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February 22, 2023



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Project Veritas update: who masterminded O’Keefe’s ouster?

We’re slowly gathering a little of what might have been happening behind the scenes at Project Veritas. According to J. D. Rucker, a member of the PV board of advisors named Matthew Tyrmand has been suspended from the New York Young Republican Club. They describe O’Keefe as “a close friend of the Club.” Here’s part of their statement:

“After conducting a series of interviews, the Board of Governors of the New York Young Republican Club has learned that Matthew Tyrmand, a member of our board of advisors, may have engineered O’Keefe’s ouster on tenuous claims of financial malfeasance...We believe in free speech and transparency of operations, and the credible reports we have received require full investigation to ensure that our Members’ interests are represented accordingly.”

So that investigation will proceed. Meanwhile, Project Veritas maintains that O’Keefe overspent, but if that were the reason for the shake-up, I doubt it would have been timed as it was, right after the shocking exposure of Pfizer’s alleged “directed evolution” of COVID variants. Conservative voice Michael Cernovich addressed this on Twitter: “The Project Veritas Board has back channeled talking points claiming James O’Keefe was misusing donor funds. What a clown show. Why not ask the donors if they care that James took too many Uber black cars? This is the last desperate attempt to shape the narrative.”

And this: “If James O’Keefe took too many Uber black rides, then the PV Board would say he used donor funds for personal use, treat the rides as a taxable benefit as part of his salary and compensation, and then James would owe income taxes. [The Board’s] statement is the end of Project Veritas.”

As reported in THE POLITICAL INSIDER, O’Keefe himself “strongly insinuated” in his video to the PV staff that it was the sting of the unhinged Pfizer executive that was the breaking point. O’Keefe called it “the biggest story in our organization’s history” and “the only thing that has changed” in his work with Project Veritas lately, adding, “And then, suddenly, an unusual emergency happened just a few days after that.”

Are we playing chess or checkers?!?

President Biden has a tendency to just say things apparently without having put any thought into the longterm ramifications. Example: over the weekend, he vowed another $500 million in aid to Ukraine and said that as Ukraine is fighting for freedom, there will be no end to US support.

Well, a few points…

First of all, it was a reminder of the most shameful moment of this Administration, the deadly botched pullout from Afghanistan, where Biden left behind Americans and Afghan allies to the brutality of the Taliban. Why? Because he decided the fight for freedom there had gone on too long and he wanted to cut off support, even if it was at the worst possible moment. That also signaled to our allies not to depend on US support if the battle drags on too long.

Secondly, Vladimir Putin saw Biden’s speech as an escalation of a US proxy war against Russia and announced that he’s suspending Russia’s participation in the Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty. He also threatened to resume nuclear weapons tests.

Meanwhile, the communist Chinese government saw a golden opportunity to weaken its two major rivals. It’s reported that they’re considering supplying Russia with lethal aid to use against Ukraine. That would keep Russia in the war while draining US weapons and funds further, essentially creating a proxy world war in which Russia and the US drain each other while China stands by fueling the fighting and grows stronger.

Ever get the feeling that our adversaries are playing chess and our leader can’t figure out how to set up the checkerboard?

Stop dissing the Dawgs

I can think of few more effective ways to tick off all Georgians than to insult the Georgia Bulldogs. And for the second year in a row, this Administration has snubbed the team and failed to invite them to the White House after their national championship win.

Many Georgians are starting to grumble that this is political, because Georgia is a (mostly) red state, it rejected Stacey Abrams, and it was the target of Biden’s false accusations of race-based voter suppression (voter turnout is up, and a recent poll found that zero percent of blacks reported having a negative experience with voting.)

Biden wants to move Georgia to the fourth place primary slot, thinking he’ll do better there than in Ohio, where he’s never won the Caucuses. But if he keeps dissing the Dawgs, he’ll be lucky to come in ahead of the write-in vote for UGA.


The Supreme Court today rejected a case by a Utah man seeking to overturn the 2020 election. I wrote about this before, and some readers thought that I was implying it had a chance because it got as far as the SCOTUS looking at it. No, I thought it was interesting, but I never imagined they would actually take up the case, and as expected, it was rejected without comment.

Ironically, the plaintiffs were arguing that the election was in effect rigged because members of Congress violated their oaths of office to defend the Constitution by refusing to investigate allegations of voter fraud. They should have known the SCOTUS would refuse to look at that.

Equity politics at the IRS look like this

What do you get when you combine President Biden’s push to inject the racist concept of “equity” into the federal government with his empty promises about the IRS only targeting the very rich to make them pay their “fair share?” According to the America First Legal Foundation, you get this White House trying to alter the IRS’ audit algorithm so it targets more white people, Asians and mixed-race taxpayers for audits.



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  • Jerry

    02/23/2023 11:15 AM

    I support Ron D. however his work in Florida needs him to build the the great state to be template for America this country has to many Governors that need to be embarrassed to the point that a reelection can not be possible. I would donate a kidney to have Ron DeSantis as our Governor the one we have Walz is a failure at so many different levels of what first what a man should be and the other is his being patriot to be an American is founded on quick sand. On the question of Ron being President is a Fantastic thought however with all the RINOS in the Senate The minority leader is compromised and he has taken 18 others with him Ron to have to deal with that level of scum let Trump deal with it he has the scar tissue having to deal with these back stabbing cowards. Let the Senate clean itself of these scumbags and then take your seat in the Oval Office and return an already country after trump cleans the toxicity of the Democrat ideas not for me but my grandchildren they are what matter today we are already scarred by biden and obama these are the magnets for corruption and a dishonest and a terrorist world my advice get behind trump he is battle scared by the RINOS and the Democrat he may have immunity to the toxic behavior of biden obama and the half wit from the California Governors mansion keep Florida safe for now and then make America even greater after trump cleans up America.

  • Jerry

    02/23/2023 09:01 AM

    Georgia is no longer on my mind its voting block tells me to just stay away from Georgia to feel safe in Atlanta not a chance while its own population near Atlanta wants no part of Atlanta tells me the state is still in a primitive stage of a civil society. With a scum bag like Abrams being considered for a top Position in the state's Government is shocking. So biden recognized the fact he does't want these people visiting the WH. Biden wants people that support China's way of life people from the NBA are invited to come and visit so if the Georgia Football team and University members
    want an invite it has to denounce America and take more money from China and get on the level of NBA supporting China maybe see if Ted Turners can come back and televise your football program in China then the invites to the WH will come for the entire football program and maybe stay a week; no no staying at the Trump Hotel though biden has principals support America no WH invite for you, disaster in OHIO a red state, no support for you one has to support China and you will get all the help you need and an invite to the WH and you will helping spend taxpayers money that is how biden rolls that is the biden way; oh don't forget the 10% kickback for the booking fee greed is the biden's biggest trait wait the big guy wants 20% due to inflation!!