June 7, 2019


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Today's Commentary ---  Mueller/FBI played dirty with Manafort and Flynn; Flynn wants to withdraw guilty plea  --- Paul Manafort update: What can we do? -- Misleading ---- Crowder demonetized -- History Repeats Itself, and Joe Biden Repeats History --- Democratic Mental Health News Roundup:   -- Warning --- Evening Edition -- Daily Verse


As Paul Manafort anticipates transfer to RIKERS ISLAND to await charges by the state of New York for additional financial crimes, John Solomon reports that Robert Mueller’s special counsel report significantly distorted the background of a Ukrainian businessman with whom Manafort had business ties, saying that he was a Russian intel agent.

Sounds sinister, doesn’t it? But Konstantin Kilimnik was, in reality, a ‘sensitive’ intelligence source for the U.S. State Department, not Russia. He was one of their most reliable and valuable sources on what was going on inside the Ukrainian government. State Department officials had told the FBI that it didn’t seem Kilimnik held any allegiance to Moscow at all, and that he was, in fact, highly critical of Russia’s invasion of Crimea. Mueller had to be well aware of all this. He had had in his possession since 2018 hundreds of pages of government documents such as “302” interview reports, from both the FBI and State Department, that attested to this. By leaving it out and painting Kilimnik as a Russian agent, he managed to make former Trump campaign chairman Manafort look like a possible conspirator.


With gratitude,

Mike Huckabee

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Paul Manafort update: What can we do?

By Mike Huckabee

Since writing about the ruling to transfer Paul Manafort from a minimum-security federal prison for nonviolent offenders in Pennsylvania to the notorious Rikers Island state prison in New York, I’ve received many responses from horrified readers asking, “Isn’t there anything we can do?”

Rikers Island is consistently on the list of the ten worst prisons in the U.S., and for years, many have been calling for it to be shut down. For a 70-year-old, nonviolent, white-collar criminal who is no threat to anyone to be sent there is shocking. I wanted to know more about what this really will be like for Manafort and turned up an article about his transfer by someone who spent a year there himself.

The author is apparently an expert of sorts on prisons, having been incarcerated for a total of ten years, one of which was at Rikers. It’s every bit as dangerous and nightmarish as I imagined it would be. And, apparently, being in “PC” (protective custody) is even WORSE than being in the general population, as it’s extremely restrictive and the word “protective” is a joke to anyone who’s determined.




By Mike Huckabee

In further "fake news" news, I used to appear regularly on “The Daily Show” when Jon Stewart was the host.  Even though we agreed on very little politically, we got along fine, and he always treated me cordially.  Of course, I appeared live on stage with him, not in pre-recorded interviews that could be misleadingly edited to make me look foolish.  This tactic became so well known that conservatives who agreed to an interview started insisting on bringing their own cameras to film the entire thing, so that if they were taken wildly out of context, they’d have proof.  I’ve heard that this is the reason why you don’t see too many of those interviews on the show anymore: it’s not that conservatives won’t talk to them, it’s just that they won’t let themselves be sandbagged anymore.

Unfortunately, New York Post columnist Karol Markowicz must not have gotten the memo because she agreed to sit down with “The Daily Show” for a two-hour interview on socialism, why it’s so awful, and why leftists like Bernie Sanders are deliberately misrepresenting what it would mean if it ever came to America. She included a story about her great-grandfather, who died in a Soviet gulag.


When the show aired, her interview consisted of one clip of less than a minute, using that tragic personal story to set up a distasteful joke mocking the accusation nobody ever made that Bernie would bring gulags to America. 

I urge you to click that link to read Ms Markowicz’s account, not only to hear what she really said about socialism that “The Daily Show” thought wasn’t worth sharing with its young viewers who foolishly rely on it as a news source, but for the ways in which she nails the outright lies told by Bernie that the show, and so-called serious news outlets, let him get away with.

