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June 13, 2023



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For even the Son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve, and to give his life as a ransom for many.

Mark 10:45


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I talked yesterday with Carl Higbie on Newsmax’s “Frontline” about the rising radicalism and overreach of the transgender movement.

The truth

Watch top liberals tacitly admit that for all their balloon juice about caring about the rule of law, their real goal is just keeping Trump from running again…

Corrupt Democrats have all sorts of reasons to be terrified of another Trump term, but I wonder if it’s dawned on them yet that by weaponizing the DOJ to prosecute a former President for things that many of them have done and not been prosecuted (yet), they’ve established a little thing called “precedent.”

America the Beautiful

God's creation is all around us.  We are blessed with his bounty.  Take a moment to enjoy it.

The Unabomber dies in prison

It was reported Saturday that the notorious “Unabomber,” Theodore Kaczynski, was found dead in his prison cell at 81. Immediately, the Internet was swamped with tweets reading, “The Unabomber didn’t commit suicide” in mocking reference to Jeffrey Epstein’s mysterious death. Ironically, it’s now being reported that Kaczynski’s death was by suicide.

Someone else made the observation that with his reported “gender confusion” and his violent, radical environmentalist views, if he’d just gone into politics instead of mailing people bombs, he’d probably be an 81-year-old Senator now, and using legislation to destroy people’s lives and businesses instead of explosives.

The Babylon Bee approached the news from a different angle…

Bud Light, Target update

This is an update on Bud Light and Target, two major corporations in free fall because they embraced the radical woke, trans agenda.

Both seemed to think consumers would forget after a while and it would all blow over, but it appears that it’s not. Many Americans are simply fed up with having this stuff crammed down their throats. By and large, everyday Americans are very live-and-let-live, but try to force things on them that violate their values, or cross the big, red line of trying to indoctrinate children, and they wake up and take their money elsewhere.

While there’s not much new in that article, other than an update on how much further it’s gone from bad to worse for those companies, it’s definitely worth reading. The author, Warner Todd Huston, makes some good points such as this: “Conservatives are affecting change by raising their voice with their votes at the ballot box and using their strength as consumers. Whereas liberals destroy property, attack people physically, shut down government with protests inside state capitol buildings, quash free speech, and otherwise perpetrate or threaten violence.” 

True, and yet media reports about the problems of these companies are desperately trying to frame this as if it’s the conservatives who are terrorists, and using the most incendiary leading language possible, like “transphobic, rightwing backlash.” One MSNBC commentator even claimed the Target boycott was literally “economic terrorism.” Yes, burning down cities is not terrorism, but choosing to buy your socks and batteries at Walmart instead of the place with “tuck-friendly” children’s swimsuits IS terrorism.

The great thing about these stories is that not only are corporations learning that they can’t force this garbage onto their customers without paying a heavy price for it, but the media is learning that large numbers of Americans don’t care how the media slander them because they've figured out that they’re just transparent partisan shills and completely ignore them. That’s one big reason why so many of them are slashing their staffs to deal with cratering revenues.

I wonder how long it will take these “journalists” before they finally realize they are in the same sinking boat as Bud Light and Target.


Tennis star sets record

Tennis pro Novak Djokovic set a new record by winning his 23rd men’s Grand Slam singles championship at the French Open at age 36. It’s even more impressive considering that for over two years, he was blocked from flying to the US, deported from Australia and otherwise prevented from competing because he refused to take the COVID vaccine.

On the other hand, the latest win was probably easier since all his competitors dropped dead from heart attacks.

Calm down, it’s just a joke! No, seriously, he can now shift gears and start working on his new goal: winning 23 women’s Grand Slam titles.

Hey, I just supply the punchlines. It’s liberals who make it so easy by creating the setups.


The Tony Awards

ABC aired the Tony Awards, which used to be known as the Gay Oscars, but are now known as the Even Gayer Oscars. There was some doubt whether they would air because of the TV writers’ strike, but a deal was struck because Broadway gets only one night a year of free TV promotion to try to convince Americans to come to New York (good luck!) or at least to see one of these shows when it’s on tour. After the long COVID shutdown by politicians that I assume sure all those New York actors voted for, live theater was on life support, so they desperately needed this show to try to win over Middle America.

And this is how they did it: by comparing Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis to a KKK Grand Wizard:

I’m sure my older readers can remember how the Klan used to terrorize Americans by preventing Democrats from giving kids gay porn and chemical castrations. Of course, the theater industry audience erupted in cheers to show they all agreed with that.

I’ll bet some of the producers who put up the money for these shows were praying that having no script would mean no off-putting political virtue-signaling causing millions of people to hit their remotes, but sadly, that’s the one thing today’s actors can do without a script. Does it never occur to them that there might be a connection between all these stories about woke movies bombing and Bud Light’s sale cratering? Like maybe you shouldn’t spit in the face of half your potential audience?

