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November 19, 2021


Good morning! Here are some stories from me that I think you will want to read. Topics include:

  • FBI Tactics
  • Washington Post "Corrections"
  • Afghanistan
  • 2022 Elections
  • And Much More


The lot is cast into the lap, but its every decision is from the Lord.

Proverbs 16:33

 Today's verse is recommended by Jimmy G.

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On the heels of a new report from DOJ Inspector General Michael Horowitz saying the “Justice” Department has a problem with public trust and the perception that they are partisan –- surprise! –- the FBI has just taken actions in Mesa County, Colorado, that reinforce that view.

In what is likely the most outrageous and underreported story of the week, the FBI conducted simultaneous early-morning raids Tuesday on at least four people, including Mesa County Clerk Tina Peters –- an outspoken critic of the 2020 election –- and three of her associates. These heavy-handed raids against nonviolent people involved armed agents in combat militia-style gear, the use of handcuffs, and, in at least one case, a battering ram.

One reason for the media’s hesitance to cover this might be that it emerged via the TV channel of “My Pillow Guy” Mike Lindell, who is generally seen in the media as having cooties and absolutely will not be taken seriously no matter how valid a story he breaks. He did interviews with two of the women, Peters and “America’s Mom” Sheronna Bishop. Lindell already knew both of them, as they had participated in his on-air election integrity symposium in August and had reportedly even flown in on his private plane.

The first write-up we saw in print media was at conservative WVW Broadcast Network, which told the story of a raid conducted early Tuesday morning at the home of Bishop, a concerned Christian mom who has become an activist on issues such as Critical Race Theory and forced masking in schools. (She’s homeschooling her kids.) When we first read about this, we suspected the raid on her house probably had something to do with Attorney General Merrick Garland’s dictate that parents who get angry at school board meetings should be dealt with like domestic terrorists. (Garland denied this policy before Congress, but we now know he was not being truthful.)

But the target on her back seems to have more to do with her association with Peters, who is on extremely bad terms with Colorado Secretary of State Jena Griswold. Peters has apparently been under investigation over allegations of leaking election data, and the search warrant authorized confiscation of her phones and cyber devices.

Brannon Howse conducted the TV interview with Peters on Tuesday, with additional guest cybersecurity expert Sean Smith. In the interview, she explains about the four raids carried out that morning on her and “some of her friends,” saying that one of them indeed had involved a battering ram. Apparently that was the raid at Bishop’s house; Bishop has said her front door was broken down.

Peters said at the time of this interview that the affidavit for her search was still sealed and that she didn’t know what the “probable cause” was. Here’s the interview in full.

Exclusive: FBI Raids Home of County Clerk Tina Peters in Attempt to Cover Up Voter Crimes? | Frank Speech the Home of Free Speech

(SIDE NOTE: At about 38:30 in this video, there’s a phenomenal 6-minute clip of several former FBI agents who are appalled at this new abuse-of-force approach by the FBI against non-violent targets such as Roger Stone. One of them said that if he’d been on a S.W.A.T. team and ordered to do that raid at Stone’s house, he would have refused. That’s the kind of FBI agents we need; too bad so many of them are of the generation that's now retiring from the Bureau.)

Anyway, Peters says that since she started looking into the results of the 2020 election in Mesa County --- she claims that 29,000 election records were illegally deleted --- she's been attacked "on every front" and is facing civil litigation and huge legal bills. She says this raid is obviously an intimidation tactic aimed at the larger community.

In Bishop’s interview with Howse, which debuted Thursday on Lindell TV, she says the agents were likewise armed and in combat gear, that they treated her and her daughters roughly and that she was handcuffed for about 30 minutes. (Peters was not handcuffed.) The agents were in Bishop’s house for about three hours.

Bishop is a former campaign manager for conservative Colorado Rep. Lauren Boebert. She describes herself as a “very strong supporter” of Peters.

In the interview, she reads from the search warrant, which authorized them to confiscate her phones and other cyber equipment, alleging that she caused "intentional damage of a protected computer" --- "I have no contact with a computer," she says --- "wire fraud" --- "they couldn't explain to me what that even meant" -- and "conspiracy to cause intentional damage to a protected computer and/or commit wire fraud." It also listed the names of the others who were being searched, including Peters. She says all she has done is exercise her First Amendment freedom to be an advocate for Peters, whom she claims has "hard evidence" about Colorado officials and Dominion Voting Systems, and that they’re trying to make her go away and be quiet. She says officials who are "running Colorado" are criminalizing free speech.

She says she has made herself completely available to officials and that there was no reason other than intimidation for them to treat her and her family this way.

Here’s the link to her TV interview.

We’ve seen a few reports of the raids in mainstream media, but they focus not on the violation of civil liberties –- since when do Trump supporters have civil liberties? –- but on allegations that Mesa County election results were allegedly leaked to some “QAnon conspiracy theorists.”

