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November 11, 2022



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Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding;

Proverbs 3:5

Veterans Day

Today is Veterans Day, and with so much going on in the news, it would be tragic for it to be overshadowed or overlooked. Today is about something far more important than politics. It’s about the men and women who make it possible for us to enjoy the freedom of having elections and the Constitutional right to protest and seek redress when we think our government isn’t doing right by us.

Memorial Day in May is to honor veterans who gave their lives in defense of America. But Veterans Day is to honor all veterans, living or dead, past and present.

It began as Armistice Day, declared by President Woodrow Wilson in 1919, to commemorate the end of World War I. In 1945, World War II veteran Raymond Weeks of Birmingham, Alabama, began a personal crusade to expand Armistice Day into a state holiday honoring all veterans. In 1953, an Emporia, Kansas, shoe store owner named Al King launched a campaign to make it a national holiday. Just one year later, in 1954, he succeeded. It helped that the President was a retired army general from Kansas named Dwight Eisenhower.

Not only is today Veterans Day, but yesterday was the 247th birthday of the United States Marine Corps. It commemorates the day in 1775 when the Second Continental Congress established the Continental Marines to serve in the war against Great Britain. After the Revolutionary War ended, the Marines were disestablished for a time until President John Adams reestablished the Marines as we know the Corps now, on July 11, 1789. But November 10th, 1775, is still considered the birth of the US Marines.

So if you see someone in uniform, this is a great day to say “Thank you” for protecting America’s freedom. Then again, any day is a great day to do that.


FROM THE MAIL: A reader comments on future of GOP

In my opinion, the Republican Party needs to regroup totally. I love what President Trump did for America, but there was so much discord between him and the Democrat Party, not to mention a lot of Republicans. That being said, I think he really needs to step back out of the limelight and work behind the scenes. McConnell either needs to grow a pair...or step down. The Republican Party needs to get unified on what they can do for [the] American public and show the party is united on that message.

Until that happens, we are going to continue to struggle as a party and the Democrats will still retain power and finish turning our great nation into a socialist country. We have to shake the apathy out of people and get them to vote. If today's current economy and demented President doesn't scare the hell out of them I don't know what will.


Rhodes trial exposes FBI infiltration of Oath Keepers

At this writing, the announced total for Republicans winning congressional seats is 211, compared to Democrats’ 198. We need 218 to take the majority, and it looks as though we’re finally headed for the home stretch.

If (when!) we cross that line, one of the best things about this for the country, aside from our taking control of the purse strings, will be the disbanding of current House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s January 6th Kangaroo Kommittee and their phony-baloney “investigation.” This was never a serious attempt to find out what went wrong that day. It was contrived as a way to wound Trump so seriously that he couldn’t run again, and also to tar conservatives –- yes, those of us who didn’t even attend the rally, let alone riot –- as threats to (here it comes) “our democracy.”

We know now that the Democrats had a stake in ensuring that Trump’s rally spun out of control –- the "insurrection" was essential to their whole political strategy –- and so were deeply involved behind the scenes, seemingly to facilitate this, with ridiculously lax security and much more. No, that’s not in any way to excuse Trump supporters who allowed themselves to be swept up in violent behavior, whether from their own leaders or outside forces. And, no, this discussion is not conspiracy theory; there’s quite a lot of evidence to fuel suspicions against the FBI. In fact, even THE NEW YORK TIMES went with a story that acknowledges the FBI’s months-long infiltration of the Oath Keepers, though their editors chose to run on Election Day (of all days), while we were busy voting and/or watching states like Arizona not count ballots. The surprising headline: “Informant Likely to Testify as Defense Witness in Oath Keepers Sedition Trial.”

You read that right --- defense witness.  The informant’s name is Greg McWhirter, and he served as the Oath Keepers’ vice president while secretly reporting to the FBI about the group’s activities during the weeks and months leading up to the January 6 rally. Stewart Rhodes, the president of Oath Keepers, is on trial. For seditious conspiracy. So are four co-defendants: Kelly Meggs, Kenneth Harrelson, Jessica Watkins and Thomas Caldwell.

Federal prosecutors, curiously, rested their case the previous week without calling McWhirter. They also didn’t call any of the other cooperating witnesses, including three members of Oath Keepers who have pleaded guilty to seditious conspiracy charges. Maybe they thought that, this being a jury trial in a Washington DC courtroom, they don’t have to put on much of a case. Recall that Michael Sussmann’s attorneys rested without putting on a defense for him at all, and he walked. What do these cases have in common? DC jury.

