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May 22, 2021

Today’s Democrats believe you should “never let a crisis go to waste.” Usually, that means passing a lot of deficit spending and government-expanding legislation. But in the case of New Jersey Democratic Sen. Tom Malinowski, it appears to mean quietly making a killing buying and selling stocks in medical and tech companies involved in the coronavirus response while publicly condemning others who try to profit off the pandemic.

As the A.P. notes in the linked story, there’s no indication that Malinowski engaged in insider trading, but the general scenario just looks like a huge conflict of interest, and his failure to report his trades and profits has resulted in two complaints against him with the Office of Congressional Ethics. Yes, there really is such a thing!

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  • jerry cross

    05/25/2021 08:13 AM

    Its a lot different when you Create a crisis to win an Election. I saw photo's of people eating Bat soup in China Just before the release of the Virus "how convenient" why wouldn't they let people inspect the Lab, Ignoring the Border Crisis is Directly to build their DemocRat base No other reason, they don't care about people they care about Power at any cost, Look at all they did to steal the Election, Somebody got paid well to work the Machines!