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May 11, 2022

Former President Trump’s perfect record of wins by candidates he endorsed is no more: Tuesday in Nebraska, his pick for the GOP gubernatorial race, Charles Herbster, came in second in a multiple candidate race to University of Nebraska Regent Jim Pillen (33-30%.) Pillen will face Democrat Carol Blood in November. There were almost 261,000 votes cast in the GOP primary and 93,000 in the Democratic primary, so do your own “bloodbath” joke.

But Herbster was Trump’s only miss so far. And Herbster had a lot to overcome, including a late-race accusation of sexual harassment by eight women, which he denies. In House District 1, Republican Mike Flood will face Democrat Patty Pansing Brooks.

Meanwhile in West Virginia, Trump-endorsed Rep. Alex Mooney won in a 66-34% landslide over Rep. David McKinley, in a new 2nd District that pitted two GOP incumbents against each other. McKinley was also dragged down by his record of voting with Democrats on the infrastructure bill and on certifying the 2020 election and investigating the January 6th riot.

In the only other national race in West Virginia, for House District 1, Carol Miller easily won the Republican nomination with 66% of the vote. She’ll face Democrat Lacy Watson, who ran uncontested.

Here are the results of all the races in Nebraska:

And in West Virginia:

And in an unexpected development, New York Republican Rep. Tom Reed announced his resignation. He’d already chosen not to run for reelection, but now he’s leaving office seven months early. Reed has been accused of sexual misconduct by a female lobbyist, but he gave no reason for his leaving early. New York’s Democrat Governor will have to call a special election to fill Reed’s unfinished term.

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