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August 7, 2023



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Today’s Huckabee Video Links:

Here’s my monologue from this past weekend’s “Huckabee” on TBN, about the most concerning aspect of the latest Trump indictments.

And here’s the full show, now viewable online.

More of this please

This is something I’d like to see a lot more of from former President Trump. It’s a lengthy interview with that doesn’t focus obsessively on the legal assaults on him or relitigating the 2020 election, but on his accomplishments in office, how Biden is destroying the country, and how he would reverse America's downward plunge if he were back in the White House.

We need more of this because the Democrats know that they can’t run on the strength of their policies or their accomplishments because their policies are disasters wherever they’re tried. They would lose in any A-B comparison of liberal vs. conservatives policies. This was perfectly expressed in a recent Babylon Bee headline about a Gavin Newsom/Ron DeSantis debate: “Governor Of State People Are Fleeing From Agrees To Debate Governor Of State They Are Fleeing To.”

For that reason, they have to be like bad magicians and create endless distractions to keep the public from noticing their trickery. Their limited bag of trick includes accusing their opponents of being racists and wanting to bring back slavery (even though the GOP was founded on ending slavery), claiming Republicans want to take away women’s rights (when they're obliterating women’s rights and won't even say what a woman is), and of course, demonizing Trump and hitting him with an endless string of partisan indictments for speech or actions nobody else would ever be charged over.

Yes, that’s outrageous and needs to be stopped. But when Trump talks about nothing but that, or the 2020 election, he’s playing their game on their field. For all the horrible stuff from the past few years that needs to be corrected, voters will be more motivated by a positive agenda explaining how Trump will make their lives better. After three years of Biden, they desperately need someone to help them. If he can remind them of how he did it before and explain how he will do it again – as he does in this interview – that’s a much better message than just reacting to the attacks, which will keep coming anyway, no matter what he does.

Stop with the combative social media posts please!

Speaking of things that Trump should not focus on, I wish he would let his lawyers handle his legal problems and not make their job harder with the combative social media posts that hand his opponents ammunition to use against him on a silver platter. Like this attempt by Jack Smith to block discovery, citing Trump’s social media posts as justification.

Yes, I know it’s a ridiculous twisting of what Trump said, but he should know by now that of course they’re going to do that. Remember what we heard on every old rerun of “Dragnet”: "Anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law.” I’ve never heard a better summation of the strategy the Democrats are using against Trump.

Must-Read Article

Attorney and former federal prosecutor Andrew C. McCarthy has a must-read article at National Review that makes several points about the illegitimacy of the most recent charges against Trump that I haven’t seen elsewhere.

For instance, he points out that Smith’s case is built on accusing Trump of fraud for allegedly lying about believing the 2020 election was rigged in order to interfere with Biden’s election being confirmed. But McCarthy says that under federal law, reaffirmed by the Supreme Court less than three months ago, federal fraud statutes only criminalize schemes to deprive people of cash or tangible property, or bribery and kickbacks. None of those apply here, but Smith is trying to stretch the law to the breaking point to “get Trump.”

McCarthy writes that “a responsible prosecutor would avoid indicting on an extravagant, nonfinancial theory of fraud in any case. To indict on such a theory in a manner that quite willfully intrudes into a presidential election is worse than irresponsible.”

But then, nobody who knows Jack Smith would ever accuse him of being a responsible prosecutor.

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Mike Huckabee

Nothing to see here:

Just a report that an investigator working with Trump prosecutor Jack Smith and the judge in the case both donated thousands of dollars to the campaigns of Joe Biden and other Democrats. Did you really expect anything different?

End runs

The Biden White House might win a Heisman Trophy for all the end runs they’ve made around Congress, the courts and the Constitution. Whenever some authority tells them they don’t have the power to do what they want, they just cite some loophole and do it anyway. The latest example is that after the Supreme Court slapped down Biden’s $480 billion student loan bailout, he came up with another way to cancel $39 billion worth of student loan debt. But that attempted end run might yet be flagged.

The New Civil Liberties Alliance has filed a lawsuit on behalf of free market think tank Mackinac Center for Public Policy and libertarian think tank the Cato Institute. They say this latest plan to stick taxpayers with paying off student loans they didn’t take out is also illegal and exceeds Biden’s authority, and they want a court to block it until this is adjudicated.

The Biden Department of Education put out a statement blasting the lawsuit as "a desperate attempt from right wing special interests to keep hundreds of thousands of borrowers in debt."  But hold on: is it really eeeevil rightwing lawyers keeping borrowers in debt, or was that done by the very people who borrowed the money and haven’t paid it back?

I’m all for finding some relief for people who were misled into taking out loans for degrees that couldn’t get them jobs that pay enough to pay off their student loans. That might involve lowering interest, restricting payments or some other measures. Or maybe their colleges should give them a refund (I see a lot of people with college degrees whom I think should demand a refund.) But it's not acceptable to take the debt burden off of the people who willingly assumed it and put it on the backs of people who didn’t.

