July 20, 2018

A contributor of mine who prefers to remain anonymous is also a singer and song parodist whose work has been heard on radio stations around the world.  She’s been so inspired by the sudden political success of newly-hatched congressional candidate and socialist airhead Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez that she decided to immortalize her in a parody of Rodgers & Hammerstein’s “A Cock-Eyed Optimist” from the musical SOUTH PACIFIC.  If you’re not familiar with the tune, here’s a link to the original song as performed in the movie by actress Mitzi Gaynor (who did her own singing, by the way).

The new lyrics are below.  In case you have trouble matching the lyrics to the tune, the downbeats are all in total caps and syllables are separated by hyphens.  So share it with every capitalist you know, and sing out!  The world is discovering just how poorly-informed Alexandria is.  Let the backlash begin.



dedicated to socialist congressional candidate Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez


When the WORLD seems as jig-gl-y as JEL-lo As di-VI-ded as we have ev-er SEEN That’s the TIME for a wide-eyed SO-cial-ist Im-mat-TURE and po-lit-ic’ly GREEN!

On the RIGHT, they all rant and rave and BEL-low That I’m BRAIN-less and have-n’t got a CLUE But I’m HERE, just a wide-eyed SO-cial-ist Who is YOUNG and fresh-faced and NEW!


I’m BARE-ly out of school

But QUAL-i-fied to rule

Be-CAUSE I have a dazz-ling SMILE!

I’m ON-ly twenty-eight

Pro-GRESS-sives think I’m great

They WOR-ship me ‘cause I’ve got STYLE!

I ob-TAINED a degree in e-co-NOM-ics

Doesn’t SAY much for col-leg-es these DAYS You don’t HAVE to be smart All you NEED is heart And you’ll SEE that your ig-nor-ance PAYS!



(second verse)

Now, I’ve HEARD things are bad in Ven-ez-UE-la And I CARE, really care a-bout their PLIGHT But I’ll SAY, as a wide-eyed SO-cial-ist, I know SOME-day we'll man-age it RIGHT

We have MUR-dered a hun-dred mil-lion PEO-ple Even MORE, just to re-al-ize our DREAMS But I’ll SAY, as a wide-eyed SO-cial-ist That the ENDS jus-ti-fy...the MEANS!



The “MOD-er-ates” are old

They’re O-ver, I am told

Al-THOUGH they think a lot like ME

They NEED some-bod-y young

To CLIMB the high-est rung

Who’s BET-ter look-ing on T-V!


I at-TRACT all the media at-TEN-tion

‘Cause I LOOK like an ad for Ben-net-TON I’m the SO-cial-ist That you CAN’T re-sist So your PROP-er-ty soon will be GONE SO...SO...GONE!!


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  • Mary Haggan

    07/30/2018 11:34 AM

    Could you tell the President to have news or press conference to discuss and educate all of us like President Reagan did regarding Social Security. Speak directly to the American people about his tweets. He is so right about the wall! SHUT DOWN THE GOVERNMENT and explain in plain language as Pompao does too! Any Adminastration official who speaks straight honestly to the people will work! I’m now watching this 16 year old Palestine girl blaming Israel for their problems! Enough is enough! I am conservative because I talk responsibility for my actions! We need to be clear the Governments is the problem most of the time. People do not know what Capital vs Socialism and Communism! I love you daughters straight talk too quick and to the point. I am now rambling lol!

  • Kelly Maggart

    07/24/2018 01:59 PM

    Dear Mike Huckabee,
    They definitely nailed it!!!

  • Catherine Davidson

    07/21/2018 05:46 PM

    Your songwriter friend hit the nail on the head!

  • Carol Gordon

    07/21/2018 04:41 PM

    Great song! I know the tune and the new words are so appropiate to expose junvenile socialist thinking!

  • Tommy Ray

    07/21/2018 02:46 PM

    If Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is an example of what we can expect to be the new leaders of the Democratic party, may God help us ALL! Scary part is that these younger Hispanic candidates are running in key states like NY and CA. And there is also a possibility of rampant voter fraud and large blocks of illegals in those areas to get them elected to either the House of Representatives or the Senate.

  • Barbara J. Croonquist

    07/21/2018 02:34 PM

    I LOVE this Mike!! And I do remember the song, actually even earlier, sung by Mary Martin, in South Pacific. It was a great song, of a different era, when our WW II heroes were celebrated in that stageplay, later a movie. Let's pray that this joke of a candidate doesn't get her wish, because then there would be much less real hope for all in this magnificent country. God bless the USA!!!

  • Denise Boland

    07/21/2018 10:56 AM

    Brilliant lyrics. I think you should actually have someone sing it for the internet to be available for the election.

  • Jerome Clark

    07/20/2018 11:49 PM

    Worthy of any number of AWARDS !!!

  • Bernice Wittwer

    07/20/2018 09:39 PM

    I literally just received this email with the link and the YouTube video has already been removed. YouTube doesn’t squash free speech. Nope. Uh-uh. YouTube is a pillar of upholding and defending the First Amendment. Said no one ever.

