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August 22, 2022



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Jeremiah 29:11

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Fauci skedaddles

Video shows what is wrong with our tax system

A big hat tip to Sen. Thomas Massie for finding and tweeting this, in response to those who assure us the IRS won’t use the 87,000 new agents and auditors the Democrats just hired to go after lower and middle-income Americans, the way they already do with 87,000 fewer agents and auditors.

It’s an IRS recruiting video where the example of what the job entails is not “making billionaires pay their ‘fair share,’” it’s “taking down a landscape business owner who failed to properly report how he paid for his vehicles.”  Three points, aside from the obvious one of how they’re targeting a landscape business owner, not the CEO of Facebook:

1. If he “failed to properly report it,” maybe that’s not because he’s a criminal genius but because our massive tax code is so impenetrable that nobody understands the proper way to report anything.

2. Why should it be any of the government’s business how a landscape owner pays for his vehicles? That’s using the tax code to enforce particular behavior, which is antithetical to a free society. Tax codes should be for raising revenue – period – but ours is a giant labyrinth of rules designed to reward some behaviors by letting you keep some of your money and discourage others by taking more of your money. Democrats claim the government shouldn’t be dictating morality, but they use the tax code to dictate every aspect of our lives and make us conform to how they think we should be living.

3. If IRS agents are public servants who are paid with taxpayer money, then why is their attitude toward a small business owner who might have understandably made a mistake on his ridiculously complicated taxes to treat him like a hostile combatant and “take him down” instead of explaining the correct procedure and letting him file an amended form?

This one short clip gives away so much that’s wrong about our entire tax system, which has been so completely corrupted by lobbyists and their pet Congress members that nobody can understand it. It’s being used more as a carrot and stick to enforce government-approved behavior than as a way to raise money needed for essential services.

All of this brings me to a point I’ve been making for well over a decade, one that was part of my platform when I first ran for President in 2008. If you want to end the tyrannical rule of Washington and its enforcers in the IRS, scrap our gargantuan tax code that punishes productivity and sucks out huge amounts of time and money from the economy like a giant leech, and pay for government while letting the payors (us) otherwise just live our lives the way we see fit, then the future Republican Congress needs to scrap the entire system and replace it with the Fair Tax. It’s a consumption-based tax system that replaces all that nightmarish paperwork with a form the size of a postcard.

By the way, one other benefit: if we had the Fair Tax, we wouldn’t be hiring 87,000 more IRS agents. We’d be laying off the ones we have now.


Related News

Here’s a perfect example of how the tax code is used to try to enforce “preferred” behaviors and how it seldom works. That same “Inflation Reduction Bill” (the media now calls it “the Climate Bill,” because everyone knows it does nothing to reduce inflation – it also will do nothing to change the climate, but a lot of people haven’t figured that out yet) includes a $7500 tax credit for people who buy certain electric cars. In other words, poor and lower middle class taxpayers will subsidize auto purchases for people who can afford a $50,000-and-up EV.

Well, Ford and GM are now denying that their decision to raise EV prices by $6,000-$8,500 had anything to do with that bill. They insist they were planning to do it before the bill passed. But the bill's $7500 EV tax credit is actually an extension of one that’s been around for years.

Whether they’re directly related or not, there’s no question that when government subsidizes anything, the price rises to accommodate the extra money available thanks to the government. For instance, the government keeps spending more and more to support “higher education” (the quotation marks are sarcastic.) Yet the cost of attending college rises at four times the rate of inflation, and is 500% higher than in 1985. Just as work expands to fill the allotted time, college tuition expands to absorb all the increased government funding, leaving liberals forever crying that we need to spend more.

But then, Democrats have to keep spending more of our money on college because they want everyone to go to college because that’s how young people get indoctrinated and miseducated enough to vote Democrat and keep this vicious cycle going until eventually, one semester at Yale will cost more than the space program.  

Ominous trends 

President Biden has been taking bows for strong jobs numbers, even though I’ve pointed out some serious concerns, like a drop in the labor participation rate with many of those new jobs being taken as second or third jobs by people who can no longer survive on just one salary due to inflation.

