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July 19, 2021

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  • Kelly

    09/24/2021 08:57 AM

    Don't have to have a photo i.d. to vote but I bet you have to have a vaccination card? The democrats have used up the race card this is about dems not being able to cheat any more. How absurd is it to not have an i.d. to vote but you gotta have one to get a fishing licenses or check into a hotel. It's really just absurd how the Dems blame everything on racism.

  • Ellen maddaloni

    09/23/2021 08:50 PM

    Governor Huckabee,

    Your show was great now if only Harris would really come down south she would for sure get her *** kicked .
    God Bless you .Ellen

  • Gretchen Arrant

    09/23/2021 05:41 PM

    That was great!! God bless!! God bless America!!

  • Thomas Saneford

    09/12/2021 03:43 PM

    Hey Governor, I now have a new daily prayer that I feel is appropriate for our time. It was used in the Obama years & I feel it fits right in today, Psalms 109-8. Very fitting, and I know it really doesn’t apply to Sleepy Joe but is a nice verse!

  • Bonnie Parvino

    08/30/2021 10:33 PM

    In the days when Christians were being fed to the lions by the Ceasars-----the Christians were instructed to PRAY FOR THOSE IN AUTHORITY OVER THEM SO THAT THEY MAY LIVE IN PEACE. >>> I have yet to hear Christians pray for anybody on the other side of issues.>>>>> REPENTENCE BEGINS AT THE HOUSE OF THE LORD. (that is us).-----There is no such thing as POLITICAL SALVATION.----->>> IN THE NAME OF JESUS EVERY KNEE WILL BOW. At the Name of JESUS, I pray for our President Biden. I pray that he will accept Jesus Christ as his personal Savior. I pray for his protection, wisdom, intelligence, knowledge & and that his journey through the rest of his life will be according to the WORD OF GOD.>>>> I pray for President Trump that he will accept (if he does not know him) Jesus Christ as his Personal Savior. I pray this in the Name of Jesus----I pray that he will have salvation, wisdom, knowledge, intelligence, protection, guidance, Grace and Mercy. AND FOR BOTH PRESIDENTS, I pray for their healing by the stripes of Jesus we are healed. I love you Jesus----And I pray for those that are on all sides of issues. I pray that they will accept first and foremost salvation from Jesus Christ. To Believe is a personal verb and to believe is an individual and personal salvation.-----Love you, Jesus and GOD BLESS OUR LEADERS WITH CONVICTION AND SALVATION. GOD BLESS AMERICA. I remind, certainly not that he can forget---but I pray and remind God that he says that he will bless those that bless Israel and Pres. Trump blessed Israel AND BECAUSE HE DID GOD WILL BLESS HIM.>>> I love you Jesus, the Christ, the Son of God. BONNIE PARVINO-----

  • Ann Bruce Pineda

    08/06/2021 10:43 AM

    The Kenny Rogers look is quite becoming, Brother Mike.

  • Gary L. Willey

    07/19/2021 05:49 PM

    re; your article on the Texas legislators that contracted COVID, and the Dems that refuse to get vaccinated, it appears that in order to achieve 'Herd Immunity,' it may be necessary to 'thin the herd.'