June 5, 2020


June 5, 2020 

By Mike Huckabee



In breaking news, the Senate Homeland Security Committee has voted to authorize subpoenas for what looks to be all the major Obama-era officials who played roles in the “Russia hoax.” (I take that back; didn’t see Obama or Biden on the list. But Sidney Blumenthal is there.) The time really has come to bring this incredible abuse of investigative power to the forefront.

For now, it’s been interesting to look at a few takes on Wednesday’s Rod Rosenstein testimony. Dan Bongino, in his Thursday podcast, agreed with me that it was a total debacle, that the former deputy attorney general “humiliated himself.”

Like me, Bongino knew he was watching a “slithering snake” try to slip out of taking real responsibility for signing a warrant application full of false information. In fact, he highlighted the same piece of testimony that I did yesterday. Rosenstein: “I approved the submission of it, and four federal judges signed off on it too, Senator [Josh Hawley of Missouri], because, like me, they believed the information had been verified and was accurate.”



This sounds like one of those “feel good” laws that was passed by people who weren’t thinking so good. In Florida, there’s a law banning the sale of guns and ammunition during a declared state of emergency due to riot or civil unrest. Citizens are also banned from carrying a gun or ammo while in public during such times.

If you don’t think too deeply about this, it kind of makes sense. You don’t want rioters having easy access to weapons, right? Or hotheads committing violence. But hold on: the rioters are already rioting and committing violence. They’re throwing bricks and setting fires and looting. The people who need guns are law-abiding citizens trying to protect themselves from rioters and criminals. At the precise moment when they most need self-defense, this law prevents them from obtaining it or carrying it in public.

This should serve as a warning to law-abiding citizens to prepare in advance for times when they might need to defend their homes and families. I’ve heard that a lot of gun-hating liberals in riot-torn blue cities are trying to buy guns to protect their families, homes and businesses and discovering to their panic that gun stores are sold-out, closed or there’s that pesky waiting period that they demanded. Now they know how a woman who’s had her life threatened by a violent ex-boyfriend feels when she's told she has to wait a week or so to buy a gun.

The really dumb part of this law is that if it’s meant to keep guns out of the hands of criminals, any who want them probably already obtained them before they started robbing and looting. At least, they’d better have, because if they think they’re going to get them by looting a gun store, that might also be an example of not thinking so good.


Alleged “award-winning multimedia journalist” David Leavitt tweeted on Tuesday that “a 13-year-old ‘had a gun’” and the NYPD shot him “NINETEEN TIMES!!! And Republicans still wonder why there’s protests in all 50 states.”

After that post very quickly racked up nearly 17,000 retweets and over 13 million views, plus a number of outraged comments and the trending hashtag “#19times” on Twitter, the NYPD rushed to correct it. The person shot wasn’t 13. He was 34. And it wasn’t that he “had a gun,” but that he definitely HAD a gun. He had reportedly just used it to shoot another man, and body cam footage proved that he refused to put it down and pointed it at the police, even after they repeatedly told him to drop it. But at this writing, the tweet is still on his page; neither he nor Twitter’s vaunted “fact-checkers” have removed it.

In short, the only part of Leavitt’s tweet that was accurate is that there are indeed 50 states. So give this man another “journalism” award. Is there an award for “Most Irresponsible Alleged Journalist”?


Behold the face of liberal “white privilege,” cheering on the burning of minority neighborhoods in the name of “justice” while safely ensconced far away from the flames. Warning: some very rough language:

James Lileks does a terrific job of schooling her about some of the people her radical politics are harming, from a black bar owner whose business was destroyed to a Minneapolis Native American center that lost everything, including irreplaceable historic records. As Lileks puts it so well, this is what happens when you let “politics fill the space where a heart should be.”


Comic/podcaster Adam Carolla is blasting Walmart for its decision not to carry the DVD of “No Safe Spaces,” the excellent and chilling documentary that he and Dennis Prager created about the efforts to silence free speech, particularly by the left on college campuses. Carolla pointed out the irony that Walmart won’t carry a movie "about the importance of allowing Americans to share ideas freely.” He said, “You can't make this stuff up. It's a free country, and Walmart is free to ban our movie, but our fans are also free to let Walmart know how they feel about that."