By the way, as she notes, I wonder how many of Bernie’s misled young fans who want America to be like Sweden (not a socialist country, FYI) realize that if we adopted the Swedish system, they’d have to pay for all that “free” stuff by having their income tax rate raised from 10% to 32%, plus pay a 25% tax on virtually everything they buy.  


Crowder demonetized

By Mike Huckabee

When social media sites began blocking fringe figures like Alex Jones, there were those like me who warned that once it was established that free speech online could be policed and limited, it would not stop there.  Now, here’s the latest proof:

YouTube has demonetized conservative comedian Steven Crowder (that means his videos aren’t banned, but he can’t make ad revenue off of them, which is a serious blow to anyone’s ability to keep making videos).  This came after a liberal writer for Vox complained that Crowder’s lampooning of him was hurtful to his feelings (try reading my Twitter comments, pal.) YouTube responded that after a thorough review of Crowder’s videos, they found that he did not violate the terms of service – and then, the next day, they demonetized him anyway.


Crowder can be rude, crude and in-your-face, but no more so than the constant savaging of President Trump by leftwing late night “comedians” and YouTube commentators whose videos make up a big part of the site’s most popular content.  Crowder responded that he’s not going away, but warned, “The new Adpocalypse is coming. It’s coming for a lot of you. It’s coming hard. It’s going to be happening fast and strong, and it’s probably going to be happening to a lot more of you than you realize.”

And Crowder had barely said that before it started coming true...


Crowder has enough followers that perhaps the public backlash will make YouTube (owned by Google) reverse this egregious decision.  The link above has more info, and this is a developing story, so check back for updates. 

In the meantime, this might be a good place to remind you that I’ve opened an account at www.Parler.com, the new Twitter-like site that claims it protects free speech.  You can sign up for free and find me there at @MikeHuckabee.  You know…just in case. 


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History Repeats Itself, and Joe Biden Repeats History

By Mike Huckabee

History Repeats Itself, and Joe Biden Repeats History:  Joe Biden has been dogged before by charges of plagiarism, the worst in 1988, when his presidential campaign crashed and burned over his blatant pilfering of a speech by British Labour Party leader, Neil Kinnock.  Joe even copied Kinnock’s gesture toward his wife in the audience, though to his credit, he did not grope Kinnock’s wife.  Nor attempt a British accent.

And now, history is repeating itself, with new charges that his environmental and education plans on his website contain language taken directly from other sites. 


Normally, I wouldn’t judge this too harshly.  After all, there are only so many ways to say, “The sky is falling, give the government all your money!”  And it’s very likely Biden had nothing to do with the actual “writing” of his proposals, which was probably done by junior staffers who weren't even alive in 1988.  Still, this brings up two worrisome points:

1. You’d think that anyone with Biden’s history of plagiarism charges would have been more careful and shown better judgement in hiring people who understood that plagiarism was a giant red flag for him.

2.  It again illustrates the bias of the media.  The same outlets that begin any story about Trump by searching for any negative spin (I kid you not: this week, he was savaged over the tailoring of the suit he wore to meet Queen Elizabeth to commemorate D-Day) are doing everything possible to downplay and dismiss the latest Biden plagiarism charge.  Michael Grunwald of Politico argued, “That’s not ‘plagiarism.’ That’s ‘agreeing.’”  Only if we agree that it’s plagiarism.


In response to these new charges of plagiarism, Biden released this statement:

“As I’ve always said, insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result. Still, to err is human, to forgive divine.  Even though that which does not kill me makes me stronger, I have learned that if you want something done right, you do it yourself.  To thine own self be true, say I.  Also, with great power comes great responsibility.  So even though my proposals are like a box of chocolates – you never know what you’ll get (and you can’t always get what you want!) -- from now on, I will speak for myself, John.  In conclusion, it’s time to move on.  Dot org.  Now, everybody have fun tonight!  Everybody Wang Chung tonight!”

