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December 31, 2021

Tuesday, the US set a new single-day record for COVID-19 cases with 441,278. That’s nearly 150,000 more than the single-day record of 294,015 under Trump. If I wanted to be a political hatchet man, I could accuse Joe Biden of being personally responsible for all those cases (which is what he said about Trump.) But I know that no President can stop a virus, and that the leap in case numbers is due to the more transmissible Omicron variant. Fortunately, it’s milder, so we’re not seeing a similar jump in hospitalizations and deaths.

All that said, it’s interesting to compare the biased spin from the media in their reporting of these two record-setting days under different Presidents:

Related: Wait, so you mean that firing thousands of essential workers during a surge in COVID cases wasn’t smart policy? Whoever could have predicted this?!

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