And maybe it’s that they don’t want to bring too much of the FBI’s covert activity into court. Even the NYT said that the FBI having two undercover agents embedded inside Oath Keepers was “raising questions about why investigators did not know more about the attack on the Capitol.” Why, indeed? For observers who didn’t just fall off the turnip truck, it also raises suspicion that they DID know, and at the very least chose to just let it happen.

But now, like something out of a movie, the tables are turned, and McWhirter is actually a defense witness. As the NYT reported, “Mr. McWhirter, 40 and a former sheriff’s deputy in Montana, was expected to appear at the trial on Tuesday as a witness for Mr. Rhodes –- an unusual move that suggests Mr. Rhodes’ lawyers believe he has information that could help their case.”

Unfortunately, McWhirter wasn’t able to testify that day. According to his lawyers, he had to be taken off his flight to Washington because he’d had a heart attack. The attorneys still want him to testify, but it wasn’t known at press time for the NYT story what his condition was or when he might be able to do that. Presiding Judge Amit P. Mehta said it might be possible for him to testify remotely by video.

A former member of Oath Keepers did testify for the prosecution. Abdullah Rasheed, a Marine Corps vet from West Virginia, said that two days after the 2020 election was called for Biden, Rhodes had held a video meeting with other members to talk about bringing weapons to the “Stop The Steal” rally and encouraging others to “fight.” He testified that he was so disturbed by this that he recorded the conversation and contacted the FBI. He said it “sounded like we were going to war with the United States government.”

This must be the basis for the charge of seditious conspiracy. But did they actually take and use weapons, or just get fired up and discuss it on their call? Clips of the recording were played for the jury, and Rhodes did say some pretty wild things, such as (I’m giving you the NYT paraphrase here) that he’d welcome violence by antifa groups because that would give President Trump an excuse to invoke the Insurrection Act and call on militias like his own to quell the chaos.

(Aside: when I hear that “clips” of the recording were played, I’m put in mind of the selectively-edited video “evidence” they played in Pelosi’s sham J6 hearings. They should have played the whole thing.)

So, how eager was the FBI to get information from Rasheed and try to head off any violence by Oath Keepers? Not very, it seems. They didn’t get back in touch with him until March 2021, two months AFTER the riot. Rasheed also tried to warn other law enforcement agencies such as the Capitol Police, writing to them that Rhodes was “a friggin’ wacko that the Oath Keepers would be better without.”

Did the Capitol Police follow up with him? Reading between the lines of the NYT story, apparently not.

This is their earlier account of testimony for the prosecution.

And here’s the update that dropped this week on Election Day.

Rhodes himself testified on Monday, saying that even though members of Oath Keepers entered the Capitol, he hadn’t given an order to. He also said he had nothing to do with an armed “quick reaction force” that was set up in a Virginia hotel room.

This story was mostly ignored on Election Day, but J6 investigator Julie Kelly has been paying rapt attention to the coverage of the trial. In a series of tweets, she said, “While everyone fixated on election, NYT reports on existence of high-level “Oath Keeper” who actually was an FBI informant months before Jan. 6. The informant served as the Oath Keepers’ vice president but was secretly reporting to the FBI about the group’s activities in the weeks and months leading up to the Capitol attack. At least 5 informants involved in Oath Keepers. DOJ wanted info on those assets kept from jury.”

(And from us, I assume.)

Kelly added, “I am a broken record on this score: Nearly everything on Jan. 6 can be traced to Whitmer fednapping. You know who else was #2 in the imaginary “militia” group in Whitmer cape? The lead informant, Dan Chappel. See a pattern?”

Nick Arama at REDSTATE has more, including information that sheds light on FBI infiltration of the Proud Boys. And he asks the very questions about the FBI that we’ve been asking.

We don’t put anything past the FBI any more. And that brings us full circle to my original point: that control of Congress will finally allow us to have REAL hearings, to ask the right questions and finally nail down what really happened to advance the January 6 riot. I wouldn’t be surprised by anything we find out.


 “The Long Count Fight”

Welcome back to the week that’s going to knock the Dempsey-Tunney bout out of the history books when people discuss “The Long Count Fight.”

While Georgia gears up for a run-off and election officials in Arizona sign up for remedial math classes, the Senate remains stuck at 49 Republicans, 48 Democrats.

As for the House, Politico has a handy page that’s tracking the results to show which side is nearing a majority of 218 seats.

As of this writing on early Friday morning, the Democrats have 192, and the Republicans 211. That means the Republicans need just 7 more wins, but the Democrats need 26. Out of the remaining races, two are rated as “likely GOP,” nine are “leans GOP” and seven are “toss-ups.” Five are “solidly Dem,” two are “likely Dem,” and seven are “leans Dem.” To get to 218, the Democrats need to win every race where they have an advantage plus all the “toss-ups” and five of the GOP-favored races. Let’s pray there are no sudden appearances of 100% Democrat ballots to deliver them a miracle.   