(Note to Snopes.com: That’s not an actual statement from Biden.  It’s parody, so no need to fact-check it.  FYI: Parody is a concept I plagiarized from MAD magazine.) 


Democratic Mental Health News Roundup

By Mike Huckabee

Democratic Mental Health News Roundup:  It’s been reported that with impeachment looking like a pipe dream, some Democratic leaders are considering alternatives, such as "censure" or trying to force President Trump out of office by getting some doctors who’ve never met him to declare him mentally “unfit.” Seems like a case of projection to me.

After all, it wasn’t Trump who spent over two years and $35 million chasing a “Russian collusion” conspiracy theory that was ludicrous from the outset and proved to be a delusion.  It’s also not Trump who still believes in the debunked delusion. 

Or what about the delusion that if they can just dig through Trump’s old tax records, they’ll find something to arrest him for (because Trump not only did his own taxes, he sent incriminating evidence to the IRS)?  Wednesday, it was reported that Nancy Pelosi said Trump should be arrested, and Elizabeth Warren said that after reading the Mueller report, she thinks Trump should be “in handcuffs” (that would be the report that said there was no evidence Trump or anyone around him colluded with Russia, and that even his worst enemies couldn’t make the case for obstruction of justice.) 


Maybe they think he should be thrown in prison for the crime of disagreeing with them.  Sounds as if they have delusions of grandeur.  No wonder they wanted Obamacare to cover mental health treatment.

I’d warn them that they are playing with fire. If we start requiring that everyone in Washington be mentally fit before holding office, it could wipe out the entire Democratic leadership and a good number of the rank-and-file Congress members.



By Mike Huckabee

Warning: This link contains adult subject matter pertaining to sexuality, transgenderism and other sensitive topics. It shows that the G and B in LGBTQ had better take cover because a war is brewing between the L and the T.  It also contains one of the best examples I’ve yet seen of how quickly society can go spiraling into madness when we start letting everyone create their own reality and demand that everyone else abide by it. 

I dare you to read this entire article all the way to the end without your head spinning and your eyes crossing.  Imagine “Alice in Wonderland,” only Alice is a boy in a dress who identifies as a lesbian with male genitalia and demands that real lesbians find him attractive or else be accused of a hate crime. 



Evening Edition - June 6

By Mike Huckabee

A wrap-up of all the news you might have missed yesterday!


Daily Verse (NIV)

"The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full."

– John 10:10

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  • Judi L Duffy

    06/08/2019 02:52 AM

    Gov. Mike: Parler (pronounced par-lay). I think we should all do migration out of FB and go direct to Parler!

  • Dusty

    06/07/2019 12:23 PM

    At my old age of 76 and a woman and a nurse I am trying now to figure out what all of this LGBTQ . I have never known of anyone who thought they were another sex then what born with. Never had one as a patient. I know of this being out there in society. Now we have Bruce Jenner who in his 60 changed. At my age and what Bruce did I am like WHY now Bruce? What have you done to your family. 3 marriages how many kids and now grand kids too? We have to have PRIDE parades to show your sexuality WHY? I have had gay friends on both sides and most got along without a problem. Legal they said was wrong so they had to get marriage and totally disagree on this if religious. Could have been done by laws also? Now we get attacks on someone who disagrees a baker and others now? WHY? Not a govt thing my choice and others choice on how they believe. Making things worse now. I am trying to figure out the use of a bathroom per what you identify. My son one is 6'7" played football and if he thinks he is a woman and comes into my bathroom what a shock and you have little kids in the bathroom? Teach this whole concept to elementary now not on my watch . Sex is a decision per parents not per a politician like in Hawaii asking on abortion I would have been furious was she for real this woman there? Time now to stand up for our real beliefs and stop being hit per not Christian . Upset media when attack the Muslims who hate us in their religion study this I know per family in the Middle East and others who lived there? See one place now it was trying to approve childrens' pictures for Pedophiles this is what we come to. Read "The Rise and Fall of The Roman Empire", true history.