February 14, 2020

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Once again, Attorney General Bill Barr has done the right thing.

When it became clear that the Democrats were trying --- fraudulently --- to paint him as President Trump’s henchman, he told ABC News that he makes his own decisions about cases under his review, independently of the President, the media, or anyone else. Trump gave him that independence when he took the job.

The President had gone on a passionate tweet-rant about the Roger Stone trial. Certainly he had good reason to be concerned about justice being done, as the recommended sentence of seven to nine years in prison for a 67-year-old man caught up in a “process” crime was a travesty that had already shocked career officials at the Justice Department. Here’s just a little something to put that sentence in perspective:


With gratitude,

Mike Huckabee

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Must-Read Essay

By Mike Huckabee

Must-Read Essay! Karlyn Borysenko was a longtime Democrat, MSNBC viewer, and believer in all the horrible things she had been told about Donald Trump and his racist, deplorable followers. She even unfriended and blocked people on her social media pages who said anything positive about Trump. But she was also a member of an online knitting community. She noticed how leftwing “social justice warrior” types took over even something that apolitical and started bullying anyone who didn’t agree with them 100%.

So she stated listening to people on the “other side.” She discovered they actually weren’t mean, evil, racist white supremacists. That led her to the Walkaway movement, which the left had told her was just Russian bots (no, they were real people fed up with leftist hate and intolerance.) It culminated in her doing the once unthinkable: she attended a Trump rally in Manchester, and was treated…nicely! And she learned that Trump supporters aren’t a mindless cult that think he's a god (in fact, most wish he’d quit Twitter), but they appreciate that he’s keeping his promises and has a positive vision for America’s future -- unlike the unrelenting gloom-and-doom of the Democrats, who can see nothing good in our horrible, racist, climate-destroying country.

Read the entire article and follow her journey of discovery as her mind and her eyes are slowly opened. She’s not entirely there yet (she still backs Pete Buttigieg and believes some negative Trump tropes.) But she’s now an Independent, so there’s a good first step.

She’s also learned something I’ve been preaching for years: that most people are not radical political caricatures; most people want the best for their families and their country; they might just disagree on what that is or how to get there. That’s why it’s important to talk civilly to each other and listen to each other. It’s why I have an open invitation to all the Democratic Presidential candidates to come on my show, where I guarantee they will get a friendly greeting, a fair hearing and a civil discussion (so far, only Tulsi Gabbard and John Delaney have taken me up on it.)

Reading through the comments, I see that most are very supportive, which is heartening, but there are still a couple from people who have yet to break out of the bubble. They think she’s been deluded or tricked by us evil, racist Trump supporters, hiding our white supremacist intentions. One insists that most of the political violence today comes from the right. I have to assume that she lives in a bubble that formed on another planet.

When was the last time you heard of riots, violence and threats on campus from some Young Republican group trying to keep a liberal from speaking? On the other hand, here’s an entire documentary about leftist fascist thuggery, on campus and elsewhere:

I also haven’t heard about a lot of Democratic headquarters being vandalized, or any Republicans driving a van through a tent full of elderly Bernie Sanders volunteers. And yes, the jerk who did that to the Trump people was politically motivated.

Nor can I find too many instances of Republicans physically assaulting people for wearing pro-Democratic apparel – or something that sort of looks like it, if your Trump Derangement Syndrome has rendered you functionally illiterate.

Finally, as long as I’m pointing out that it’s a lot more fruitful to look for the good in people than to blindly assume anyone who disagrees with you is 100% EEEEEEVIL, here’s a Throwback Thursday link for you. It' from 2016, and I first wrote about it back then and have referred to it occasionally since. But this is a good time for a refresher reading, in light of the Democratic Presidential candidates once against painting Donald Trump as a mean, selfish, bullying liar who is without a shred of decency and who never did anything for anyone other than himself (yes, those are actual descriptions.)

This is an article by an entertainment reporter whose job was to cover Trump long before he went into politics. She was paid to dig up dirt, but just couldn’t find any. But she did uncover a lot of stories of him reaching out to help people in need, some of which she recounted here:

The whole article is a great antidote to all the partisan hatred and slander, but this line might be the most telling of all: “…in all my years covering him, I’ve never heard anything negative about the man until he announced he was running for President.”

Gee, I wonder why that is?