If it’s not yet clear, here’s another example: there’s a new family comedy movie out that co-stars Robert DeNiro. He’s infamous for cursing and threatening Trump (at the Tony Awards, in fact – and that was greeted with cheers, too), and was recently doing it again when he was supposed to be promoting another movie.

I read a review of his family comedy at Hollywood In Toto, the conservative showbiz site. The critic actually gave the movie a good review. But when I checked out the comments section, every last one of them said the same basic thing: I will never pay a nickel to see a movie with Robert DeNiro in it. They didn’t have to be riled up with "rightwing" political rhetoric. DeNiro already riled them up. Their visceral reaction to him now is complete rejection of anything he touches. Yet he keeps getting hired.

For all my life, I’ve heard that the real secret to show business is that it’s first and foremost a business. But the people running it now seem to want it to be a business like Bud Light.


Meet the hair stylist who was fired from her salon for posting her Biblical objection to “Pride Month”

Meet the Virginia Beach hair stylist who was fired from her salon for posting her Biblical objection to “Pride Month” propaganda and Disney’s grooming of children on her personal Facebook page.

The salon owner claimed she wasn’t fired for exercising free speech, but for “insubordination” because she refused to delete her words from her Facebook page after being ordered to. That’s quite a fine distinction. I also love the excuse that other customers were complaining and demanding she be fired for offending their belief in diversity and inclusivity by expressing a viewpoint they disagree with.

The story does end on a hopeful note with these five words in the last paragraph: “she is considering legal options.”


Related: Not every gay person agrees with the radical LGBTQAIXYZ++++ agenda, either:


Here’s the latest male to steal a sports championship from females.

It’s good to see that at last there’s a growing call for female athletes to stop letting themselves be bullied into mouthing insincere support for this assault on their rights and women’s sports, and to refuse to compete as long as this insanity is tolerated.


Major Raid

Congratulations to the Polk County, Florida, Sheriff’s Office Computer Crimes Unit for their major raid and arrest of eight men for allegedly possessing and distributing what they call some of the most “horrific” pornographic videos and images of children (even newborns) that they had ever seen. I won’t go into detail because it’s too disturbing, but you can read more at the link.

As if Disney didn’t have enough image problems already, one of the men arrested in the child porn bust was reportedly a Disney employee. His not-so-secret-anymore agenda has him facing 999 counts of enhanced possession of child pornography and bail of $2.7 million, or $5,000 per charge.


A Note on Elections and Flag Day

By “Huckabee” pop culture guru Pat Reeder

My wife Laura and I had an eventful weekend, but it left me disappointed in some of my fellow Americans. Saturday, we had a city council runoff election and voted near closing time. I thought there must be great turnout, since I had to park a block away from the rec center. But I quickly discovered the big crowd was there for a graduation party. The only other people in the gym where voting took place were the poll workers. The machine said my ballot was the 30th cast that day. That’s for an at-large council seat in a city with a population of over 196,000. Couldn’t some of those people who were in the building anyway at least have bothered to vote?

Well, I hope they like the person that a handful of other voters chose for them. The incumbent who had by far the most votes in the general election just got replaced by a challenger who beat him by 66 votes.

The next day, we attended a patriotic, moving and educational Flag Day ceremony at the Fort Worth Elks Lodge, where Laura beautifully sang the National Anthem. Even though there was a free lunch afterward, at least half the seats were empty. Parents should have brought their kids to hear this, because God knows, they’re not learning it in schools that teach them the flag stands for oppression instead of freedom and is something that it’s okay to disrespect. It was upsetting for me to hear the stories of all the flags that had been carried into battle by American heroes who gave their lives to secure our rights, like the right to vote, when I was thinking of how so many people not only didn’t care enough to show up and honor the flag, they don’t even care enough to vote.

You can complain all you like about the current misleadership, and even blame it on cheating, but it’s said that you can only steal an election when the vote is within the margin of fraud. The fact is that Joe Biden is in the White House because in a handful of swing states, he won by a virtual handful of votes. If the Republican turnout wasn’t 100%, then every Republican who didn’t vote might as well have voted for Biden.

Likewise, why is the Senate controlled by an odious troll like Chuck Schumer? Because in states like Pennsylvania and Georgia, GOP turnout lagged. In Georgia, the drop-off in GOP voters from the general election to the runoff was far greater than Warnock’s margin of victory. Maybe the Republican candidate wasn’t their ideal choice, but did Republicans who didn't vote really want a radical like Warnock, an invalid like Fetterman, and the Senate agenda under the control of Schumer? I hope the couch was extra comfy on election day to make it all worth it.  


