead the Dems. want to bring it here to the U.S. Also, it was brought to my attention that those who were opposed to President Trump all during his Presidency, are now very quiet about what has happened and that they don't have anyone to complain about or blame things on, nor are they elated that Biden got in. So what does that all mean? One, buyer's remorse, yes, but still, why are they like 'holding their breath' to see what will happen next? Are they waiting for Biden to be impeached and the VP to be in, or are they now realizing what a huge mistake they made being so against President Trump?

  • Jim Simpson

    02/02/2021 10:50 PM

    Governor- got to take exception with in your article, "Who would have predicted this article" namely the last sentence-- "You'll find it at the ballot box."
    Really? What just happened to the ballot box in Ga for the Presidential election and the state election? And nobody, I mean nobody wants to touch this cover up with a real 10 foot pole! The problem isn't fixed and it will be repeated over and over until someone in the judiciary and law enforcement gets the "evidence' heard! Unfortunately we don't have anyone with the intestinal fortitude (translate = guts) to take up the challenge.
    Just my humble opinion- Thanks Jim

  • Valery Yeramianchuk

    02/02/2021 08:23 PM

    The trouble is that Democrats always have those who have to take pills and pass laws!

  • David Predmore

    02/02/2021 08:14 PM

    When they all call bad, good and good, bad, what could be bad? That way they can live with themselves... GOD'S children can rejoice in the fact that we're almost home now... Thank's for all you do... from a Servant of the KING and a man of GOD

  • Jerry

    02/02/2021 07:31 PM

    Biden is going to destroy the country he doesn't care and people have told him to do it before 2022 so executive orders by the dozen per day in doing so, he even trashes his Faith the 10 Commandments on a daily basis this is where Joe is really destroying something very important and that concerns himself and the here after, Biden doesn't remember that the real executive order is signed by his creator at some time; when the time comes Biden can go forth knowing that Harris will follow his footsteps at some time all her executive orders will get looked over also; the racist biden and Willie Brown's bed mate can get reunited in Unity where ever that may be.

  • J

    02/02/2021 07:14 PM

    The new biden administration is about as toxic to the Constitution as it can get. The Military branch is into the climate control game nonsense. While the border is being closed down to to our security patrol and open to illegal entrance. Biden the puppet is best person to be in charge of the once most powerful country because he is easily told what to do and when to do it by unelected people. Let's face the fact biden might as well be a zombie in a tv show. No training required he is a natural.

  • David Predmore

    02/02/2021 07:04 PM

    It sure looks like the Anti-Christ (Biden) is on the stage and the horses are on the move. I've been pretty upset over the last few years over all of the insanity we've been seeing untill I relized the very thing I've been praying for has come to pass... The second comming is at our doorsteps and they won't even see it comming... Praise the LORD!!!

  • Shelia Pridgen

    02/02/2021 05:09 PM

    Will never shop at Sephora again. Will ask friends and family to do the same.

  • Michael Houseknecht

    02/02/2021 04:45 PM

    God bless you my brother... for putting a Bible verse BEFORE your fair and accurate report of the days news! Placing God first in our lives is critically important. What we are experiencing in this country is the results of a nation that has turned from God. It is my intention to encourage you to continue to place God before and over any news. I’ll be praying for you and this nation.
    Stay strong and keep fighting the good fight!

  • Maureen Cunningham

    02/02/2021 04:24 PM

    Is that Valerie Jarrett sitting on the couch? Is she moving in with the Bidens? Always in the background Jarrett. Isn't it about time her name comes up frequently. Talk about her Mike.

  • Doug

    02/02/2021 04:06 PM

    Governor Huckabee,
    I enjoy your program and news letter, great perspective and insight.
    The Biden executive orders have been arbitrary and capricious. His press secretary can't even explain the reasoning behind them. Reentering into climate accords and the Iran Deal are actually treaties that need congressional legislation. Why aren't the Attorney Generals from states being effected by them challenging them in the courts? Why aren't others like the ACLJ, National Republican Party, or Labor Unions challenging them in court? These things need to be challenged!!! It is time someone (the courts) hits the breaks and gets the bus under control before it crashes and burns.

  • James Beck

    02/02/2021 03:45 PM

    I cannot morally support this government regardless of Romans 13. As a 10 year Navy veteran and a staunch Constitutional Conservative it is against my political beliefs. God I’m sure is displeased with those beliefs I hold very close to my heart. I love Jesus Christ without question but when a government doesn’t and is actually an evil entity it puts many like me in a very precarious predicament. I’m very far from being alone with this emotional struggle. I have a few bucks but it won’t last long under this Biden administration. Am I scared? Most certainly.