Related: Speaking of end runs around the Constitution, here’s how the Democrats are trying to obliterate the Second Amendment via executive orders and putting a 1,000% excise tax on specific weapons they don’t like.

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12 minutes of denial

As Democrats try to put Trump in prison for half a millennium for refusing to accept election results, here’s another video of 12 minutes worth of Democrats refusing to accept election results, plus a reminder that the last time Democrats didn’t claim a presidential election was stolen from them was in 1988 when George H.W. Bush won 40 states.

As always, the Babylon Bee sums it up well:

I’m amazed the New York Times actually printed this:

The Times asked a cross-section of Americans what they think about President Biden, and their responses were definitely not as positive as I’m sure the paper hoped they would be. Particularly when they asked people what animal Biden reminded them of.

Biden lied to cover “systematic business operation,” but narrative has collapsed

“...This is the key:  if you look at what’s happened with the Biden narrative, it’s completely collapsed.  And, honestly, I don’t know how any self-respecting journalist is gonna pay attention to anything that the Bidens say, because of how many times they’ve been lied to.”

I think most of us who have a clue have reached that point, though we recognize the term “self-respecting journalist” as virtually an oxymoron.  But this was investigative reporter and “follow-the-money” bestselling author Peter Schweizer --- also president of the Government Accountability Institute --- speaking with FOX NEWS’ Maria Bartiromo on Sunday. 

The remark came after his mention of the personal phone carried by Joe Biden but paid for by Rosemont Seneca, Hunter’s company.  Obviously, “this was a systematic business operation that the Bidens were running --- to sell access, to sell influence.”  By Schweizer’s calculation, the Bidens got $30 million from the Chinese, plus millions from the Ukrainians, Russians and others. 

“It’s an astronomical number when you look at it in the larger context.”

Bartiromo asked him about Burisma founder Zlochevsky’s alleged statement that he had 17 recordings with both Hunter and Joe Biden that he was holding as “insurance.”  Schweizer thought that if there was a phone conversation between Zlochevsky and Joe Biden, it would be on that phone.  “I think there were probably phone calls with other foreign nationals as well,” he said.

He sees no reason why this phone shouldn’t be available to the [House Oversight] committee and to the public, and it should be subpoenaed if it hasn’t been already.  (It’s not an official government phone; we would guess that was the idea, as with Hillary’s private email server.)  “That’s going to be a crucial part of this record,” he said.

As we’ve pointed out, this doesn’t just have to do with Burisma Holdings per se.  “As Zlochevsky the head of Burisma is making those allegations to the confidential human source [as noted in the FBI’s “1023”], another person said to be present at those meetings was an individual that works for President Zelenskyy of Ukraine,” Schweizer said.  “That means, certainly, that if that conversation took place, I would imagine President Zelenskyy knows of the claims that Burisma bribed Joe Biden.

“That’s the kind of leverage in the context of Ukraine or China that is extremely worrisome, and that’s what should be driving this investigation.”

Heading into the Devon Archer testimony, he’d been concerned because Archer’s attorney was Boies Schiller, the same big-Democrat firm where Hunter worked as a lawyer from 2009 to 2014.  (Aside:  our guess is that he was more of a “rainmaker,” not a practicing attorney.)  But he was pleasantly surprised by the “measured and focused” testimony given by Archer, who struck him as “the adult in the room.”  He confirmed the worst suspicions, Schweizer said, which had to do with Joe Biden being “the product that this firm was selling.”

He thinks the next shoe to drop will be that of another Biden business associate, Eric Schwerin.  Archer was the “deal guy,” Schweizer said, but Schwerin was “the money guy.”  He moved the money around, including money destined for Joe Biden’s accounts.

“When he testifies before the [Oversight] committee, it’s going to be interesting to see what he says and what pressure he might be under from this administration.”

The interview is a must-see.  It has a lead-in from House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jim Jordan, but that segues into the Schweizer conversation…

Former DOJ prosecutor Jim Trusty, in an interview Sunday with Mark Levin, noted that, given the gutting of attorney-client privilege in the effort to take down Trump in the J6 indictment, our DOJ is showing how different the standard is for investigating the Bidens.  The IRS whistleblowers on the Hunter Biden case, he said, went to the U.S. attorney ready to do a search warrant for documents belonging to Hunter, but that attorney not only refused but, unbelievably, called Hunter’s lawyers to give them a heads-up.  “In my book,” Trusty said, “that’s basically obstruction of justice.”

Contrast this with what happened in the Trump classified documents case.  A high-level DOJ attorney, according to a sworn statement to a federal judge, told defense attorney Stanley Woodward essentially that it would be a shame if he endangered his pending judge-ship by not “flipping” his client against Trump.

“Again, it’s extortion,” Trusty said.  “And so the people we’re entrusting in our federal justice system to fairly and impartially and transparently pursue justice are actually obstructionists, because they’re so hell-bent on going after one target.”