Now, there are some ominous trends brewing on the job front. A survey of over 700 executives in a wide range of industries by the consultant PwC found that over half are planning hiring freezes or layoffs in the next year. In fact, it’s already happening:

“The survey showed that 50 percent are reducing overall headcount, 52 percent have implemented hiring freezes, 46 percent are reducing or eliminating signing bonuses, and 44 percent have rescinded job offers.

There are a lot more details and findings at the link, and much of it suggests a recession is coming or is already here, despite denials from the White House. It’s possible that the only person whose job will be absolutely secure through 2024 is the Biden staffer in charge of redefining words like “recession.”


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  • Tom Bennett

    08/23/2022 07:48 PM


  • David Perrine

    08/23/2022 02:31 PM

    ($34,000 more than the President makes and $350,000 more than the "President" is worth)

  • George A Reynolds

    08/23/2022 11:46 AM

    Florida has a group called "Floridians For Election Integrity" (FFET). Other states ought to follow their example.

    Here is a link to an Epoch Times article about the group's findings:

  • Jim Greer

    08/23/2022 11:14 AM

    Regarding your observations on the tax credit for purchasing an EV, l read an article just recently that said approximately 70% of them currently available won’t qualify for that credit. It has to do with all the “hoops” concerning country of origin, production material source, etc… so l guess it ain’t much of an incentive after all. Whoda thunk it???

  • stephen russell

    08/23/2022 08:57 AM

    Crimes Against Humanity charges for Fauci, Birx & allies:
    o Lied
    o Misled on virus
    o Profits from vaccines
    o Censorship of info on theraputics killed millions
    o Virus killed millions worldwide
    o boosted lockdowns longer than needed
    o Ruined lives worldwide
    o Gave NO direction or Plan
    o Playing politics while millions died

    Add your charges

  • Jerry

    08/23/2022 06:07 AM

    Biden policies on the southern border allowing knock-off people coming to America for all the wrong reasons biden is giving them government assistance the migrants will use real American tax dollars to survive in American adding to the already overwhelmed government assisted people the light on the hill is dimming everyday much to the delight of the CCP

  • Jerry

    08/23/2022 05:13 AM

    Fauci is a fraud and will get away with all of ill dealings to call fauci a fraud is code for grim reaper unfortunately he will go his grave a very money enhanced fraud . I have ranted for the last couple of years about the once beautiful city of Minneapolis today I will not set foot inside the city limits with the policies of its mayor and the states governor Walz refuses to help clean up the crime the criminals won’t have an effect on me as over 50 percent of people that had visited that Shitff hole before are now staying out also however the city elected Omar as it representative governor walz and the Minneapolis mayor Frey all probably will be elected again misery loves its leaders as the insanity will probably continue I will continue to support small town economies as it seems as thousands are doing today I have been in 3 small towns yesterday where trying to find a place to park has been problematic so I am finally around people of intelligence and money to spend and merchants seem very happy to make it all happen let’s go Brandon to you Minneapolis the new ghost town

  • David Smith

    08/23/2022 04:20 AM

    While I do understand how a consumption tax will both be just and potentially less expensive (less government), I don't understand the poverty adjustment. Is this guaranteed minimum income? Dole?
    If I am filing monthly instead of annually, doesn't that create even more potential for fraud? And thus require even more regulators to guarantee government gets "their" money?

  • Charles W Sigars

    08/23/2022 02:15 AM

    Speaking of the tendency for prices to increase due to Government raising the amount they put into things like EVs and Education, the same happens every year to those of us on Social Security.

    It is amazing how we can get a 4% increase and then Medicare goes up 5%, or Supplemental goes up 8-12%, same for home and auto insurances, and now food and fuel up by high double digits.

    Of course, we will all get a big percentage increase in Jan 2023 due to Bidenflation, which will then get chewed up, plus more, by the usual suspects. Again.

  • Anne Turner

    08/22/2022 10:42 PM

    We were audited becauseI had deducted the cost of two white uniform dresses required for my profession as a Medical Technologist. If wasn’t a nurse why would I need a white uniform. In those days a white cotton uniform dress was about $25. You’d have to find a lot of dresses to pay that guys salary. And yes, I was required to wear white uniforms and appropriate white shoes.

    Maybe, the IRS should adopt the Hilary defense for the gardeners vehicles, since she really didn’t intend to do anything wrong.