It’s impossible to sort out all the accusations and counter-accusations going on in Mesa County. We just find it interesting that this angle from THE DAILY BEAST doesn’t address the FBI’s intimidating use of force against non-violent targets. The DB also reflexively calls the hypothesis that the 2020 election was stolen “a baseless idea.” That is wrong; it’s not proven, but it’s certainly not baseless.

Another outlet, TALKING POINTS MEMO, describes Peters as “a Trumpy Colorado county clerk already under investigation” and identifies the QAnon personality as Ron Watkins, “a right-wing influencer that many believe to be behind the posts that spurred the QAnon conspiracy theory,” according to reporter Matt Shuham. The armed raids are characterized by a Mesa County spokesperson as “four federally court-authorized operations into potential criminal activity.” All documents related to these “operations” are apparently still sealed.

We can’t say this investigation is being carried out to take focus off what Peters might have FOUND regarding the voting machine data. But we can’t say it isn’t, either.

That’s the story so far. We’ll leave you with an outstanding companion piece by Victor Davis Hanson called “Can the FBI Be Salvaged?” that lists many familiar examples of the FBI overstepping, lying, leaking, colluding, hushing-up, setting-up, intimidating, witch-hunting, infiltrating, improperly surveilling, abusing, withholding evidence and more.

He should add these armed raids in Mesa County to his list.


The Washington Post has added editors' notes to 14 stories dating back over several years to correct its false reporting on the Trump/Russiagate “scandal” that has now been revealed to be a politically-motivated hoax (FYI: we don’t have to do that because we smelled a politically-motivated hoax from day one.)

I would call that “a good start,” but it’s not even that. It’s just a start. A good start would be issuing an abject apology for misleading readers and undermining Trump’s Presidency, then firing all the reporters who fell for that garbage, and returning the bogus (and no doubt also politically-motivated) Pulitzer Prize the paper won for it.

Speaking of that, I’ll link again to this article by Julie Kelly at American Greatness, demanding the same thing.?

And in addition to the corrections, apologies and firings over Russiagate and every other hoax they’ve pushed in recent years, if media outlets ever want to start stitching their shredded reputations back together, they should all immediately cease acting like Biden PR agents and DNC groupies and start behaving like actual reporters again. I know they didn’t learn how in “journalism” school or on the job, but maybe they could watch a few old movies on TCM and learn how.



Because our people left behind in Afghanistan must never be forgotten, and the Biden White House must have its feet held to the fire every day until they are safe, here’s yet another disgusting story of our “leaders’” incompetence, arrogance and callousness. It’s the story of how a former US Army staff sergeant and American citizen was ignored by the US Embassy in Pakistan when he repeatedly begged them for help for him and his family to flee the Taliban. Warning: if you have high blood pressure and a sense of moral outrage, reading this could be fatal.

How horrific and unconscionable was Biden’s handling of the Afghanistan withdrawal? I’d call it a stain on our national honor, but I don’t have to because Barack Obama’s former Ambassador to Afghanistan beat me to it.


A University of Michigan survey found that in early November, US consumer sentiment (the measure of people’s optimism about their economic circumstances) fell to its lowest level in a decade.

Researchers blamed the rising pessimism on the escalating inflation rate, the growing concern that it’s not “transitory” as the White House claimed, and a “growing belief among consumers that no effective policies have yet been developed to reduce the damage from surging inflation.” Well, there are such policies, but the people in charge won’t impose them. They’re too busy forcing through policies that actively cause inflation.

One-in-four consumers reported reductions in their living standards due to rising prices, and those who got higher pay saw it eaten up. The greatest impact was on older consumers and those with lower incomes. You know, the very people the Democrats claim their policies are designed to help.

Why am I reminded of Oliver Hardy telling Stan Laurel, “Stop trying to HELP me!” as Stan blows up their Model T??


And another one bites the dust…


An excellent proposal from Julie Kelly at American Greatness, if the media ever want to start rebuilding their shattered credibility: “Retract every Russian collusion story and fire everyone who wrote them.”

Say, you know who doesn’t have to retract anything they ever wrote about this story that smelled fishier than month-old cat food from day one?? Us!


So much of my newsletter is devoted to correcting false “news” that only later is acknowledged as such that I should change its name to the “I Told You So Daily.” Here’s yet another example:

While the liberal media went into a self-righteous frenzy over horse patrol border agents allegedly cracking whips at Haitian illegal immigrants, we told you that there was literally nothing to that story. The agents don’t carry whips. Those were reins, and photos taken from a different angle showed that they were nowhere near the migrants. It was a giant nothingburger, hold the meat.