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I wanted to make sure you also read these comments:

It takes a lot these days to get Judge Andrew Napolitano of Fox News to side with President Trump, but even he agrees that Roger Stone deserves a new trial, after it was revealed that the foreperson of the jury that convicted him had a long hidden history of Democratic activism and anti-Trump, left-wing social media posts. That included posting negative comments about the case while the trial was in progress.


In good news for President Trump, a new Gallup Poll found that a record 61% of Americans say they feel better off now than they did three years ago. That’s much higher than any of the last four Presidents who were facing reelection (for instance, in 2012, when Obama was running for a second term, only 45% of Americans felt better off.)

I’ll give the Democratic Presidential candidates this: they are doing their darnedest to convince Americans that they’re wrong to feel good and everything is terrible. It’s not a message I’d want to try to deliver ("I'm a buzzkill, vote for me!), but it’s the only hand they have to play.

Bible Verse of the Day (KJV)

"Commit thy works unto the LORD,
and thy thoughts shall be established."

- Proverbs 16:3

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Comments 1-4 of 4

  • Amelia Little

    02/15/2020 09:10 AM

    It just amazes me that the deranged left (msm, shiff, nadler, pelosi etc--not your everyday liberal citizen) go on outraged rants when there is any suggestion of investigation in what actually is real collusion, meddling, criminal acts of their own people. HOW DARE they be investigated!!! But, meanwhile, back at the loony bin, they are digging into and making up crap to investigate the President and anyone ever, ever associated with him. I do admire their restraint of not going after his parents and siblings (hopefully this doesn't give them any ideas.)

    I am among what I imagine are millions of people who are outraged about 2 current events. The unholy treatment/sentencing of Roger Stone. First, all those involved in the early morning SWAT invasion of his home--start with whomever was the mastermind--but leave out the rank and file who were following orders should no longer be anything in any department in our government. Pooof--gone---no severance package, no retirement, etc just like would happen here in the real world. Maybe Sydney Powell has a clone (because I know she's too tied up with Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn's atrocity of a case) to defend Mr Stone and another to undo the atrocity thrown at Paul Manafort.

    I guess they don't see the irony of going after AG Barr for actually do his job, but never seemed to have a problem with holder or lynch--in fact gave them a pass on everything. If anyone thinks these AG's, or any during any other administration never talked with the President, never discussed any ongoing cases or what cases to go after--they are as delusional as the loony extremists.

    The other atrocity is that mccabe is getting a free pass. There are people in DOJ and FBI who have blatantly lied to Congress (wait--isn't that what Roger Stone is being sent to the gallows for?) and, for mccabe, well, we'll just pass on this one--and call it "misspoke" or some other pc connotation. Frankly, I do not in my lifetime expect that any of the others to even be investigated. For that, I am angry at AG Barr.

    Thank you for the listing of the good Donald Trump, citizen, has done over the years. Some I had heard of, others I hadn't. I'm betting there are even more things he has done for fellow citizens--and, without plan for any recognition of his deeds. Unlike those (especially hoolywood elites) who have to make sure it is announced far and wide.

  • Charles Loren Reed

    02/14/2020 08:39 PM

    If a person or President is suppose to Innocent till proven guilty. Why do they say Trump was impeached when he was proven to be NOT GUILTY charges should and statement of impeachment should be dropped!!!! It would be a fails statement?

  • Mike Scoggins

    02/14/2020 01:40 PM

    I’m sitting here disenchanted, disgruntled and just flat pissed over the latest news that the DOJ won’t prosecute McCabe for lying a minimum of 4 times to the FBI. How many times in the US do you have to lie to the FBI to be charged with a felony ? Roger Stone didn’t get 4 passes ! We’ve all heard the DOJ/FBI at the top is corrupt . I begging to believe the biggest portions are corrupt and the only way to resolve this is to dissolve both and start all over with a great diminished staffing level . Either that or pick the rope 4-5 worst offenders and fire the hell out of them and prosecute the. And yes I’ve done that in the business world and it’s works. Your sending a message to all you won’t tolerate this crap anymore. Upper mgmt and below no matter what the inions/ lawyers say or think

  • Tom Bernardi

    02/14/2020 10:03 AM

    Thanks for your updates - I really appreciate your perspective. It is amazing how the MSM twists whatever our President says (I do wish he would do less tweets). Your commentaries hit home and I really enjoy the reads every day.
    Again, thanks!