  • Amelia Little

    02/02/2021 03:25 PM

    I had never heard of sephora---but bet its sales go way down if conservatives decide to find another make up company to supply their beauty needs. And, is it legal for any company to ask a employee or potential employee his/her political or religious preferences? Seems that must be a-ok but it seems one can no longer be asked about felonies? What a world we live in!!!

    Oh, early Jan it seems cuomo came up with the idea that lockdowns have to be (sort of, kind of) lifted because--science. Like this science wasn't around prior to Nov 4? It was, they just refused to recognize it as such. I haven't figured out the newsom thing of, okay (sort of, kind of) open up indoor dining, but, by golly, NO TV during the playoffs or bowl games (is it both?) while dining? I'd love to hear the "science" behind that idiocy.

    The GOP can meet with biden and democrat congressmen til the cows come home. The bottom line is, like is "the way it's always been" the democrats have decided what they want, it matters not what the GOP wants or say, it's the democrats' way or no way. Plain and simple. Who cares about the citizens? There's so much need at the Kennedy Center, the Smithsonian--my goodness, with people having to stay at home, they have lost so much business!!!!!--and pp, all the "need" for money in foreign nations--like for gender studies in Pakistan--not for helping THEIR citizens affected by the corona. Silly people to even question the nafarious decisions of the democrats.

  • Barbara Slager

    02/02/2021 03:19 PM

    Do you know what is the latest with Parler? I haven’t heard anything lately.

  • Norma Holmes

    02/02/2021 03:05 PM

    Hi, Mike! When you coined the term “Commanderin thief” early on I took it to mean you thought the election was stolen. There can be no doubt it was unconstitutional

  • Thomas D Eckel

    02/02/2021 03:01 PM

    If democrats are unhappy with there choice of president, suggest they change political parties. I know of at least one other they could choose from.

  • Tim Cochrane

    02/02/2021 02:07 PM

    Hi, Mike. I enjoy your emails but have to ask: Does God only speak King James English? Is the archaic language somehow holier than today’s language? I’d enjoy (and understand) the daily verses more if they were in modern day English. Thanks for considering this.

  • Margaret W Bailey Taylor

    02/02/2021 01:45 PM

    Want to be a subscriber

    Great articles articulated as if from my own thinking.

  • Maryann Epstein

    02/02/2021 01:22 PM

    I love reading your newsletters everyday. Thank you for your words of wisdom! Your words give so many people hope that is so desperately needed right now. Maybe you could run for President in 2024?

  • William Fuhrer

    02/02/2021 12:49 PM

    Which candidate can afford to closely inspect the fringes of the party and criticize and exile parts of their party. Democratic Party used to embrace RELIGION , FAMILY, LIBERAL ECONOMICS...certainly not atheistic Socialism anti religion ...anti family....voodoo economic. No candidate in the United States could possibly win such an anti FREEDOM and LIBERTY platform

  • gregory weinman

    02/02/2021 12:34 PM

    Thank you governor,
    Fraud occurs in every election. The 2020 election relaxed rules using the virus as a reason. Apparently, there is no risk standing in line at the check out register but standing in line at a poling station poses too much risk. Much anecdotal evidence in a half dozen states suggests predictions of universal mail in balloting opens the opportunity for fraud. Previous elections in NC and NY were reversed due to uncertainty of the result.
    Would the outcome have been different? We both would like a real answer that will never come.
    My biggest concern and one you could have explained to Gregg is the 4 states that violated Article 1 Section 4 of the US constitution. Georgia, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin changed the date of the election. Wisconsin was rebuffed by the SCOTUS. Pennsylvania was instructed "Hold late ballots!" They didn't. Our focus moving forward is booting executives in those states who did that.

  • Bob Ernst

    02/02/2021 12:18 PM

    Who or what is Sephora, and who cares anyway? If he/she/it/they cancel us, we cancel him/her/it/them. I guess I already did, since I don't know who he/she/it/they is/are.

  • Micahael L. Sanders, Sr

    02/02/2021 12:12 PM

    Those who voted for Biden and the Democrat senators and House members seem to be having second thoughts but are they really smart enough to vote for conservatives who will vote for sensible bills? I was born and lived a good part of my life in South Carolina but now live in Utah. We have a problem here with Californians who leave California and move up to Utah to escape the hell hole they have been living in. However, once they get here they continue to vote the same way they did in California. I don't understand why they want to turn Utah into the same kind of hell hole they left in California.