In its defense, Walmart says they’re carrying the book based on the film, but DVD space is based off “data-driven customer insights” and its $1.3 million box office shows it doesn’t have enough commercial appeal. However, most documentaries don’t make nearly that much (“No Safe Spaces” was the top-earning political documentary of last year), and since it’s hard for them to find theater screens, they depend on DVDs and streaming to reach an audience.

I hope Walmart will reconsider this decision. In light of what we are seeing now across the country – the burning and looting instigated by some of the same radical elements discussed in the film, who are expanding from campuses to entire cities, and, yes, looting big box stores – it’s imperative that everyone in America see this documentary to learn who and what we’re dealing with, how we allowed it to get to this point, and why it must be stopped before free speech is silenced permanently

To learn more about the film, stream it now or order the DVD online, go to


You might have heard about that statement released by former Defense Secretary Gen. James Mattis, accusing President Trump of making a “mockery” of the Constitution, of being the first President in his lifetime who tries to divide the people (say, didn’t he work under Obama?) and of threatening a military assault against peaceful protesters who are simply seeking justice. He adds, almost as an aside, that “we must not be distracted by a small number of lawbreakers.”

Actually, Trump has made it crystal clear that he agrees with the prosecution of the officers responsible for the death of George Floyd (he put the FBI on the case), and he supports the First Amendment rights of peaceful protesters. That alleged “small number of lawbreakers” are hardly a footnote, they’re the entire problem. The threat to use the military was made because they are wreaking havoc on our cities by burning, looting and rioting. If this were simply a peaceful protest, or if the mayors and Governors of those areas weren’t proving incapable of or unwilling to stop the violence, there would be no need for threat of federal intervention. And far from being unprecedented and unconstitutional, Trump’s threat is perfectly legal under the Insurrection Act, which has been invoked over a dozen times by previous Presidents, most recently to end the Rodney King riots in Los Angeles.

So in short, Mattis’ claims are divorced from reality and make no sense. Trump is threatening to use a power used by other Presidents before him to end violence and rioting, not to launch a D-Day type assault on peaceful protesters. As puts it succinctly, Gen. Mattis’ statement, with all due respect, is “just nuts.”

But click the link to read more because they go into some much-needed background details that might help explain why he released it. They also note that if Mattis is so opposed to dividing the American people, then why did he say nothing about the incredibly divisive Russian collusion hoax for three years, even though he had knowledge about Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn that could have stopped it before it got started.

Bible Verse of the Day (KJV)

He healeth the broken in heart,and bindeth up their wounds.

Psalm 147:3 (KJV)


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  • George Murrey

    06/05/2020 05:11 PM

    In reference to Gen Mattis, a lib friend of mine (he's never liked the pres and never really stated why but to have him step down) posted how he liked the general and that he's the best. So to keep others from seeing what I posted from RedState, I copied and pasted about the disgraced guy on instant message. How insane is it from a guy who won't follow the President's lead by putting false claims information? I'll probably get an instant message tonight and tell me I'm full of you know what.
    Stay alert governor and keep me posted.

  • Michael L. Sanders, Sr.

    06/05/2020 03:24 PM

    I applauded when Gen Mattis was placed over the Pentagon. Wasn't he forced to retire by Obama? Now I am losing respect for him. He is beginning to act like a democrat liberal. I think President Trump was right to remove him. Is he out to get revenge for his removal by President Trump?

  • Floyd Unger

    06/05/2020 12:46 PM

    I already commented

  • Linda Wolfe

    06/05/2020 11:22 AM

    At least Leavitt knows there are 50 states. Obama said "I've been to 57 states and have one more to go to".
    Even I know there are 48 states___ JUST JOKING___ There were when I was a child.

  • Jay H Mohler

    06/05/2020 10:57 AM

    It would be great if the news papers that push these false news stories could be sued for defamation!

  • Stephen Russell

    06/05/2020 10:04 AM

    Police defunding outcomes:
    o Vigilante groups rise
    o suburbs become forts.
    o everyone is armed or OK with arms
    o Crime up
    o Us vs Them.
    o On site justice, IE lynchings or worse.
    o Media models; Terminator 3, Mad Max, Omega Man