November 18, 2019

As the week kicks off, I’m sure the liberal pundits will be chomping at the bit to trumpet Republican Eddie Rispone’s razor-thin loss to incumbent Democratic Gov. John Bel Edwards in Louisiana on Saturday, despite President Trump staging three rallies in the state to boost Republican turnout.  The message will be that the base is turning against Trump, or that Republicans are losing support in the South.  That’s all wishful thinking.

I’ve written for years about the folly of trying to read national political trends into state and local races, which are often about things that have nothing to do with the ongoing soap opera in Washington.  The Louisiana Governor’s race is a prime example.  I won’t go into detail because Joe Cunningham, who writes about Louisiana issues for, already explained it quite well here:

The results have more to do with the kind of campaign Rispone ran, bad blood among many GOP voters over his primary tactics and the fact that Edwards ran as a pro-gun rights, anti-abortion moderate than Trump or the GOP’s relative popularity in Louisiana. As Cunningham notes, the Republicans have a super-majority in the Senate and close to one in the House, and they easily won all the other statewide races, so it seems likely that Rispone’s narrow loss was due to many Republicans rejecting him specifically. 

One thing I will add is that the Democratic side pulled out all the stops on voter turnout among minorities and union members, something that Republicans had better take into account in 2020.  When the next national election comes along, Republicans had better get out and vote as if America’s continued existence depends on it, because judging from the slate of Democrats up for election, it does. 

And before minorities and union members allow themselves to be exploited yet again by the Democrats, they might consider that their recently-created jobs, rising wages and good employer health plans may also go out of existence if they keep voting Democrat. 

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  • Charles Martin

    11/18/2019 09:59 PM

    Mike, I’m afraid the republicans are being lulled into the belief that jobs and the economy will win the day. While those are important they need to appeal more to the millennials and college students that have been feed the socialist propaganda for years.