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February 29, 2024

A new Gallup poll found that “immigration” (the incorrect term for the mass invasion of illegal entrants across our open border) is now the #1 issue concerning voters. More bad news for Democrats: it pushed their previous #1 worry, “government,” into the #2 spot.

It’s assumed that this surge in concern about illegal immigration is fueled by outrage over the murder of University of Georgia nursing student Laken Riley, allegedly by an illegal immigrant from Venezuela who was stopped at the border but released, then arrested in New York but released again by authorities who deliberately refused to hand him over to ICE for deportation. At least New York City Mayor Eric Adams is finally calling for change in that insane policy, but it’s like closing the barn after the horses got out.

Riley’s murder is the latest and most shocking example of Americans paying the price for the invasion of unvetted aliens, but she’s sadly not the first and only such victim. And if we count the Americans killed by fentanyl that’s pouring across the border and being distributed by illegal alien drug gangsters, the tragic human toll of Biden’s border policies is astronomical.

I’m glad to see that the American people are too smart to buy the feeble attempts to spin and gaslight this story away, from the media trying to cover up the suspect’s background by calling him “an Athens resident” to saying the crime shows the “dangers women face” when running outdoors alone.

So are they trying to blame Laken for her own murder because she dared to think she had a right to go jogging without being murdered? This is as disgusting as the European media who responded to Muslim immigrant rape gangs by telling women not to dress too provocatively. Democrats have already prioritized "trans rights" over women's rights; now they're doing the same thing with "illegal alien criminal rights."

We know why she was murdered: Because Democrats believe in things like open borders, sanctuary cities, refusing to enforce laws and blaming crimes on the victims instead of the perpetrators. This poll shows that Americans now see through that. Let’s hope the polls in November show that they’ve had more than enough of it.

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