Of course, those inconvenient facts didn’t stop the media frenzy (they even gave it a scandal name: “Whipgate”), or activists declaring the border agents to be racist monsters and demanding they be fired and jailed, or the Biden DHS calling on the Inspector General’s Office to conduct a “thorough, independent and objective investigation.” We were told this would take about a week.

Well, that was two months ago. So…what happened? Turns out the IG’s office, which apparently cares more about facts than hissy fits by CNN anchors, declined to investigate. We’re now being told that Customs and Borders Protection’s Office of Professional Responsibility will conduct an investigation with no deadline announced for its conclusions.

Let me put this in plain English: a lot of liberals are trying to get down off their high horses and back away, slowly and quietly enough that nobody notices and everyone eventually forgets they ever brought this up.


This feature returns with images of America's cities, landscapes and people.



Today's hymn was recommended by Jeff A.

1 Lead on, O King eternal,

the day of march has come;

henceforth in fields of conquest

your tents will be our home.

Through days of preparation

your grace has made us strong;

and now, O King eternal,

we lift our battle song.

2 Lead on, O King eternal,

till sin's fierce war shall cease,

and holiness shall whisper

the sweet amen of peace.

For not with swords' loud clashing

or roll of stirring drums

with deeds of love and mercy

the heavenly kingdom comes.

3 Lead on, O King eternal;

we follow, not with fears,

for gladness breaks like morning

where'er your face appears.

Your cross is lifted o'er us,

we journey in its light;

the crown awaits the conquest;

lead on, O God of might.

Author: Ernest W. Shurtleff

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  • Sandra Butler

    11/21/2021 10:14 AM

    I protest something not concerned with this newsletter but have nowhere else to vent. Is anybody else realizing that we live in a "donotreply" society? I get so many harassing--bordering on threatening--emails from politicians wanting to know why I have not signed the (non-existent) greeting card or joined a social media, or donated to their campaigns. They can be as rude as they want, but I am not allowed to respond. Therefore I ignore them and will continue to do so. I was born at night but not last night, and I get the creative attempts to squeeze money out of me; but I would be homeless if I gave everything they ask. So, NO, I will continue to give to ACLJ, Samaritan's Purse, and others who are making a difference in this world!

  • Lucy Lusk

    11/19/2021 08:42 PM

    Thanks for your keen observations, love your newsletter. Joes vaccine mandate will soon cause the discharge of 367,000 US Armed Forces. That’s how many of our troops will not take the vaccine for personal, religious, and medical reasons. Most of the vaccine deadlines are due in December. Many will face Dishonorable discharges usually reserved for those found guilty of manslaughter, rape and murder. They will lose their second amendment rights. They will lose all VA benefits - health, education and home buying. It will be difficult to find employment with a dishonorable discharge permanently on your record. Futures will be crushed, families will suffer. I hope you will consider this travesty for a future article. My deeply religious granddaughter is one of the 367,000 patriots who will be court martialed. Expelling the very troops who are willing to fight and die for freedom is putting our national security at risk. Can you address this in a future article?

  • Robin Rebhan

    11/19/2021 06:46 PM

    Regards to:"ARMED FBI IN COMBAT GEAR RAID HOME OF "AMERICA'S MOM":" Think that's bad? Just wait till tax time when the IRS is unleashed.
    Never did I think that this would happen in America of all places!

  • Thomas Saneford

    11/19/2021 06:39 PM

    Hey Gov., What a news day, best of all is Kyle Rittenhouse being acquitted on all charges. Let the Democrats go crazy,,,great day! TWS

  • Pat J Green

    11/19/2021 04:05 PM

    I wonder if the fbi used the same thing against Clinton cohearts that were just recently indicated like they did against Roger Stone and now this lady.
    It seems like the fbi has not gotten to far away from hoover

  • William Fuhrer

    11/19/2021 03:11 PM


  • Barbara Wagenknecht

    11/19/2021 03:09 PM

    My friend sent me your newsletter today and I loved it! I also signed up for the evening edition. Thank you! If signing up for one edition included all, please disregard this request.

  • Ann Atwell

    11/19/2021 02:51 PM

    Thank you Mike. I look forward to your newsletters each day. Just read on Fox news that jury found Rittenhouse not guilty of all charges. For once I believe justice was served. I hope more judges and jurors all across the country will have guts enough to stand for truth. Every day, it seems the FBI is more corrupt. When will it all stop? I cannot imagine how people who are raided by the FBI as you described must feel. I pray everyday that God will intervene and put a stop to law abiding people being targeted.

  • Debra Mitan

    11/19/2021 02:36 PM

    finally good news. Thrilled to hear Rep. Butterfield is retiring... I have been voting against him for years.

  • Floyd A Unger

    11/19/2021 02:33 PM

    Thank you. Well we just might make it.