  • Elaine Liming

    07/20/2018 06:20 PM

    I love to sing and I will practice this one. It is so true and I am still laughing. I thinking to get my Senior Citizens group to do this song for our college grandchildren who think experience and hard work are parse. Thanks Mike for this.

  • Mary Kahl

    07/20/2018 06:12 PM

    that parody was so funny and right on... would love to hear her sing it some day but understand why she would like to remain anonymous.

  • Carolyn Shimmin

    07/20/2018 05:27 PM

    HAHAHA! Love parodies! I didn't even have to listen to the link to remember the song. Probably the first album (vinyl . . . !) I owned was the South Pacific movie sound track, and I practically wore it out, having memorized each of the songs. It was several years before I became more aware of the true message of the story. "Cockeyed Optimist" was a fun song. I think the best song, though I'm not sure if it was in the original Broadway presentation, is "(You've Got to Be) Carefully Taught". Great message there. We enjoyed the show on Fox, and appreciate your new one even more.

  • Arthur Salo

    07/20/2018 02:50 PM

    A clever parody of a great song, "Wide Eyed Optimist". I hope your friend understands that socialists are not, as a rule, violent, and that socialism and communism are not the same. I would describe Venezuela as more communistic than socialistic, while China has become less communistic and more socialistic. My grandparents came from Finland in about 1900 and they certainly do not lean toward communism (look at their history fighting the Russians in the Winter War of 1939). They now describe their government as a social democracy and the government does not own everyone's property, but they do provide many socialistic benefits such as free college, free child care, and the best education system in the world Of course, people pay taxes toward these benefits, but they do not complain, in fact Finland is described of one of the best places to live. The distribution of wealth is unlike that of the United States. In fact, one of the wealthiest men in Finland has a wife who teaches school. So, please don't sell socialism short. In some countries, like Finland, it works very well. And you may already know this, but Karl Marx, who was a socialist, said "under capitalism, the rich will get richer and the poor will get poorer". As I see it now, this is what is happening in our United States with the difference in corporate executives' salaries and the people who work for them having a difference in income that continues to grow wider.

  • Dawn Street

    07/20/2018 01:43 PM

    One of my favorite songs from that show. The lyrics fit, almost, but not quite venomous as I think she is.

  • Greta Lorworth

    07/20/2018 01:42 PM

    I also am a singer.....BRILLIANT..... would like to do this in my next show!!

  • Darlene Heithaus

    07/20/2018 01:11 PM

    EPIC!!! A much- needed chuckle! Appreciate your newsletters! Thanks for sharing, brother! ??

  • Norma Morris

    07/20/2018 12:02 PM

    Oh my! We know it's coming, but too fast. Hopefully the people in New York will wake up!

  • James Riley Norvell

    07/20/2018 11:33 AM

    Be nice to hear it sung in parody. I am melody/harmony handicapped.
    I write in response to a later article, 'Trump — Mistaken; Democrats — Nuts" since there was no place for comment after the article.
    I get a little tired of every comparison of Trump to Dims having to be prefaced by criticism of Trump. This article was like a tepid Dim criticism just to get a few more swipes at Trump.
    I listened to all of the coverage of the "Summit", which was more grandly noted than it should have been. It should have been characterized as a chance to meet, get the measure of each other and explore the issues jointly facing us and geopolitical flashpoint that we may work on together. It should have been a meeting to begin to establish an agenda for further problem-solving.
    I never heard it was going to be the meeting that would solve even one problem. The biggest fault was not damping expectations.
    I listened to the President's remark about election interference. I found it nuanced to note the Russian denial yet not accept the denial. I'm sure the subject was addressed at length in the private meeting because the President has acknowledged the hacking numerous times. I am also sure that he recognized it as such a sticking point, it could shut off cooperation on more existential matters: NOKO, Ukraine, Crimea, Middle East comfits and Iran's role, even China and trade imbalances. In recognition, he merely registered Putin's strong denial. I guess he could have looked at Putin and said, "About that election interference, Vlad. You're full of s**t!" That would have either caused a fist fight or Putin's sudden retreat to the Kremlin.
    Trump is always playing for his deal, not driving a potential partner away. His deal has never been crazy. It has always been the best deal America can get and his fallback position is far ahead of supplication.
    It's time people who believe in Trump's essential goodness to step forward and vigorous stand behind him.
    After 75 years on earth, a lifetime of studying and paying attention, I can show you serious flaws in each and every President -- none who have approached Trump in accomplishment.


    07/20/2018 11:08 AM

    How absolutely appropriate for this individual who can look you straight in the eye and smile then spout out a lie.

  • James T Bryson

    07/20/2018 11:08 AM

    From bartender to congress in a flash...what a country!

  • Terese Pace

    07/20/2018 11:01 AM

    Well, that’s it in a truthfully clever nutshell!


    07/20/2018 10:43 AM

    Please sing this and make a utube video! I can’t carry a tune and want to hear it. Hilarious!