(Speaking of House races, one of the most unfairly vilified Republicans, Rep. Lauren Boebert, has now pulled ahead of her opponent by 1,100 votes. I hope the hypocritical leftist pigs on MSNBC who love to say vile, sexist things about her have to eat their words, and with no ketchup.)


In Arizona, the latest batch of ballots extended the leads of Democrats Katie Hobbs for Governor and Mark Kelly for Senate. But those are the last batches that are expected to favor Democrats. There are still over 571,000 to count that Republicans expect will lean heavily in their favor. So stay positive that those races will still go Republican – if the counting ever ends. They’re now saying it will take until next week!  I could count how many holes it would take to fill the Albert Hall faster than that.


Depending on the Arizona and Nevada results, the Georgia Senate run-off might be crucial. Many Republicans are imploring former President Trump to put off his planned Tuesday announcement of his future plans to avoid stirring up more anti-Trump voters against Walker, likening it to handing the Warnock campaign a gift on a silver platter. Although one could argue that at this point, it might be impossible to make people infected with TDS any crazier than they are now.



Federal Judge to Biden Administration: NOPE

In a major victory for American taxpayers and people who never took out any student loans or who paid theirs off, on Thursday, US District Judge Mark T. Pittman of Texas struck down President Biden’s plan to forgive upwards of half a trillion dollars in student loan debt. And by “forgive,” I mean, “shift the debt to taxpayers who didn't take it out.”

Judge Pittman was extremely clear that this was an unconstitutional violation of the separation of powers, with the power to appropriate funds restricted to Congress, not the President. I’m not an attorney, so forgive me if this isn’t the correct legal terminology, but the Judge found it not only unconstitutional, but super-duper unconstitutional. He wrote:

"Whether the Program constitutes good public policy is not the role of this Court to determine. Still, no one can plausibly deny that it is either one of the largest delegations of legislative power to the executive branch or one of the largest exercises of legislative power without congressional authority in the history of the United States… 

In this country, we are not ruled by an all-powerful executive with a pen and a phone. Instead, we are ruled by a Constitution that provides for three distinct and independent branches of government…The Court is not blind to the current political division in our country. But it is fundamental to the survival of our Republic that the separation of powers as outlined in our Constitution be preserved.”

The White House replied that it “strongly disagreed” with the Judge (I’m sure they especially disagreed with the part about America not being ruled by an all-powerful executive with a pen and a phone – in Biden’s case, one who probably often mistakes his pen for a phone.) They vowed to appeal it to a higher court.

Good, take it straight to the Supreme Court. I look forward to hearing how Alito and Thomas will phrase that exact same lesson in basic Constitutional law.

Incidentally, this probably won’t win much sympathy for those who want somebody else to pay off $10,000 to $20,000 of the money they wasted on their gender studies degrees. A survey by (ironically) found that 73% of anticipated deft relief recipients say they expect to spend our money that Biden wants to give them on non-essentials like travel, dining out and new tech gadgets.

Hey, who can blame them? I like to spend my money on those things, too. The only difference is: It’s MY money!


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  • Charles Sigars

    11/11/2022 08:14 PM

    I knew several "kids" who spent their college loans on buying "stuff", including cars, travel tickets, electronics (especially iPhones and big screens). I was always mystified by this because when I was in college, I took out loans but had to provide proof of college tuition and books in order to actually draw it, subject to fraud if I was found to be lying. I guess much changed from then to now, but I paid my loans off and I will be damned if I will pay for someone elses!

  • Firewagon

    11/11/2022 06:26 PM

    Not until, if ever, EVERY state in this union conducts its voting process, verification of voters, and counting ballots in an accepted "MIRRORED" image can "We The Serfs" have confidence that any election is without the fraud! A state to "mirror" might be Florida, considering how well they accomplished the midterm election process.

  • stephen russell

    11/11/2022 04:17 PM

    Election fizzle due to:

    Lack GOP unity
    TV ads blocked some states
    Big Tech censorship
    Rerun 2020 semi
    Indoc voters vote Blue no matter what
    For DC RNC DNC Estd
    Trump comments on Desantis
    Poor GOP outreach
    Fight fire with fire with Dems
    Examine why they won this Midterm alone


    11/11/2022 03:37 PM

    Subject: Future of the GOP.
    I totally agree with the writer. We and the so called leaders in Washington Better get our act together or I feel our country is doomed. That goes for Mr. Trump also, get off your ego driven high horse and lead by example rather than the divisive rhetoric.