October 2, 2017

Over the weekend, there were two seeming terrorist attacks. At a train station in Marseilles, France, two young women aged 17 and 20 were stabbed to death by a man of reported “North African appearance” who was shouting “Allahu Akbar!” Guards shot him to death. He was linked to at least seven fake identities in France and Africa, and was arrested by the police for shoplifting, but released the day before the attack. ISIS later took credit, claiming he was one of their “soldiers.” This is the latest in a long string of similar attacks in France.

Meanwhile, Saturday night in Edmonton, Canada, a man crashed a car with an ISIS flag on the seat through a police barrier near a sporting event, striking a police officer, then got out and started stabbing the injured cop. He failed to wrestle away the officer’s gun and fled. He was later stopped by police while driving a U-Haul. He again fled, deliberately hitting pedestrians and sending four people to the hospital before the truck overturned and he was caught.

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He’s now been identified as Abdulahi Hasan Sharif, a Somali national who arrived in Canada as a “refugee.” He was a so-called “known wolf” that authorities were supposed to be keeping watch on, but a fat lot of good that did. As the linked story notes, President Trump has tried to block refugees from certain terrorist-plagued nations until there was some way to vet them. Liberals here have been clogging the courts, fighting tooth and nail to stop Trump’s efforts. And yes, one of those nations on his list is Somalia.

We’ll find out soon whether the Supreme Court agrees that letting known wolves at the door come into our house would be a smart idea.



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  • B. L. Murdock

    10/04/2017 08:04 AM

    Far as I’m concerned the travel ban should be permanent, and more should be added. Now thanks to President Trump honoring the insane deal made by Obama and Australia we are going to be accepting approx 2,700 hard core muslim terrorists. Australia keeps them on an island and won’t allow them into their country, why the heck are we. They should be sent back to their countries of origin, we don’t want or need them. How can our government be so stupid, they are supposed to protect our citizens and homeland. Instead they’re opening the door to terrorist “refugees.”

  • Bud Lidzy

    10/04/2017 01:35 AM

    Governor, We miss you in Arkansas but thank you so much for reporting your perspective. Our news sources are limited and mostly untrustworthy. Keep up the good work.

  • Sue Haikkila

    10/04/2017 12:21 AM

    Mike, I look forward to reading your comments each night. I agree with you almost 100% and enjoy your humor. Maybe at some point you could expose some of the big wheels who really drive our sold-out politicians and media from behind the scenes, for example, members of the Illuminati. Might cost you your life or your family's though.

  • Carole Moltz

    10/03/2017 06:30 PM

    I think you are spot on with your assessment. Countries like France, Great Britian and others who have open door policies have been easy targets for these "wolves" and have paid dearly for it. I fully support the travell ban. The only exceptions would be former civilian translators etc who risked their lives to assist the US military.

  • jack macdonald

    10/03/2017 05:17 PM

    I second the comments left by the others and want to tell you that I thoroughly enjoy the newsletter. I vote Republican only because they are only slightly less of a disaster, but a disaster non the less. What a choice we citizens have to make! Our way of govt is not working and the politicians have separated themselves from us and made rules to suit themselves. Total hypocrites.

  • Ann Bruce de Pineda

    10/03/2017 01:59 PM

    Your comments usually show wisdom and diplomacy. You and your daughter Sarah (I'm sure your wife and the Holy Spirit are the power behind the throne.) show how the people of the United States should behave. Maybe you should be an advisor to POTUS. You were always courteous to the people who visited your show, regardless of their political affiliation.

  • Beth Smith

    10/03/2017 12:40 PM

    And yet no one is calling for a ban on cars or butcher knives. What about pressure cookers? One of the hottest-selling items for Christmas and has been used to kill people. Where is the outrage?

  • Linda Cowley

    10/02/2017 11:50 PM

    I thoroughly enjoy and appreciate your honest reporting and opinion. Thank you for your hard work.