FBI source: Ukraine exec who bribed Bidens had recordings of Joe and Hunter

The day before Donald Trump was scheduled to be arraigned in a Miami federal court on charges stemming from his possession of “documents marked classified” at Mar-A-Lago, more potential evidence of Biden family corruption was uncovered in that “1023”:  a claim by the FBI’s confidential human source (CHS) that up to 17 audio recordings were made by the person who allegedly bribed then-Vice President Biden.  The FBI had redacted that information.  The juxtaposition of these two events gives a clear picture of what’s happening in America --- make that “to America” --- in 2023.

Dan Bongino has made no secret of his anxiety concerning President Trump’s safety when he’s brought to court on Tuesday.  There had been reports that no special security measures were being taken (!!!), and this might have been because those most eager to see Trump standing in that courtroom are also most loathe to give him any presidential-looking trappings, such as a long motorcade and noticeable Secret Service presence.

But according to JUST THE NEWS, “federal, state and local authorities are ramping up security at the courthouse ahead of the arraignment.”

They also say that social media and online forums are being monitored for threats of violence, presumably from both Trump-haters and Trump supporters (you know, domestic terrorists).  As of late last night, there had been no reported credible threats.

But the Secret Service had better be there in force.  With Trump’s popularity actually growing as the legal persecution of him intensifies, he faces more hostility than ever from those who hate to see that.  Bongino often talks to current Secret Service agents on the President’s detail, and on a 10-point scale, they tell him it’s up to about 9.

Also, I want to add my voice to what Bongino is saying about not taking the bait in Miami over Trump’s arraignment.  If you want to go and peacefully show support, that’s fine, but Merrick Garland would be giddy with delight if he could have another “J6” to prosecute.  Don’t give the Biden administration that gift.  If anyone in the crowd encourages rough stuff, distance yourself.  Treat them like the feds or Antifa moles that they probably are.

Moving on...Presidential candidate Vivek Ramaswamy, who skewered CNN’s Dana Bash quite delightfully on Sunday over their biased coverage of Trump and Biden, told FOX NEWS’ Brian Kilmeade Monday evening that he’s filed a FOIA (Freedom of Information Act) request --- he considers it “a demand” --- for any communications between the Biden White House and the DOJ, “to figure out what direct or indirect communications there were between Biden, Garland, and [Special Counsel] Jack Smith.”

He said he’s read the indictment, and that it “reeks of politicization all the way down.”  One tip-off was the selective omissions made to the Presidential Records Act, “the most relevant statute to the actual alleged crimes.”  He acknowledges that it would be easier for him if Trump were out of the race, but “that’s not the way I want to win,” he said.  “I want to win this election by convincing the voters that I’m the best person to govern.  That’s the way we do things in America, not by having the federal administrative police state eliminate the competition.”

Just a thought:  he’s also smart enough to know that if he were the frontrunner, they’d try to eliminate him in some similar way.

We’ve covered this case from just about every angle here in the newsletter, but Victoria Taft at PJ MEDIA has a great overview with just the right amount of irreverence for a process that looks increasingly like something out of a banana republic.

For a contrarian view, Ed Morrissey at argues that the Presidential Records Act is not a strong defense for the Trump team:

Before we discuss the breaking news on the Biden family scandal, let’s take a moment for a little “what-about-ism.”  Andrew C. McCarthy has a new op-ed in the NEW YORK POST saying that Biden deserves the same treatment by the legal system as Trump is getting for HIS classified documents scandal.

McCarthy is surprised that, if the documents kept by Trump at Mar-A-Lago were so sensitive, Special Counsel Jack Smith had no qualms about describing them in such detail in the 44-page indictment.  “Having worked for years on national security issues,” he said, “I confess to being surprised at the Biden DOJ’s position that there is no risk in making such descriptions public.”

He suggests that Ohio Rep. Jim Jordan, chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, subpoena Special Counsel Robert Hur, who’s in charge of investigating the Biden document scandal, and FBI Director Chris Wray for “a general description of the documents Biden maintained in such unauthorized locations as his Wilmington, Delaware, home (including, remarkably, his garage), and his private office at the University of Pennsylvania think tank that --- much like the Biden family influence-peddling business --- appears to have been backed by prodigious Chinese funding.”  Jordan should “make Biden prove there is only one standard of justice.”

In legal analyst Margot Cleveland’s new column, she says Democrats are STILL repeating Democratic Rep. Jamie Raskin’s lie about the investigation by U.S. Attorney Scott Brady in Pittsburgh into the CHS’s “1023” claims being closed in 2020.  Bill Barr has had to continue making the rounds of all the news shows to repeatedly deny this.  Having observed for years how the Democrats operate, Cleveland says their extended lying “suggests a plot is underway to leak a document that will seemingly support Raskin’s narrative.  She speculates they need that story to cover the FBI’s interception of that damning “1023,” the one about a $5 million bribe paid to the Bidens, to keep the Delaware U.S. attorney’s office from investigating it along with Hunter’s other financial matters.

