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July 16, 2018 |

Here’s today’s “Drop Whatever You’re Doing And Read This” article.  It’s called “I Was the Mob Before the Mob Came for Me,” and it’s by an author who prefers not to reveal his name, for reasons that will soon become apparent. 


He confesses that he was once a “a self-righteous social justice crusader,” making good money in what he calls the “social justice industry.”  He worked in online media, using Facebook and Twitter feeds to attack and shame people who ran afoul of the unforgiving moral standards of the leftist PC mob, branding them as racist or sexist without a thought for the damage and pain he was causing them and their families, and gleefully racking up lots of clicks and “likes” and retweets.  It was a culture of meanness, surveillance and snitching, but it gave him a rush, as if heroin were distilled from self-righteousness.    


And then one day, it all came crashing down when someone accused him of one of those toxic masculinity thought crimes.  Of course, he was immediately judged guilty, because due process doesn’t exist in the SJW world. His colleagues starting combing through all his old posts, hunting for non-PC microagressions – which, of course, they found because the standards are constantly changing, and the past is always condemned under the standards of the present moment. He was shunned, shamed, ostracized, fired – and now, he’s delivering pizzas and sushi to try to support his family.


In the article, he looks back at how he fell into that narrow-minded, judgmental mindset; why it’s so seductive to close yourself off into a morally-superior bubble and so exhilarating to demonize and destroy people you never meet face to face; and why so many people just quietly go along with it out of fear of the online bullies turning on them. He also notes that there are never any apologies or amends for destroying people's lives; the best you can hope for is that the mob moves along quickly to its next target/victim.


It’s well worth reading the whole thing, and it’s great that he’s learned his lesson, although I’m sorry his wisdom had to come at such a high price. I’m also sorry that he still feels the need to pay lip service to the arrogant leftists by adding that “many of the opinions I held then are still opinions that I hold today” about his “wokeness on topics such as LGBT rights, rape culture, and racial injustice.”  True freedom of thought, maturity and self-awareness will only come when you can’t hear the word “wokeness” without openly and unapologetically falling over laughing. 




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I’ll also add that one of the commenters on the story named SJ provided some interesting links to studies on why moral outrage and moral grandstanding are so addictive, and why they’ve become so much worse in the Internet age.  One of the articles cites another study that found that less than 5% of people’s reported daily experiences involved directly witnessing or experiencing acts they would deem “immoral,” and they’re also not likely to see such things covered in regular media.  But they see them all the time on the Internet, where things that used to remain just local gossip go viral and become worldwide “outrages” in minutes.   


The study also notes that the creators of social media platforms accept no responsibility. They claim they merely provide a neutral platform for sharing comments and don't change anyone’s behavior . That’s sort of like saying that if you build a hotel out of kindling, it’s not your fault if it burns down, it’s the fault of the irresponsible people who lit matches inside it.  That might be somewhat defensible intellectually, but still: Why would you be dumb enough to build a hotel out of kindling?! 




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  • Lisa Benway

    07/16/2018 02:42 PM

    I have to admit I enjoy the Left eating their own....