February 10, 2018

Kudos to the Virginia legislature for passing a new law protecting private information from political organizations. It’s in response to public outrage over NextGen Virginia, a liberal advocacy group funded by anti-Trump billionaire Tom Steyer, that used the Freedom of Information Act to obtain private cell phone numbers of thousands of students and bombard them with liberal political messages. This was on the assumption that if they’re young and naive, in college, and haven’t yet gotten a job and seen all the deductions from their paychecks, then they’d be the perfect audience for leftist propagandizing.

I should note that while the bill got bipartisan support, it was mostly Republicans who passed it. Democrats opposed it 35-12. Let that be the first lesson that the Next Generation learns about leftists who claim to represent their interests and protect their rights: these are the people who think your cell number should be wide open to spammers as long as they’re the ones doing the spamming.

As for Steyer, George Soros and other leftist billionaires who want to use their money to buy political influence and undermine President Trump, I’d point out to them that at least he’s one billionaire who is influencing government policy the correct way: by running for office, talking directly with the people, and convincing voters to support him. I’d suggest you try that, but I think we both know how that would work out.

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