“...There’s evidence from both of those cases,” he said, “that suggests this Department of Justice, if those accusations are right, has no compunction about breaking the rules, about destroying the rule of law, because of their political interest in being ‘the ones’ who got President Trump.”

There’s much more that he says “smells rotten.”  See his entire interview here...

Former acting Attorney General Matt Whitaker was a guest on Levin’s show as well, noting that Hunter’s plea deal, in giving him immunity but saying the investigation was ongoing --- which, by the way, makes NO SENSE --- was shielding the DOJ from Congress ever looking into it.  Fortunately, Judge Mary Ellen Noreika saw through that.  The DOJ is, in effect, representing Joe Biden and his family, just as much as Hunter’s own lawyers are.

Whitaker agreed that by cooperating with his son’s requests, Joe Biden was a co-conspirator in his son’s violation of FARA.  All it takes is “one overt act” and this involved 20 phone calls --- that we know of --- and participating in face-to-face meetings as well.  There must be a special counsel, he said.  (We would add that this individual would have to be chosen by a panel of judges --- certainly not by Merrick Garland.)

James Lynch at DAILY CALLER recalls the times during the 2020 campaign when President Trump made assertions about then-candidate Joe Biden’s connections to Hunter’s foreign business that were dismissed at the time but that turned out to be spot-on.  By November of 2019, of course, the FBI was already well aware of the Biden family business and even had Hunter’s laptop safely under wraps.  We can look back at this now and marvel at what a liar Biden was.  Note also how moderator Chris Wallace changed the conversation just when it was getting good.

The above story mentions that a text allegedly sent by Hunter Biden in 2017 to a CEFC associate says the Bidens are “best” at assisting his boss.  That quote in particular stood out to legal professor Jonathan Turley.

“The Bidens are the best I know at doing exactly what the Chairman wants from this [partnership],” Hunter told Gongwen Dong (a.k.a. Kevin).  Turley calls this message “the perfect epitaph for the entire Biden corruption scandal.”  He also notes that the lack of media interest in that dinner Joe attended with Hunter’s foreign associates mirrors their dismissal of Hunter’s laptop, a pattern which he calls “the hallmark of a state media, by consent rather than coercion.”

That column is a must-read, and so is his previous one, about the damage inflicted on our system by Jack Smith’s attempt to bag Trump at any cost.  “I remain deeply concerned,” Turley says, “over the implications of free speech from this prosecution.”

“Indeed,” he says,” the general dismissal of these concerns by legal experts shows how our current rage politics blinds us to dangers even to our own fundamental rights.”  It’s a must-read, showing why this abuse of the system absolutely must end in utter failure.

We like what actor and clever political commentator James Woods had to say in a Twitter post (now that Twitter allows such posts).  Woods thinks Trump will increasingly be appreciated for fighting back, now that it’s obvious the Democrats have “a candidate who can’t say hello without lying.”

Jim Thompson at REDSTATE has a different prediction:  that Jack Smith’s DC jury will convict Trump and the Supreme Court will vacate it.  Sure, most of us would predict that, but Thompson also believes it’s all part of Smith’s plan to interfere with the 2020 election.  Thompson says this would hand the Democrat base another “the Supreme Court is illegitimate” gift, firing them up as never before for the election that fall.  I would add that this wild anti-Trump movement would be unleashed no matter who the Democrat candidate turns out to be.

Finally, Sundance at CONSERVATIVE TREEHOUSE has done some digging, and it’s worth a deep dive yourself into the law enforcement bureaucracy as it relates to former attorney general Bill Barr.  Sundance tracked the Mueller investigation into a system that hides the larger picture --- “the unlawful targeting of a presidential candidate [the Russia Hoax], and then a subsequent coup against that candidate after the election,” culminating, of course, in Jack Smith’s plan now.  Barr is part of that system, he says.  We can’t see the complete picture of the weaponized government, he says, because it resides in separate compartments intended to block the sunlight.  For when you have time…


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  • Stephen K Lentz

    08/08/2023 10:11 AM

    "For that reason, they have to be like bad magicians and create endless distractions to keep the public from noticing their trickery."

    And it WORKS for them!!! You rinos have all kinds of ammunition to go up against the jackasses but you NEVER USE IT!!!! And WHY??? It must be because you share in the power and corrupt cash you get while the jackasses destroy America!!

  • Stephen K Lentz

    08/08/2023 10:08 AM

    "They would lose in any A-B comparison of liberal vs. conservatives policies."

    WAKE UP!!!! The majority of the sheeple and VAST majority of the gen z and millennials WANT all the BS the jack ass lib tards have used to BRAINWASH them. AND you rinos have allowed this to happen and DO NOTHING as usual to stop it except spew the same old rhetoric from your pie holes to feed your huge arrogant obnoxious narcissistic egos!!!

  • Paul Kern

    08/07/2023 09:12 PM

    I foresee a bloody election next year. The left is out for blood. Supported by globalist Republicans also. Many church leaders and religious organizations already bought off. Up to the millions of conservatives with God's help to right the ship of state!