If she turns out to be right about that, it would be one more big black mark against the FBI.  And they already have so many black marks, they look like one of those totally redacted pages they like to turn over to Republicans.

Now, on to the breaking story about that “1023” --- something else that’s in it.  The reason we’re just now hearing about this is that it had been redacted from the version first turned over to the House Oversight and Accountability Committee last week.  This casts an even longer shadow over the use of redactions by our intelligence community.  They’re supposed to be redacting information that might threaten national security if known, but they’re REALLY doing it to protect the administration and their own shiny behinds.  Their overuse of the “safeguarding sources and methods” excuse is laughable at this point.  They have lost all credibility.

Iowa Sen. Charles Grassley, who heads a committee supporting whistleblowers, announced from the Senate floor Monday afternoon that, according to the CHS, the Ukrainian energy executive involved in the alleged Biden bribery scheme made secret recordings of phone calls with Joe and Hunter Biden, as a kind of “insurance policy” in case he got into a “tight spot.”

The CHS said he’d made 17 of these recordings, 15 with Hunter and 2 with then-Vice President Joe Biden.

Wait a minute!  This can’t be true.  Why, Joe Biden has said numerous times that he knew nothing of his son’s business affairs and was not involved in any way.  

We also learn from Sen. Grassley that Joe Biden may have been instrumental in getting Hunter that highly-paid position on the Burisma Board.  (Maybe that’s what the two phone calls were about?)  If that’s the case, Biden was likely under threat of blackmail, and we’ll need to look at all his decisions regarding Ukraine in that light.

Since the “1023” is unclassified but still heavily redacted, Sen. Grassley is also calling for the full, unredacted version to be released to the public.  Congress has received this same type of document before, and they’ve been made public, so it’s not unusual to be asking this.  He reminded the FBI that he HAS read the entire document, unredacted except for three tiny segments, the implication being that he knows what they’re trying to hide.

He also spoke of the very different way Biden and Trump are being treated by the legal system.  “Two standards of justice in this country will turn our constitutional republic upside down,” he said, citing the “political infections of the Justice Department and the Biden FBI.”  He said that you fight it “by bringing transparency to what the government does.”     

Here’s Sen. Grassley from the floor of Congress…


Bombshell Report

In a bombshell report that’s getting amazingly little coverage in the mainstream media, the UK’s Sunday Times claims that when the COVID pandemic began, scientists at the Wuhan Virology Lab were working with Chinese military researchers to combine the deadliest viruses and make them more transmissible to humans, both for vaccine research and as biological weapons.

The paper claims to have examined hundreds of previously-unseen documents, papers and correspondence, with communications “going dark” as the classified clampdown kicked in, after COVID-19 started spreading.

So they’re suggesting that COVID-19 didn’t emerge from a bowl of bat soup but was a Chinese military bio-weapon that escaped from the lab, and China clamped down on communications to keep from being held responsible? And our media went along with that censorship?

I’m shocked…shocked, I say! I’d call this breaking news from 2020, but the big difference is that we’re actually allowed to say it now…except most US news outlets still aren’t saying it. It’s almost as if they’re owned by China. Oh, wait: am I allowed to say that?

Very Related: Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg admitted that during the pandemic, the site’s “fact-checkers” censored posts questioning the government’s narratives without substantial evidence that there were false, and in many cases, they later turned out to be true. He said the establishment “asked for a bunch of things to be censored that, in retrospect, ended up being more debatable or true…It really undermines trust.”

I’d also call this “Breaking News from Three Years Ago.”


“Russian Collusion 2: This Time, It’s Real!” quotes an anonymous national security source as telling them that Mykola Zlochevsky, the Burisma executive who allegedly paid $10 million in bribes to the Bidens, is believed to be an asset of SVR, Russia’s foreign intelligence service. I look forward to hearing Rachel Maddow hyperventilate about Russian influence on the Biden White House.

Also, Rep. James Comer has now subpoenaed Hunter Biden business partner Devon Archer, who worked with him during the Burisma period, to testify under oath before the House Oversight Committee.





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    Thank you for keeping on!! May God keep blessing you! You are a lighthouse in this dark world

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    After all this which I knew it guessed I see two things. There are two systems of justice. One based on the Rule of Law. The other based on the one used by Stalin, Mao and ZiZiPing.. Also Peoples Republic of Zi Zi Ping is the one the left makes sacrifices to daily at the temple of Baal in DC!

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    Trump trial outcomes;
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