May 31, 2017

Well, so much for attorney-client privilege. Critics of President Trump are so desperate to find a pony in the mountain of horse droppings that is their “Russian collusion scandal” that Congress actually asked Trump’s personal attorney, Michael Cohen, to come testify about his alleged contacts with Russia. Cohen refused, calling the request “poorly phrased, overly broad and not capable of being answered.”

But wait: it gets worse. He said they wanted to ask him about a trip he took to Prague – which he never took. That means they’re apparently basing a real Congressional investigation on the discredited, ridiculous “Trump dossier” cobbled together by a shady oppo research outfit, the one that claimed Trump hired Russian prostitutes to do unsanitary things on Obama’s hotel mattress and that Trump’s lawyer Michael Cohen met with Russians in Prague, when it was a completely different Michael Cohen. Trump’s attorney has never been to Prague, as proven by his passport. He was at USC with his son at the time of the alleged trip. So what did Congress want to ask him? “Did you drop by the 901 Bar & Grill when you were at USC? If so, did you order a White Russian?”

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What’s next? Are members of Trump’s family going to be required to account for themselves to Congress for the bad dreams Democrats are having about them?

And Democrats actually think Americans are going to reward them with a return to power in 2018. Based on what? Their record of abject policy failures or their ability to obstruct every important issue that voters actually care about with fantasmagorical nonsense?


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  • Darran E. Middleton

    05/31/2017 09:57 PM

    I agree with most everything in this article Mike, except the last paragraph. The presidency is not determined by Republicans or Democrats. It is determined by the Independents, and they can go either way. The GOP is obstructing President Trump as much as the Democrats. Even when the GOP has the House, Senate, and the White house, they can't pass a single bill. I think the Independents are going to be so fed up with the GOP's failure that they will put Democrats back in power. The Democrats can at least work together and pass legislation. Horrible legislation, but at least they get it done. THAT is what the Independents will look at when they decide how to cast their vote.

  • HL Kitz

    05/31/2017 09:45 PM

    This entire "Russian collusion" fiasco is nothing more than democrats way of keeping President Trump and Congress from doing actual work! I'm so sick of hearing about Russia! In my best Jan Brady voice... "RUSSIA RUSSIA RUSSIA!"