President Trump in France

July 14, 2017 |

The liberal media narrative was that President Trump’s crude pro-American jingoism was going to appall and alienate sophisticated European leaders, who would rightly shun and shame him in public rather than associate with him. So, how’s that script working out? Not so well. At the G-20 summit, France’s new President Emmanuel Macron practically trampled other world leaders to get to Trump’s side for the group photo. And this week, Trump visited France for Bastille Day, where he was welcomed with open arms, held a joint press conference with Macron, and somehow managed to reaffirm the close US-French friendship without backing down an inch from his core principles of defending Western values, cutting bureaucracy and wiping out terrorists.

What do you know? It turns out the American President doesn’t have to approach other world leaders from a position of apologetic weakness and contrition in order to be respected. In fact, maybe it’s the opposite.

Click the link for the full story. This might make you rest a little easier not only about Trump being the US President but about Macron being President of France.


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