September 25, 2017


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Today's Commentary:  Elizabeth Warren's hypocritical war against rich people -- NFL crowds -- Princeton students cancel free press  --Mueller's out-of-control lawyers -- Texas taxpayers should demand a refund -- News Bits 

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A Boston radio host cornered Sen. Elizabeth Warren and eventually sent her fleeing by asking if it wasn’t hypocritical for her to rail against the top 1% when she’s a multimillionaire and part of the 1%. Her initial defense was that she used to be poor, but the opportunities that made her wealthy no longer exist in America, which is why she went into public service to fight for opportunity for all.

Sounds well and good, but first of all, I strongly disagree that opportunities to become rich no longer exist in America. It’s just gotten harder to do in recent years, largely because of the growth-crushing policies, taxes and regulations, government bloat and crony capitalism of liberals like Sen. Warren. Second, if the opportunity she had of being paid $350,000 a year by Harvard to teach one course no longer exists, that would be a reason to congratulate Harvard. Third, she should ask Hillary Clinton if America still doesn’t provide fantastic opportunities for people in “public service” to somehow become very rich.

Finally, Sen. Warren has denounced Donald Trump as a “money-grubber,” yet he walked away from a very lucrative career to run for President and gives his salary back to the government. Does she give her Senate salary back to the government? In a way she might, since 1 percenters like her pay over 35% of all income taxes. But even though that would be a good defense, she probably doesn’t want people to know about it.


Mike Huckabee



NFL crowds

By Mike Huckabee

I’m sure there are all sorts of reasons the NFL can give you for its current TV ratings and attendance downturns. Of course, none of them will include that football fans tend to be among the most patriotic Americans, the kind who don’t approve of wealthy athletes taking a knee during the National Anthem to show their contempt for America and the flag. No, that has nothing to do with the falling fan interest.

But just in case they ever get curious about why some NFL stadiums are starting to resemble the sparse crowds at a late-career Spinal Tap concert, a new Rasmussen survey found that 34% of Americans say they are less likely to watch an NFL game because of the protests on the field. Frankly, that’s fewer than I suspected. Then again, do we know how many Americans follow the NFL? If it’s around 34%, then I bet it’s the exact same group of Americans.


Princeton students cancel free press

By Mike Huckabee

We’ve all heard about leftwing dictatorships with no freedom of the press, where the leader shuts down the newspaper and fires the editors if they dare print something he disagrees with, like calling for the rights of free speech and due process under the law for everyone.

Well, that’s exactly what happened at Princeton University, where leaders of the student newspaper disbanded the independent editorial board for daring to write editorials that were more conservative than the rest of the paper - but then, what isn’t? (today's campus fetish for diversity usually doesn't include diversity of opinion.) And yes, two of those offending editorials actually endorsed free speech and due process rights for males accused of sex crimes. The horror!

In retaliation, the ousted editors launched their own website to compete with the all-left-all-the-time Princeton paper. Normally, I kind of hate to see websites driving newspapers out of business, but in this case, I’ll make an exception.



Mueller's out-of-control lawyers

By Mike Huckabee

Excellent article by Andrew McCarthy at National Review about Robert Mueller’s out-of-control team of Hillary donor/lawyers and their willingness to trample the Constitution in a desperate attempt to find some crime – any crime – involving Trump to justify their endless, expensive, disruptive investigation. Don’t think they’re out of control? Read the description of how they raided former Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort’s house in the middle of the night, rousting him and his wife out of bed at GUNPOINT, when he has yet even to be accused of any wrongdoing, much less crimes that warrant the type of guns-drawn midnight raid the government launched against Osama bin Laden.

McCarthy isn’t even a Trump supporter, and he can’t stand Manafort, but he knows abuse of law enforcement power to intimidate citizens when he sees it. And he offers up a very intriguing question: What would have happened if the FBI had pursued the investigation of Hillary Clinton’s very real email server scandal with the type of gung-ho fervor they’re directing at Trump and his staffers?




Texas taxpayers should demand a refund

By Mike Huckabee

Democratic Texas State Rep. Dawnna Dukes is facing trial next month on corruption charges. It’s been revealed that one of the accusations is that she paid $50,000 of taxpayers’ money – about $1,000 a week – to an online psychic. And yet, the psychic never saw the corruption charges coming? The taxpayers should demand a refund.


News Bits

Apropos of nothing, here’s a story from last April about how many Arizona residents are struggling with sky-high premiums and zero choice under Obamacare, which apparently, like the song from “Titanic,” now will “go on and on…”



John McCain’s decision yet again to block Republican efforts to replace Obamacare is winning him lots of friends. But maybe not the ones most Republicans would want to be stuck on a desert island with.



Bad news for Democrats: possibly the only person who could stop Hillary from running again in 2020 isn’t running.



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Comments 1-3 of 3

  • Floyd Kimmel

    09/26/2017 05:44 AM

    1. I'm one of those 34% that has given up on NFL.
    2. Isn't there anybody that can put a stop to Muller and his gang. I mean there's nothing to find on Trump unless they check the NYC data base for unpaid traffic tickets.

  • Craig Gleerup

    09/25/2017 10:38 AM

    I am one of the 34% that is done with the NFL. They claim free speech, but they are misguided on the use of that provision. Businesses have the right to terminate their employees for what employees say or do that is controversial and gives unwanted attention toward the business. So, in my opinion, the NFL and each individual owner that accepts this kind of disrespect toward our nation is actually condoning it. Thank you NFL for freeing up my Sundays.

  • Patricia Hunt

    09/25/2017 10:08 AM

    If the players of the NFL wanted to make a positive statement about how they feel, they could become more active in their communities: helping kids, being positive role models and giving time to the elderly. Acting out to show how self centered they are is grinding: they are role models and they need to behave in a positive manner. This household WILL NOT TUNE IN as long as this behavior goes on.